• Once upon a time, there was a pale ginger cat, whose name was not Puss, but Wuss. Now, this cat was not a legend. He was not a hero or anything. He was a nobody. This fairytale is a sequel to 'Puss In Boots', directed onto Wuss. This story tells part of the life of Wuss and how his life changes when he met Puss in Boots

    So, Wuss was never known to anyone. Not like Puss in Boots, who was very popular. Wuss heard rumours about Puss, so he decided to use some of the information to become famous. He must kill a rat. A rat, that is, very much more powerful than a mouse. Wuss never killed a mouse. Never mind a rat.
    He decided to go to the local farm to catch a deadly rat. He went to the vegetable crops and found a rat.

    "Ka ka ka!" Wuss looked around. It did not seem to be coming from the rat. But anyway,Wuss set into his hunting crouch, crept up to the rat, and pounced. "Ka ka KA!" Wuss landed at the patch of soil where the rat had been. The rat had scurried away because of the sudden noise. It dashed underneath a leaf, and then hissed at Wuss. Wuss was frightened, mostly because he was a wuss. He ran behind some crops and put his head on his paws and waited. And waited. And waited. Suddenly, there was another noise, "KA KA KA" and a black thing swooped down from a nearby scarecrow and attacked the rat. It was a black crow.

    The black crow pecked at the rat, coldbloodedly, in the heart and killed it. The rat fell on its back, its feet twitching as the last bit of its life seeped away. Wuss got out of his hiding spot, and saw that the crow was feasting on the rat. It did not notice Wuss. Wuss got into his hunting crouch, with his belly and tail close to the ground, and stalked towards the crow, and pounced with his claws unsheathed. He landed perfectly on the crow and bit once on its neck to end its misery. Then, Wuss buried the crow and grabbed the rat and crept back to the cats' town.

    But when Wuss reached the town, it was full of cats, surrounding a ginger tom. "Oh no! He is being attacked!" Thought Wuss. He had to rescue the ginger cat.
    Wuss went to the front of the crowd and meowed, "What are you doing -" He was just about the meow 'holding this cat hostage' when the ginger cat said, "Oh. Hello little one. Where did you come from? Is that a dead rat you are carrying in your jaws?"

    Wuss did not know which question to answer first. The ginger cat continued, "I, Puss, declare that this cat -" Wuss whispered, "Wuss." "Wuss," continued Puss,"that this cat has caught a deadly rat. A big one, too! Let's give him three cheers for that."
    "Meow! Meow! Meow!" meowed the crowd of meowing cats.
    "Hey, Mr Puss, I am your greatest fan," said Wuss, even though he had only met Puss the first time. "Can you teach me your battle moves?"
    "Sure, now that you caught a rat," meowed Puss.
    "Alright! Can we start now?" Questioned Wuss.
    "Everyone is dismissed. Thank you," declared Puss.
    "Aww man! What about your latest adventures?" Protested a gray tom.
    "Next time, cats!" meowed Puss.
    "Now we begin our training." Puss meowed to Wuss.

    "Go and catch as many prey as possible, please," meowed Puss.
    "There, in the forest."
    Wuss headed towards the forest. When he reached the forest, he looked back, but did not see Puss following him. "Puss must be watching me," thought Wuss, "I must impress him to become his apprentice." Something flew down a few cat-lengths ahead. Wuss got into his hunting crouch and crept up as quietly as possible to the bird.

    The bird was eating worms from the earth and was not noticing the silent cat approaching. Then Wuss leaped to the air and landed square on the bird. His unsheathed claws caught the bird and he bit it to put it out of its misery.