• she sits alone and thinks. her whole world crashed down. her family disowned her. they want nothing to do with her. her friends find her stupid cause she never talks. she is afriad of everything. at home, before she ran away, her parents slapped her for her oppinion. They saw her as stupid. They called her names and said she'd never get to do a thing. her only friend was her brother. he loved her. the only one that truly did. she had other brothers but they treated her like her parents did. they beat her up for wanted to eat diner with them. they beat her up for wanting to play football.
    "Girls do not play FOOTBALL!!" one had said and laughed.
    The brother that loves her was the oldest. he watched her closly and everytime one of the boys messed with her he would put it on his calader to make sure when something would happen. He never attacked them.. he has a plan to make everything they did to his sister be someday repaid..
    "Do not worry sister." he had said. "They will get what is coming.."
    he held her every night since she was five. she would always be protected.
    One day she had had enough. she waited until everyone was asleep even her oldest brother and snuck out. she ran and ran tears streaming down her face. Her head throbbed with the constant though of what she did wrong. if i had never spoken to anyone, never did anything wrong, i would not have to be abused. she ran. her feet and legs gave in about 5 miles away from the house. SHe walked. she walked to the feild no one else but her brother knew about. If he wanted to find her, he'd know where to find her. she sat alone. so she cries. It has been five hours. She looks for him and he appears around the corner. "Sister.." He says softly and half runs to her side. He holds her close tears running down his face."I thought i lost you." he held her. They stayed there for a while. "Brother..." SHe spoke quietly.
    "Yes? what is it sis?"
    She was quiet for a second. "Why.. why do you care for me? i am a no one. no one seems to care but you."
    He simplie smiles at her. "Sister. you know why. You know those words people tell you are wrong. you know that what mom and dad say to you is wrong. i love you, sis. do not say your a no one. would a no one have me? well if so. we are both noones." He smiles at her and kisses her head. "COme on.. i am moving out tomrrow. your coming to live with me." he smiles and she smiles back. "Really?" She asked. He nods. "Yes.. really." And for the first time she was looking forward to the next day.