• I run home from school and grab a snack, and finally
    get to Bane's house [I was supposed to meet him there 10
    minutes ago]. I had stayed after because i got lost into a
    book.. Anyways.. I knock on the large door and it slowly
    creaks open.

    Bane: Hey :]

    Me: Hey.. Im sorry i got lost into this book and..

    Him: Dont worry about it, come on in.

    We sit down on the leather couch and talk for awhile until
    Kai comes in the room.

    Bane [Whispering]: Go talk to him

    Me [W]: No way!

    Him [W]: Yes! Dont you want to know about his past?

    Me [W]: Yeah, but what if he gets mad?

    Him: Hey Kai! Envy here says she needs to talk to you in
    private for a minute.

    I jab him in the stomach with my elbow and shush him.
    Kai takes my hand and brings me up to his room. We sit
    there on the bed in silence for awhile. ...

    Kai: Well?

    Me: Oh.. Um.. Well, I want to know about..Well.. Your
    past.. Basically..

    Kai: Why would you want to know?

    Me: I dont know.. Im curious..

    Kai: Why should I tell you? You wouldnt even understand..

    Me: Please Kai i keep getting that feeling in my stomach..
    I just really need to know..

    Kai: *sigh* Its all the same to you humans.. So lost.. So
    confused.. Envy..

    He says my name in a soft tone that sends a shiver up my

    Kai: You don't understand.. You wont understand until you
    know what I am.. That in which, I can never say..

    Me: You're a boy. o.0 Or are you..?

    Kai: That's not what I meant.

    Me: Then..What did you mean? What are you? Hopefully
    Human.. *laughs*

    Kai: ....I meant... *sigh* nevermind.

    Me: TELL ME!

    Kai: *hisses strangely at me like Bane did back at the
    basement room* DONT. Yell at me like that.

    Me: Tell me what you are! *frustrated*

    Kai [yelling]: You really want to know!?

    Me [yelling]: YES!! TELL ME!!

    Kai: *calms down and sits on the edge of the bed again* Why
    don't I just... show you what I am.. *smiles wickidly*

    Me: Um...Okay?

    He leans in closer..and closer.. and then-

    BOOM. The door slams open. Mitch is standing in the

    Mitch: SHUT UP. Jeez! I can't even hear my music! DO YOU

    He slams the door shut and leaves me and Kai alone in the
    dark, shadowy room.

    Kai: You'd better go..

    Me: Tell me what you are first.

    Kai: Go. Now.

    Me: I'm not leaving.

    Kai [yelling]: GO! NOW!


    SLAMM! I get tackled to the ground by Kai and feel
    something sharp on my neck. Kai's lips were on my neck
    and.. ARE THOSE FANGS? I hear him sob in anger.. Tears fill
    my eyes.

    Me: Kai..

    He gets up furiously and yanks me up by the wrist. A tear
    escapes my eye and he whipes it away with his thumb.

    Him: Go.. *shakily whispers in anger*

    I burst out crying and leave the room.. Leaving him
    standing there alone.. Discomforted.. Sad.. Angry.. Lonely..

    I run past Bane and through the door.

    Bane: Envy! What's wrong?

    I slam the door shut and run off before he can say another


    Next time on The Blood Circle:

    Kai: You don't know what it's like..

    Me: Kai..

    Him: To be thirsty.. Dying for a young human's blood.. Your
    stomach feeling like it's being torn straight out of you..

    Me: I.. I'm sorry Kai I never thought that I would hurt you

    Kai: It's fine.. I just.. I don't know what i'm feeling
    right now..

    Me: Well.. What does it feel like?

    Kai: I feel.. Love.. Envy.. I think i'm falling in love
    with you.. I just.. No girl has ever stood up for herself
    towards me before like you did.. I'm amazed.. I feel.. A
    burning desire to just.. Hold you in my arms.. I just can't
    break from this shield and hurt you.. I just can't..

    Me: Kai.. I feel the same.. I want to be with you.. I ..
    Just.. *leans in to kiss him*

    He leans in towards me and-

    TO BE CONTINUED!! AHAHA ANOTHER CLIFFY!! biggrin Well bye :]
    UNTIL NEXT TIME! ON : The Blood Circle.