• Shika was like the friend, and cat, I never had. He was always with me, except when my mom was around, and he would always ask me what was wrong when I was down about something. He knew exactly what to say to distract me and to get me to smile, even if it's just for a second.
    One time when I got home from school after another fight with my teacher I near tears almost, and he actually started crying, supposedly he started crying 'for me'. I just started laughing and called him stupid. Than he smiled and gave me a hug. The next day when I got back to my teacher I faced her with my fists held high, not literally, and won. I told her that she would never get my journal from me, not while I was still breathing. She just stuck up her snout and stalked off.
    But now he was laying in the same bed with me, only a few inches away, our faces only the same distance.
    I smiled and reached out, poking his cheek.
    He wrinkled his nose and opened an eye. "What'da want?"
    I narrowed my eyes. "Speak propper english." I growled.
    He shrank back. "Sorry, sorry." He cleared his throat. "What do you want?"
    I shrugged and closed my eyes. "I don't know... I just wanted to bug you."
    He sighed and nuzzled his pillow. "That was rude."
    I chuckled. "I know."
    He was quiet for maybe a moment, then he spoke again. "Gabriel?"
    I didn't open my eyes, I just dug my face harder against the pillow. "Hm?"
    He scooted closer to me. "I'm cold."
    I opened my eyes and looked at him. "So what am I supposed to do?"
    He shrugged. "I don't know... Master always kept me warm by keeping my close. And everytime I slept up on the top bunk I got cold."
    I growled at him. "Hey, your lucky I actually came up here to sleep in your bed. There is no way I'm letting you get any closer than that. Stay away." I ordered.
    He sniffled and tears formed in his eyes.
    He covered his face with his hands, his sharp tipped nails looking almost painted white in the moonlight coming from the skylight. "You hate me, Gabriel."
    I felt my stomach tighten. "N-no! I never said that, you idiot! I just don't like have people so close to me!"
    He sniffled. "So you do hate me!" He sobbed.
    I sighed. "Geez, Shika. No, I don't hate you. I think your an awesome... what ever kind of human you are, and you're an awesome friend too."
    He peaked at me through his fingers. "Really? You... mean it?"
    I nodded and smirked. "Duh."
    He blushed and put his hand down into the blankets where they disappeared. "Oh." He threw his arms around me, hugging me tighter than a pro wrestler ever could.
    I choked. "Shi-shi-shi-shi-Shika!"
    He started rolling around on the bed. "Hya~! I'm so happy, Gabriel!"
    I gasped for breath.
    He nuzzled my chest. "Hnn~! Gabriel is so nice to Shika."
    I was about to yell at him, but then I thought about something for a second.
    Did he just say I'm nice to him? No way... I'm horrible to him. I call him names and tease him everyday. I push him away when he tries to give me hugs. I even laugh at him when he starts to cry. And here he is tell me I'm nice to him. What the h*** is wrong with him?
    I looked down at him, not breathing, but not really noticing anymore.
    He noticed my strugling had ceased and he looked back up at me. "Gabriel?"
    I blinked.
    He loosened his grip around me. "What's wrong?"
    I shook my head. "I'm not nice to you. I'm horrible to you. I treat you terribly."
    He giggled. "No you don't. Your the nicest friend I've had."
    "How many friends have you had?" I ask tilting my head.
    "Just you." He said smiling proudly.
    I felt my heart hurt and ache, I swallowed and looked in his eyes in pity. "I'm sorry, Shika."
    He blinked. "For what? What are you sorry for? I think it's awesome your my first bes' friend."
    I ignored his impropper english and gave him something I never thought I ever would in my entire life.
    A hug.
    I slung my arms around him and held him against me tightly. "I'm so mean to you and yet you're so nice and treat me like your best friend. I'm so sorry, Shika." I say hugging him even tighter against me.
    Shika blinked and layed there motionless, seeming confused.
    I nuzzled his cheek and felt my heart warm. "I'm sorry, Shika."
    He purred and his ears pressed against his head tightly.
    "I'm sorry, Shika." I repeated.
    Shika hugged me back, putting his arms around my neck, since my arms were around his waist. {Big hint about whose the Uke and whose the Seme is hiden in whose arms are around the waist and around the neck! I hope you can figure it out on your own... Tee hee.}

    {I have to go. But I'll be back on tommorow. Please forgive me, loves. Bye bye!}