• The days went on too fast for my liking. He had to move at the end of the year. we both cried but held on to each other. We had a month left. Jeremy has always been there for me and now he had to go my heart sank. That night we had a date, and things got out of hand. We were inseperable from then on. It was a week later and i found out I was pregnant and when I told him, he was silent. All of a sudden Jeremy lifted me up and hugged me until I couldn't breath. The news had stunned my mom and friends. We were told that his parents needed to find out and fright filled our soul as we drove to his house. It was dinner time, Jeremy's mom made lasagna and tortillini. It was so delicious.We hesitated for a minute and then he asked his parents if they were going to help paint the room. His dad immediately choked and his mom sprang up and ran around the table to hug us. "Are we gonna be grandparents?!" I said yes and then it happened. Jeremy proposed, the ring had a sapphire heart in the middle of two smaller diamonds on a silver ring. "Hell ya!!! I love you so much." Later that year we had a beautiful twins and the best house I could ask for. The baby room was half hot pink and sapphire blue. The kids were always wanting to play with their cribs and throw their pillows around. Every morning they would only have blankets. Snow would be standing, waiting for daddy and Tobi would be jumpin' every where.