• I sat down at the long table, clenching a tray in my hands. I looked over my shoulder, Drea was standing next to a very angry Cana.
    “If only you got a chance to know her, she feels the same as you do!” Drea yelled in a hushed tone.
    “Why would I want to know her?” Cana said with complete disdain.
    “Because her mother died, she knows how you feel,” Drea shouted leaving Cana incapacitated as she walked away. She sat down next to me. “What’s up,” he mouth was full with a bite of pizza.
    “Nothing new,” I laughed, “how was your day so far?”
    “Uhg, I hate, absolutely hate history, it’s just so boring. This dead guy did this, and this dead guy didn’t like this dead guy.” She rolled her eyes and took another bite of pizza, “how was yours.”
    “I got pelted with soccer balls and I continued to run into someone,” I grabbed my sandwich and took a bite.
    “Ahhhh and who may that be?” She gave a sly smile.
    “Edan Kellan,” I laughed.
    “He’s kinda dark isn’t he? He scares me a bit,” Drea shuddered.
    “Yeah I guess he is,” I laughed. “So you haven’t met any one new?”
    “Just this creeper kid who followed me in the hallway,” she gave a disgusted face. I giggled. “It’s not funny! I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up at the dorm!” I laughed even harder. She gave me a deep glare.
    “Sorry,” I muttered. She smiled.
    “So how did you ‘run into’ Edan?” she questioned with a smirk.
    “I walked into him? Why?”
    “Well I was thinkin’ that maybe, you like him,” Drea teased playfully.
    “Like him?” I chuckled, “I barely know him, what would make you think I like him?”
    “Hai, I know people, I know what they only subconsciously know. And you subconsciously like Edan; it’s just that consciously you don’t know that.”
    “I’m good aren’t I? Yeah I wanna be a physiatrist. I’d rock at it,” Drea crossed her arms across her chest.
    “No you’re not. And I defiantly do not like him.”
    “Whatever you say Hai, whatever you say.” I rolled my eyes at her comment.
    “Yeah sure.”
    “Well aren’t you a bit of a downer? You need to be more out there, be wild. Just be exciting!”
    “I’m plenty exciting!” I responded.
    “Yeah, the way you deny your crush, o’ that is so exciting.”
    “Ha, ha that is very funny, Drea,” I said, sarcasm deep in my voice.
    “Well I do have a very good sense of humor,” she smiled. The bell screamed. Drea stared at the clock, “See ya’ soon.”
    “Yeah, see ya’.”

    Bonus Junk

    Lets talk about Drea. Drea (my partners character but I use her a lot) she was inspired off our friend you can call Tam. Drea acts exactly like her so shes not hard to write about. She looks like Tam too, but older. Ive known Tam longer than I have known E, E and i meet in 1st grade, while i meet Tam in kindergarden.
    And now Im gonna a tell you a bit about E.
    Im proud to say (that when we were not working together) I was the first person to read her story and she was the first to read mine. They both sucked thats why we work together.
    Well that all I can tell you now... but stay tuned for when I tell you about my challenge with Edan. wink