• “Hey Kei, wait for me after school, alright?” my friend, Yasushi told me. He is about 5' 6”. The back of his hair is just above his shoulders and the front of his hair cover his eyes. Yasushi has on a black long sleeve shirt with a sky blue short sleeve over it. He's wearing blue jeans and a white scarf, that I gave him a couple years ago. The scarf had rips at the ends and in the middle but Yasushi didn't care, he still wore it. “What's the special occasion?” I asked him. “What ever do you mean?” Yasushi looked at me innocently. I laughed “The only time we hang out after school is when something special is going on.” I tell him.
    “Okay, that's true but, I have a surprise for you!” Yasushi smiled. “Surprise? For me?” I asked. Yasushi looked around “Who else am I talking to?” he looked back at me. “Sorry, you never had a surprise for me before.” I said. “Hey, we're friends. Friends always have surprises for friends.” Yasushi patted my head. He does this to remind me that I'm shorter then him. I narrowed my eyes “Fine I'll wait for you but you only have two minutes. If your not there then I'm leaving.” he smiled. “I'll be there don't worry.” he told me as we entered the school. “I would never be late when it comes to you, my friend.” he added.
    I smiled “Thanks but you do have fans to deal with.” I pointed to a group of girls. The girls were in a half circle, staring at Yasushi, blushing and giggling. Yasushi looked at them and smiled. I swear they were about to faint. He looked at back me “I told you not to worry, I got it all thought out.” he said. “Fine. I'll see you after school.” I told him. He smiled “Don't get jealous, your still my favorite girl.” he told me. I rolled my eyes. He chuckled “The bell is going to ring you should get to class.” he said. “Yeah, see you.” I went to my class. During the school day I thought about the surprise. It wasn't easy, Yasushi is an unpredictable guy.
    When school was over I waited for Yasushi in the front. I sighed, the two minutes I gave him were up. I would stay for him longer but it's to cold, so I headed home. It's October and we already have snow. “Kei!” a voice yelled from behind me. I stopped and looked back. Yasushi was running towards me. When he got to me, he was out of breathe. “Sorry, I took so long.” he said once he caught his breathe. “It's fine. So, what's the surprise?” I asked. “Come with me.” Yasushi grabbed my hand but then let go. “Wait, first put this on.” he got out a bandana from his bag and handed it to me. I took it and put it over my eyes. “How am I supposed to see?” I asked him. “I'm going to lead you.” Yasushi said.
    He grabbed my hand again and started walking. “I don't feel comfortable like this.” I told him. He stopped “Then how do you want to walk? Or do you want me to carry you?” he asked. I ignored him and hugged his arm. “Now it's better, I feel safer like this.” I said. Yasushi laughed and started walking again. It took us a while before we got to the place, during the walk Yasushi kept stopping to piss me off. “We there yet?” I was so temped to take off the bandana. “Yeah we are, but wait a little longer.” Yasushi pulled his arm away from me. “Fine.” I said. I stood there for about five minutes before Yasushi took off the bandana for me. “Happy ten year friendship anniversary.” he said.
    I looked around. We were at the riverbank and there was a picnic table under a tree. It had no snow on it, but it did have a red and white checkered table cloth. Along with a cake that had a single candle on it. “Do you remember this spot Kei?” Yasushi asked. I nodded “This is where we first became friends.” I said. We went to the table and sat down. “Yeah, it's also the day we met.” he added. “Oh...Right, I forgot. Some friend I am.” I looked at the cake. The cake had white frosting, it looked really good. Yasushi ignored my comment. “I got you a gift.” I looked at Yasushi and he had a medium size box in front of him. I felt really bad. I didn't get him anything. The next thing he said, it made me think if he was reading my mind.
    “Don't worry about not getting me anything. I never got you anything before. For some reason, when I saw it, I knew I had to get it for you. I hope you like it.” he handed me the box. I got the box and opened it. Inside was a black scarf. I took it, the scarf looked exactly like the one I gave Yasushi. It had rips on the ends and in the middle. I smiled and put it around my neck. “You like it! I would have gotten you a white one but then I thought about your personality and realized black would be better for you.” Yasushi explained. I laughed “Thanks. I think I'm going to wear it everyday.” I said. “That's great!” Yasushi smiled. I smiled back.
    The rest of the day, we just acted like a couple of idiots. It was nice, since when ever we used to celebrate our friendship anniversary, we'd just get a smoothie and go our separate ways. Today was different though, we didn't know how but it just was. Maybe it's because there's snow or maybe because we're just grateful that we known each other for ten years. What ever the reason was, we didn't care. Okay, we did care but neither of us showed it. We were having fun doing to most stupidest things ever. By the time Yasushi took me home it was already twelve in the morning. It's a good thing we don't have school tomorrow.