• She’s gotten that feeling
    She’s got that feeling..It’s all gonna go away.

    Koebrx Began to pace a bit, biting her lip and musing her hair furiously, murmuring to herself insane things.

    She’s got this feeling
    She’s got this urge, it’s all gotta stop.

    Koebrx walked out of her room and into the living area, still madly murmuring to herself those insane thoughts in her mind

    She’s got that feeling
    She’s got this urge, it’s all gotta stop.

    Koebrx recently began sharing leader ship with Danix a long time friend and co-founder of Generation XIII, but Koebrx had also just came out a retirement/abandonment.

    She’s back
    And She’s in Red, sweetheart

    Koebrx felt alittle odd, waking up and instantly being flooded with memories. Things she let die, people who she’d let down, and comrades she left behind

    She’s not well
    And baby, their pretty loud

    Voices, screams and heartbeat raging in her ears. Gnawing at her mind, at her fragile bit of sanity she had left.

    Sweetie, she ain’t gonna be too much longer
    She’s not gonna last any longer.

    Pacing back and fourth in the main room, Running to the window and clawing at it, then going back to her pacing. Like an animal in a cage.

    She’s trapped
    She’s between a rock and a hard place

    Giving up she came to a wall. Putting her hands on it, she threw her head back, and then brought it forward crashing against the wall.

    It hurts, babe
    It hurts so good, Don’t it?

    She felt blood trickle into her brows, she furrowed them tightly, and thought about how far she had fallen. From her death as a whole person, to her failure as a nobody.

    You’re feeling it again
    She’s got that feeling

    Koebrx wanted one thing, just one thing at this point. She just wanted it all to stop. The flood of memories were driving her insane.

    It’s gone now ain’t it, babe?
    Gone, gone, gone.

    Koebrx felt out of place, She felt like she was just a figure head, just a shadow and just so far gone that’d it be easier to leave again.

    She’s gone baby.
    She’s gone, She’s Gone
    Gone, Gone, Gone, Babe.
    Gone Like the wind sweet heart

    Koebrx, ran her hands into her hair and grabbed handfuls tightly. She was strung out, everything was going…everything was gone…

    She’s Long gone, sweetie
    She’s left such a long time ago, it’s hard to say when

    Koebrx Went, she went quietly. Just as quietly as she had come into the world, she left it.

    She’s gone sweetie
    She’s Gone, Gone, Gone
    Just like wind, babe
    She’s Gone