• I would rather have myself hung from my toe nails than see Alexander in pain because of me. That's why I'm staying with him. For as long as I can anyway, I can't speak on deaths part though... sadly... But, I'll stay out of harms way as much as possible.
    Alexander was asleep. His chest rising and falling easily, his breathing was silent, but I could feel it against my neck, brushing softly as it whized by.
    I smiled and stared up at ceiling, afraid to wake him up and cause him trouble. I would rather have him happy and full of energy, than annoyed and tired, because of me.
    It was almost graduation time, only a few weeks left till we get our degrees and go off to start working for who ever we want.
    Alexander had already met a few people who said they would die to have such a beautiful American working in their kitchen, so I knew he would be taking in money way before I was... So, now my plans of buying him a present for graduation might have some bumps in the road.
    {Note: I am no good when it comes to the Japanese money system... *Sighs* I'm sorry for those who are good and get frustrated with my handicap. Sorry.}
    I had been saving up for his present since I finally started a relationship with Alexander, {In the last chapter} and I was almost done, I only needed a few more thousand yen, and I was done... But easier said than done, right?
    Do you know what his present is? Do you have a good guess?
    Well, I'll tell you.
    Remember that house Alexander was practicly drooling over a few years ago? I've been saving up to buy it for him. I wasn't trying to push him into anything, I just wanted to get him something special, something he's wanted for a long time.
    Today I was going to go to a interveiw for a job so I could get that last few thousand. But, if I didn't hurry, I was going to be late and I wouldn't get the job, and my dreams of getting Alexander his house as a present for graduation would be demolished.

    After ending up having to wake Alexander up I got up and rushed out the door to my interveiw.
    I panted and pushed the door open.
    The waitress who greeted you at the door smiled. "Hello."
    A man was standing next to her, staring intensly at his watch. He snapped a dark glare up at me. "Just made it! Five seconds later and you would have been late, and I would have canceled the interveiw." He said sounding more like a drill sargent than anything else.
    I bowed my head, still breathing hard. "I'm sorry about that. I had slept in and I really didn't want to wake Alex up, that would have been rude of me. I'm sorry."
    He hesitated. "Alex? What kind of name is that?"
    I stood back up straight. "American." I say boldly.
    The waitress gasped. "American!? You know an American? Does he talk funny? Or was he born here?"
    "He does talk alittle funny, he moved here about four or five years ago... Why do you care?" I ask, suddenly feeling like I shouldn't tell this scary looking woman about my precious Alexander.
    My feelings on love had changed slightly.
    I believe you can love someone to the feeling of true love, but there still is no such thing as 'magical' true love or just magic in general, or destiny. All that crap is... crap. I don't beleive in it and, as you know, I never have.
    Alexander thinks differently. He believes it was destiny that brought us together that day, that destiny brought Karin to my door step while Alexander was still over, that destiny will continue to keep us together. Everytime he brings it up he has this glimmer in his eye and than he suddenly 'wants to show me something in the bed room'. So sometimes, just to get alittle 'fun' out of it, I would bring it up and he would get frisky again.
    The man shivered. "He!? A man!? You were sleeping with a man!?"
    I pushed my glasses up and stood tall. "Yes. Is there something wrong with that?"
    The girls face went red.
    The man grumbled. "No... I just wasn't expecting it from a man looking like yourself."
    I ignored his remark. "Are you going to interveiw me or persicute me?"
    He sighed and gestured for me to follow him. "Come on, the kitchen is back here."

    I walked into the house, feeling heavy on my feet. "I'm home." I call.
    Alexander came running out of the bedroom, his face bright as ever. "Karumi-seme! I'm so happy to see you!"
    I blushed at the sudden name. "What did you call me?"
    He looked up at me with a sheepish smile. "Eh... I just..." He suddenly grabbed onto my hand and pulled me away, leading me to the bed room.
    I blinked. "Alex? What are you doing?"
    "I did something special to celebrate you getting a job." He said with joy in his voice.
    I smirked, "Maybe I should have waited to come home and tell you that, instead of calling you from there."
    He shook his head and pushed the door open, but held his hand up, telling me to stand outside. "Wait here."
    I felt myself get excited. {Not that kind of excited, people... Geez...}
    He closed the door and the room went quiet.
    I swallowed and stared at the door impatiently.
    "You aren't peeking, are you?" Alex called through the door.
    I wish...
    "Good. Because that would ruin the surprise." He said laughing.
    My stomach warmed. "Oh... I guess I won't peek then..."
    Don't do it... Don't do it... Don't do it... I kept reminding myself.
    "Go ahead, come in." Alexander cooed.
    I swallowed and slowly opened the door.
    The room was dark, except for one candle, and seemed to be more empty than usual. But, there was a body on the bed and not just any body.
    Alexander's body.
    I pinched my nose and felt my face get hot. "When...?"
    He grined. "When did I get this? Just today. I saw it and knew you would like right away. Do you? Like it, I mean." He asked pointing at what he was wearing, even though there was only so little clothing on his skin.
    I swallowed hard and nodded, unable to speak.
    I do believe Alexander has made cooking a hundred percent better for me.
    "I got a few other 'cooking toys', if your interested, Karumi." He said softly.
    I walked into the room, closing the door, and walking over to the bed, standing over Alexander. "I should get hired for jobs more often..." I say out loud.
    Alexander rolled on his back and leaned on his elbows. "Yeah, you should. Maybe a part time job?"
    I nodded and leaned down, kissing him softly.
    But, Alexander didn't want a soft kiss, he wanted more than that. He wound his arms around my neck, pulling me on the bed with him.
    I smiled and kissed his neck.
    What Alexander had been wearing was Su cheff hat under wear. {The longere` company sewed a cheff hat on the front of the underwear, making it look like boner. Clear enough for you?} That's how it made cooking better for me.
    "I also got you a spactula and a few ingredients you might need in your cooking." He said pointing to a few things on the night stand.
    My face got hot. A d*ldo and lubracants... Oh my god... I love him.
    I smiled and put my fingers on the rim of the underwear, then opened it to see what was inside. "I've always wondered what they use to keep the hats standing up like that-..."
    Alexander blinked. "What? there was supposed to be something in there?"
    I stared in awe. "You kept it up!? The whole hat!? How did you do that!?" I shout.
    He laughed. "I'm just kidding. There are little plastic sticks in there that keep it up for me. You looked so shocked, it was so cute."
    I pouted. "You... I thought you were keeping the hat up all on your own..." Fake tears formed in my eyes. "What a mean lie!"
    Alexander grined and shifted under me.
    I gasped and shivered.
    "Well, you can make it up for me, can't you?" He said slily.
    I felt his fingers dance along my 'skin', making me feel hotter than hell. "You..."
    "What?" He said wrapping his legs around my waist.
    I shook my head. "No mercy."
    "Who said I wanted any?" He laughed.
    I love my American!