• (the speach before the battle)

    Today we figh we fight for our country our people everything we know today many of us will die but today we liberate france of those dirty nazi'stoday is the beggining of the end of this war this is what will happen to hitler under our hands
    (a man wheels our a german soldier)
    we caught this german spy hiding under a rock in a large hole hes been watching us for weeks but today he dies today i deminstaright what happens to hitler
    (man making the speach pulls out a smal colt and aims at head)
    good night
    (man fires weapon german lies there dead)
    today we liberate what is rightfully ours today WE LIBERATE AMERICA

    (crowd begins to chear)
    (all at the same time)

    the next day

    our boat wil soon reach the shoar we will soon die for everything we know everything we love everything thats our's as we head out onto the beach we free america from this horid beast known as the nazis now men our off ramp is lowering we go now GO GO GO ONTO THE BEACH COMON FI--(sarg falls over dead)
    LEAVE HIM HE'S DEAD WE HALF TO KEEP GOING (they both run out onto the beach)

    come on we need to find somewhere to hide and shoot

    (a bomb drops 100 feet away kills 5 men and knocks them to there feet)

    we seriously need to find somwhere to hide

    To be countinued......

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