• Destiny was bawling her eyes out. She couldn't possibly imagine how this could change her utterly perfect life. "I'll be ok," Her mom managed to choke out in the hospital room. Destiny knew that she was lying, and so did her mom. It was hard to believe her mom was dying from a shot in her right thigh. They thought she was going to bleed painfully to death. They turned out to be right. They managed to stop the bleeding, but by then it was too late. She was gone. Those were her moms last words before she went into the dark, endless sleep. Destiny stopped crying. She knew her mom was in a better place. She deserved it.

    10 years later

    It was 10 years after her moms tragic death, but she had gotten over it. Her dad decided not to get remarried; he thought it would be betraying Destiny's dead mom. They had a good life. 15 year old Destiny was back on track, and she was living life to the fullest. She barely ever cried, and when she did, she recovered very quickley. One beautiful Wednesday morning, as she was skateboarding to school, she heard someone crying. She always went to school early, so she had some time to see what was wrong. She went to the little girl that was crying, she looked about 6 or 7 years old. She was sitting by the base of an old oak tree, and she was crying in her cupped hands. "What's wrong?" Destiny asked gently. "My-my-my cat just went up a really tall tree. And he fell down. But he wasn't breathing," She said in between tears.

    "I'm so sorry." Destiny told her. Destiny knew how it felt to have the one thing you loved most pass. "My mom passed away 10 years ago; I know how you feel," Destiny told her. The little girl looked up. "Oh," Was all she said. "Well, I should be going to school," said Destiny. She waved good bye and left on her board, darting towards the school. She got in right on time (luckily), and headed for her locker. She put in her skateboard, got her Biology books (Biology was First Period), and headed off to class. She never wore a helmet when she was skateboarding, because she was a pro and never got hurt. For once, the class lesson seemed sort of interesting. But it was simple too. It was about all the nutrients that living things take in when they breath. After that class, the day seemed to fly by. But that was before she bumped into the bully, Ashton.

    "Get out of my way, sock-breath!" Were her words. She had her devilish posse behind her, but Destiny had people behind her chanting "Fight! Fight!" Destiny wasn't looking forward to this. "I'm gonna beat the snot out of you," Ashton taunted. All of a sudden, she got a surge of courage come on her. "Not unless I kick your a$$ first," Destiny said bravely. Everyone went "Oooh!" It was a dramatic moment. Ashton tried socking her in the nose after Destiny said that. She had a lot of dexterity too, because she dodged it. Destiny put her move right back on her, where it belonged, and she got a bloody nose. "You freak!" She hollered at the top of her lungs. It looked like Ashton wasn't going to give up without a fight. And it looked like it was about to get messy. Ashton tried grabbing Destiny, but she couldn't get a hold of her. Destiny kicked her in the shin, and said "You deserve this! You brought this to you!" She was really seeming wise at that moment, because Ashton started crying. ASHTON did. Destiny couldn't believe what she was seeing. Then it brought her a flashback.

    10 years before

    "I'm so sorry sweetheart," Her dad told her. He was crying too. They were at her mothers funeral. Destiny walked towards her grave with tulips in her hands; they were her moms favorite flowers. She put them on the grave and whispered "I know you love them. This is for you." She hoped her mom could hear her, because this was important to her. She walked back to her father, and let him put his arms around her. They were all sad.

    In the moment

    Ashton ran into the girls bathroom, sobbing. Destiny didn't want to go in there, so she just left the area. After the dramatic school day, she headed straight home. She didn't want to be anywhere but her room, drawing. Destiny wasn't those wannabe artists who couldn't draw, and faked it. She was the real deal; she had talent. (Authors note: I made that part based on what my friends tell ME about my drawings.) She grabbed a paper, a pen, and some colored pencils. Then she layed delicately down onto her bed, and thought. What could she draw? Was the main question. She got up and drew tulips. Very good ones too. She drew them because her mother loved tulips. When she was still alive, they would plant them every year and donate half of them to charity. Those were the good days, Destiny thought. She got out her iPhone and took a picture of them. She sent it to her friend, Shane. At the thought of tulips, she started crying.

    "Destiny! I'm going to soccer tonight. Shane's coming for his dad. Do you want to come?" Destiny's dad asked her Saturday night. "Sure dad!" She replied happily. The place they went to always had a separate field for the younger players to play soccer in. 3 minutes later they were in the car, shin pads and all. BRRRZ! Her iPhone was ringing. She got a text from Shane.

    $#AN3: Hey Des, going 2 soccer 2nite?

    She texted back. Now they were officially in a chat.

    o0Dez0o: Hey Shane, yea im going 4 sure.
    $#AN3: Gr8. C u there then?
    o0Dez0o: No duh, lol.
    $#AN3: K, hun. C ya
    $#AN3 has logged out
    o0Dez0o has logged out

    Shane and Destiny had been best friends since preschool, and Shane called Destiny hun ever since they started high school. It wasn't anything serious. But something always confused Destiny. It was why Shane had fangs. She though he just had really pointy canines. But Shane promised to tell Destiny why, that night. They arrived in the parking lot, at around 9:00. "Des, I'll drop you off here, ok?" Her dad told her, like he did every week. She said ok and left the car behind, as it drove swiftly away. She looked through the window and saw Shane going into the spare field. She walked in, and headed right after Shane. "Hey," He said when she caught up to him. "Hey Shane," She replied. They were putting on their soccer gear, on the bleachers. Long socks, shin pads, cleats, and they were ready to go. "So, I promised to tell you why I have uhh," His voice trailed off slowly there. "Fangs." He finished. Destiny was a little shocked he said fangs. He always said "Oversized Canines".
    "Can you keep a secret?" He asked her carefully, trying not to scare her. Destiny nodded slowly, guessing he had fake teeth. Then he told her.

    "I'm a vampire," He whispered into her ear. Destiny gave a little gasp. She was thinking, Omg Omg Omg Omg. Then he got serious. "And I've always uhh...." He stopped there, and started blushing. He was blushing so hard, Destiny could guess why his cheeks were rose red. "You like me, don't you?" She guessed warily. He looked up, and nodded a tiny nod. Destiny thought she looked peculiar, but Shane always told her differently. She liked Shane too, alot. "Uhh, what about you?" He asked after holding his breath. Destiny was scared. But then she remembered: He liked her too. "Yea. I really like you," She said quietly. Then for a split second, their eyes met. Blue eyes to green eyes. It felt like energy was flowing in the middle, but it never gave itself away. They both started blushing. Then a kid named Alexa screamed from the middle of the field "Hey guys! Are you coming down to play or what?" Destiny nodded towards her, and Shane copied her swift action. They both walked down to the field, not saying a word to eachother.

    TO BE CONTINUED (If you all like it)