• In a faraway land called Genbu, there is a huge castle where a princess was born.
    Chapter 1
    Fourteen years past and the princess grew into a beautiful girl. The princess’s name was Hana, meaning flower. Hana had deep blue eyes with very light gray hair; her hair was so beautiful everyone stared at it. She was a very tomboyish girl, and every day she would climb up a Sakura tree while watching the Cherry Blossoms fall gently to the ground. Then one of Hana’s maids came and yelled, “Princess please come down! You are acting so unlady like, and there is a young gentleman here to see you!” Hana looked at her maid with a blissful look on her face. She climbed down the Sakura tree and ran inside the house as fast as the bullet. “Hi Hana!” yelled Hana’s childhood friend Akito. “Akito why are you here? I thought you were in Hokkaidō.” “Well I was, but I missed you too much Hana. Didn’t you miss me too?” asked Akito. “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.” Hana teased “You’re so mean Hana!” cried Akito. Akito was a childhood friend of Hana, even though people couldn’t believe they were friends. But Hana and Akito were really close; they would even follow each other everywhere. Akito had beautiful dark brown hair with the most wonderful pair of light brown eyes.
    One day princess Hana was invited to go to a boarding school, and Hana happily accepted, Akito hated the idea of letting Hana go to a school with boys. So Akito secretly applied for the same school.
    “Class I would like to introduce our new transfer student, Princess Hana!” said Ms. Matsuri, the teacher for Hana’s class. “Oh and I forgot there is another transfer student, Akito Wotohori, please come in” “Why are you here!!!” yelled Hana “I just couldn’t leave you alone , because I knew you would just run of and cause trouble.” teased Akito. After Akito came everyone called them the royal couple, because everyone thought they looked so good with each other. Hana never felt that way of Akito, but Akito in the other hand happily walked beside Hana every single day. Then a new transfer student came.
    Chapter 2
    “Class this is our new transfer student, Li Syouran.” a beautiful boy with shiny wonderful hair, the color of gold walked inside the classroom. His skin was velvety soft. His eyes were a deep green. He turned and looked at Hana, and she was trapped in his gaze. “Li you can sit next to Miss Hana.” “Ok” he said with a cool tone. Li walked over to her, stopped, and said, “Hello Hana it’s nice to meet, I hope we can be friends one day.”“S-sure.” Hana mumbled. Akito looked at Li with a disgusted look, then turned away mumbling. Li sat down. Then class started.
    “Bring-bring!” went the school bell. Hana was sitting under a Sakura tree with Akito. Li walked over, and asked,” May I join you guys?” “Sure Li!” Hana said with a happy look on her face. Akito looked at Li with an ugly look on his face, then got up and left. “Akito wait!!” bellowed Hana. “Leave him be.” Li whispered.
    “Why does that Li guy always have to butt in to our conversations?” Akito wondered. Then a blood curling scream came from the Sakura tree Hana and Li was sitting under. Akito ran as fast as he could, but he couldn’t make it in time. Hana was kidnapped by the Dark tribe. Li stood up and looked at Akito with a grin on his face. Akito grabbed Li and yelled, “You did this?! I knew there was something wrong with you, but I can’t believe you would let Hana get kidnapped!” “I can’t believe you’re that dumb. I really thought this mission would be difficult, but it seems I misunderstood The Great Akito.” Li said with a teasing voice “What do you mean?” Akito asked, “You didn’t know? Man that means you’re really dumb! I’m the prince of the Dark tribe; I came here to kidnap Princess Hana.” laughed Li. Akito let go of Li and threw him to the ground. “Where is she?!” Akito roared. Li handed Akito a piece a paper then disappeared in the shadows.
    Akito ran through woods, rivers and mountains, until he finally made it to the Dark country. Akito quickly hid in the shadows and sneaked into the enemy’s castle.

    Chapter 3
    Tap-tap, the echoes the dark hallway made as Akito ran looking for his kidnapped princess. “Where is she?! Where is she?!” thought Akito. Then Akito heard a song, it was the same song Hana always sang when she was scared. He followed the voice, and then Akito ended up in front of a big door with signs all over. The signs said the princess was in there, but Akito couldn’t trust them. “I have to make a chance.” Akito whispered, and then he slowly walked up to the door and pushed it open. The door opened with ease, and Akito walked in finding the lost Princess sitting in a corner with her hands and feet tied up. “Princess Hana! Are you okay?” Akito yelled. “Shhh! You’re going to wake up the guards.” “Oh, I’m sorry Hana I didn’t mean to.” mumbled Akito. “It’s okay. Now get me out of here!” Akito walked toward Hana and cut the rope of with a sharp knife. “Thanks Akito.” Hana whispered. Akito looked at Hana blushing. “Come on lets go.” “Yeah” agreed Akito. The two kids ran in to the dark night and escaped inside a cottage, fifty feet away from the castle. “Hey Hana, are we going to be safe here?’ “I think so. Anyway, just go to sleep. I’ll keep guard.” “No Hana let me! You must be exhausted!” Akito said. “Just shut up and go to sleep!!” Hana roared “Ye-yes my lady.” Akito mumbled.
    The days past by and Hana and Akito lived in that little cottage, waiting for the Dark tribe to stop hunting them. But one day while Hana was out picking berries she decided to climb up a tree. While she watched the view Hana saw three Dark tribe troops. Hana quickly climbed down, and informed Akito about the problem. Akito got up and ran out of the cottage grabbing his sword before he got out. “Akito wait! You can’t fight them, it’s three against one!” bellowed Hana. Hana ran out of the cottage after Akito. But when she finally made it Akito was already fighting a huge bulky man, he was wearing a black cloak that covered his entire body. “Akito watch out!!!” Hana yelled, but it was already too late. One of the Dark troopers hit Akito in the back, and he collapsed on the ground. Akito was losing blood quickly, and Hana didn’t know what to do. Then Hana attacked the three Dark troopers in rage, and then they collapsed to the ground. “Wow! Good thing father taught me the art of martial arts.” Hana exclaimed. She quickly rushed to Akito’s side and tended his wound.

    Chapter 4
    ‘”Ugh. Where am I?” Akito looked around and found himself in the cottage again. “Hana where are you?” Akito wondered. The door slowly opened, Akito quickly grabbed his sword and got ready to strike. But when the door opened, Hana came in and Akito lunged at her. Luckily he noticed it was Hana and he stopped the sword from striking her. “What the heck are you doing?!” Hana roared. “I-I was just trying to practice my fighting.” “Really, I just thought you were stupid enough to try to strike anyone who entered this door.” Hana said in rage. “Right, an idiot would actually be dumb enough to do that.” Akito mumbled. “I knew it, you’re really lying. You were the idiot who really tried to strike me.” Hana yelled. Akito looked away in shame. “I really am dumb. I don’t deserve to protect Hana.” “Idiot, if you say those things then you really don’t deserve to protect me!” “Hana, you really are amazing.” Akito said in awe. “You go back to sleep. You got beaten up pretty bad” Hana said in a caring voice.
    Akito and Hana moved out of their cottage, and started traveling from town to town, making sure their identities are kept secret. But then while Hana was shopping for food she bumped into a Dark trooper. “Little lady why are you shopping all alone?” asked the dark trooper “Umm, I have to go now so please move aside.” Hana asked, but in a whimpered tone. “Oh, why won’t you answer me?” asked the dark trooper. Hana ran away from the dark trooper, but she wasn’t fast enough. The dark trooper grabbed Hana by the arm, and her hood suddenly came off. “It’s the Princess of Genbu! Quickly take her away!” commanded the dark trooper. “No! They caught me!” Hana thought. The troopers forced Hana to the castle, leaving poor helpless Akito behind.

    Chapter 5
    “Let me go, you dumb ugly trooper!” Hana screamed. The dark trooper threw Hana in a dark cell. “Where am I?” Hana thought as she looked around the dark room. Then the door to the cell opened, and standing right in front of the door was Li Syouran. “Hana aren’t you surprised?” Li asked with a teasing tone. “No I’m not. I knew who you were all along.” “Really, then that means you meant to be kidnapped.” asked Li. Hana glared at Li, and yelled, “Stupid, Stupid! Li you’re a horrible, disgusting, cold hearted prince!” Li’s calm face soon turned furious. “Say that again, I dare you!” Li spat. Hana looked at Li with a puzzled face “Li’s different. He used to have a mysterious, but kind aura. Now he’s just plain furious, did I say something wrong?” Hana thought. But then Hana’s guard was down, and Li pushed Hana to the ground. “What are you doing?!” Hana roared, but Li quickly closed the door and left Hana alone again. “I’m alone again. Akito were are you?” That night Hana cried and cried, alone in the darkness.
    While Hana was trapped in the castle Akito was wandering around the village searching for Hana. “Where is she?” Akito thought. “Hey young boy, can you cross the road?” asked an elderly man. “Sure, I’ll be happy to.” Akito walked over to the young man and helped him across the street. But then a lot of old people came towards Akito, and asked him to help them cross the road. Sadly, it took seven hours to help every old person in the town cross the road. When he was finally finished it was already midnight, and Akito was so angry for being too kind. “Dang! I can’t believe I had to help so much old people today,” Akito yelled in rage “And I was suppose to find Hana too!” Akito ran around town looking for his lost princess, even though he does not know she’s been taken away by the dark troopers.

    Chapter 6
    Meanwhile, Hana was still locked up in the dark cell inside the Dark castle. “I got to find an escape, but where?” Hana wondered. Then a bright light shone from a large crack in the wall. Hana crawled over to the light and touched it, the cement from the wall collapsed a bit. Hana had a wonderful idea, so she kept chipping off the wall. Then finally the wall gave way, and Hana escaped. “Yes! I finally got out of that horrible dark place.” Hana rejoiced in happiness. Hana ran into the night stopping every few minutes for a breath, and then she ended up in front of a big cave. “I think I can rest here for the night.” Hana whispered.
    The sun was shining brightly, and you can hear the birds tweeting in the background. “Where am I?” Hana wondered. Then her memories of last night came. “Right, I was hiding from the dark troopers.” “Gurgle gurgle!” went Hana’s stomach. “Wow! Am I hungry! I wonder if I can find something to eat.” Hana got up and started walking around the forest finding something to eat for breakfast. Then she came across an apple tree. The tree had the biggest reddest apples Hana has ever seen. Hana walked over to the apple tree in awe, and quickly picked an apple. Hana slowly bit the apple with her pearly white teeth, and then the aroma and taste of the apple was so splendid it was like a drug to her. Hana suddenly stopped eating the apple, and slowly fell into a deep sleep. The apple Hana ate was actually a poisonous one; the apple’s that were on the tree could kill anything. If you eat one you will fall in to a deep sleep and you have only two days to live. Luckily Akito was actually in the same forest as Hana, and Akito spotted the apple tree and he quickly walked over. “Wow! This is such a beautiful tree. Oh, and there’s apples. I’m a bit hungry so, I’ll just get a bight.” But when Akito tried to grab an apple he saw Hana on the ground.

    Chapter 7
    Hana awakened in a beautiful field with flowers, but the field was covered in pitch black darkness. “Where am I? I want to go home.” Hana said, but every time she talked she would hear an echo saying, “You can’t go back. You’re staying here forever!” But then Hana saw a bright shining light, Hana walked over to the light and reached out to it.
    “Hana wake up! Hana please wake up!” “What’s that voice I hear?” Hana thought, but when Hana opened her eye she saw the face of her wonderful childhood friend Akito. “Akito, why are you here? And where am I?” Hana wondered, but when Hana looked around she found out she was back at her castle in Genbu. “Akito why am I here? I thought we were fighting Li.” “Hana didn’t you know that you were asleep for a week already.” “What! But I was just in...” Hana yelled in confusion “Hana don’t you remember that you ate a poisonous apple?” Hana’s memory suddenly came back, and she nodded in agreement. “Well, did we win the fight?” “Of course Hana, who would ever win against the Genbu tribe,” Akito said in pride, “Oh, and don’t worry I recorded the whole battle so you can watch!” “Yeah thanks Akito!” Hana and Akito sat down and started watching the film. Ever since that battle no one ever dares to go against the Genbu tribe, and Hana, Akito and the whole kingdom of Genbu lived happily ever after!
    The End

    After Story
    When the war ended, Hana and Akito got married and had two wonderful twins Sou and Hikaru. Li was sent to prison, but got out soon and started working as the governor of Genbu. Then Li married a mysterious woman, and had a son named Toru.
    Now a new story enfolds for Sou, Hikaru and Toru in the upcoming sequel The Children’s Destiny!