• Royal Seven

    ((PART ONE ))

    The long dirt road leading into the city, he was not here on his own will, he was instructed by his superior to find another like him, an outcast. A royal…

    This however was one of conflicted interests, because the place he was to look was one that he once called home until his superior lead him away to train him in the occupation that he is in now. He found it rather quaint that he would be coming back to this place, his old home.

    A small grin surfaced as he arched his head back, taking in the sights on how this place had changed. He had remembered the gates being much larger when he was led away from this place nearly seven years ago.

    Placing the hood above his head he sighed, he was always told that when in an unfamiliar place it was wise to “Stay discreet, away from others. Do not confront unless the choice is absolute.”
    These words come in handy most of the time he is away from his current home.

    A guard approached him, his post was outside the city, an obvious first defense, judging from his composure Kara noticed that he must have been a green horn.

    ”Sir, Welcome to Larrin, do enjoy your stay here, the city of domesticated cerborians.” Kara closed his eyes for a moment, taking in a few calming breaths. ‘Domesticated Cerborians?’ He asked, his voice calm and tranquil but laced with anger.

    ’I haven’t heard of such a thing. Can I ask you to elaborate, act as a guide to the kingdoms history?’
    The guard paused for a moment, nodding hesitantly he confirmed that he could. “Of course, this city is of his majesty Kreed. He single handedly quelled the uprising of the previous citizens of this place nearly six years ago, those who I mentioned earlier as Cerborians. They all tried to storm the castle in what we call the uprising of fire since most of them can master the aforementioned element to a dangerous point.”

    ’And now they are nothing more than soldiers in your army…not being able to return to their former glory.’

    ”Glory? They wanted to take over the kingdom! To run us out!”

    The grin now began to surface again, he couldn’t help it now, he couldn’t hide it. ‘Might I go in now? I have a very important person to see.’

    ”Of course sir! Please…go on in.”

    Letting his crimson eyes follow the movements of the guard, watching him as he signaled to the others to open the gates, he was always cautious this way.

    ((PART TWO))

    With his hood still up and around his face covering his features, Kara wandered among the sea of people that flooded the streets, none of them were the person he was looking for, though he thought as much…he knew the one he was looking for was recruited into the army of Kreed.

    Kara lightly tapped the shoulder of a woman rummaging through a fruit vendors stand on the side of the marketway. ’Excuse me ma’am? Might I ask where the armies are training? I am looking to enroll.’ Turning the woman smiled happily. “My brother is in his majesty’s army too! It helps to bring home some bread. I would be more than happy to point you in that direction.”

    Turning away the woman pointed towards the largest structure in the middle of the kingdom, it was obvious to him where the things were located but he had to be sure in case things had changed in his absence. “In the middle of the castle yards. Tha-“ ‘Thank you.’

    Wasting no time he dismissed himself from the conversation with the woman. He pushes his way though the crowd once more. ‘No more need to restrain…I’m coming for you Kreed…’

    ’Throne room, center hall, door laced in gold and red oak…’ All these facts he knew from his childhood, his superior had taken him to the throne room to talk with the previous king, he remembers only yelling and threats.

    ”Stop there, you shall go no further.” Once more he was going to encounter guards. In this case they were outside the throne room. ‘I have an audience with the king…your in my way.’ Upon hearing his words the guards drew their blades, both aimed at him. “Lower your hood, show us your face.”

    They began to bark demands, thinking that they were in control of the situation. Smiling a fang laced grin Kara lowered his hood, his crimson eyes now in plain view. “Cerborian…let him in.” Stepping to the side of the now open doors, they dismissed their weapons and motioned for Kara to go, a clear look of disgust on their faces only made him laugh as he passed them.

    ”Kara? Is that you making all that noise out there. Do come in and stay a while!” Kreed stood from his throne and spoke aloud, making sure his voice was heard. ‘You did not inherit this kingdom by blood line…you killed the previous king once I left with Master…’

    ”Kara, I am hurt at the notion…but yes I did. You left Naomi and I alone…I felt abandoned, I took the kingdom over the same year you left, making sure that all the rest of the cerborians were *calmed* with my magic. Their feral nature that is common to them is no longer an issue.”

    ’Give the kingdom to me, this can be resolved without bloodshed. You know that…’

    Leaping from his throne Kreed made no hesitation in attacking Kara, swinging his blade down he aimed for the Cerborian only to fail and miss completely as Kara nimbly stepped to the side. “Bloodshed will follow Hell Dog!”

    ’Get on my level…’ Kara leaned forward, grabbing the arm that Kreed held the blade. In one clean motion, Kara placed his palm on Kreed elbow before uttering a single word. ‘Purge’, in a glorious eruption of sparks the arm fell to the floor, the clang of the steel of the blade echoed throughout the room then…silence.

    Kreed’s eyes grew wide in amazement, pain, and confusion. Kara broke the silence. ‘You have no need for this arm…a spoil of war…I also noticed the rings on this hand…without this you cannot control the calming effect on the masses…your empire has fallen. Leave with what you have.’ Kara plucked the rings from the dismembered limb.

    Tossing the arm aside he smiled wickedly. ‘Or don’t…it means nothing to me.’ ‘

    ((PART THREE))

    Fighting his way past the pain, one arm on the ground, the other holding the bleeding stub where the opposite arm used to be, Kreed spoke out in a desperate attempt to save himself.

    ”Why did you leave us? Naomi, you and I…we grew up together! Naomi was heartbroken when you left. You never even said goodbye to her! All the pent up sadness and rage made her lash out…the true nature of your kind shown that day! She confronted me in a rage… almost killed me! So I damned them all with the calming effect. It only seemed right.'

    Ignoring Kreed’s words, Kara walked past him, the fact that Kreed was in an immense amount of pain only made him smile all the more. ‘Believe it or not…I am here to retrieve Naomi and take her home, I only hope that this could make up for all the years of me not being here…after I leave, my master will send another to run this kingdom, with peace being the main goal.’

    ”What will happen to me…you can’t kill me…you can’t!” Glaring at Kreed, Kara spoke. ‘I will not, you will live in exile among the streets, you will work for a living like everyone else.’

    ’Or….’ Kreed’s eyes grew wide, the sheer thought that he would have to walk the streets, hanging his head in shame from others, afraid to look them in the eyes. “Or what?”

    ’Or you come back and see my master, and work for us. There is a medic there who can reattach this arm.’ Kreed began to grit his teeth out of anger, falling back he leaned his frame against the wall, thinking.

    Throwing his hands into the air Kara yelled, irritated by the notion that Kreed had to think about an obvious choice. ‘Anyway…no one else can reattach that arm besides our medic. When the replacement comes, he’ll instruct you where to go to find us, and do remember to bring that arm, keep it in ice and all that. I have to see Naomi now…take care Kreed. Oh, I took the rings that lets you use all the flashy magic crap.’