Chapter 13 - Giga city secrets - Part 1

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    *Back at Giga City, Tom McDonnald lined up with his allies Wesker, Kane, Groder, and the X hunters, were prepairing for a meeting with Dr. Wily, assuming the fact that he's very upset about the mission to abduct John was a failure.*

    Dr. Wily= Fumbled.....Failed.....Defeated! Blast those MDF Megamen!!

    Tom= Sorry mate. Me brother showed up and ruined it all.

    Wesker= It appears that John has formadable allies.

    Kane= Prometheus and Pandora showed up as well.

    Violen= That Prometheus and Pandora! They ruined it all.

    Saggesse= We failed Dr. Wily.

    Dr. Wily= It's alright. I didnt expect you to sucseed on the first try. I had a feeling those blasted MD Megamen would show up. But why would John be at the Sage Trinity?

    Dalton= I might think that he had been looking for help, since he knows that were running things here in Giga city. Incase you remember, John was with the Bonne pirates who stole one of your abducted Daleks back when we were in Abagale in that past Melinium timeline.

    Dr. Wily= We did have the advantage but that was before Dr. Weil betrayed us and left us for dead.

    Agile= May I suggest we form a new stradegy?

    Dr. Wily= A stradegy? What kind did you have in mind?

    Agile= We need to split up and cover as much ground as possible, just like when we had Zero's bodyparts those centuries ago.

    Violen= Just like old times, giving X the case of the runs, now that was good while it lasted.

    Saggesse= May we suggest we travel to areas where John may have seen last in current areas.

    Dr. Wily= Let my staff work on the pinpointing. It will take some time before we can go John hunting again. But first we need to be able to track down the MDF squad and make sure they cant butt in while were manhandling John!

    Tom= Me brother's been looking for him too. And been trailing after him for a long time. They even gave the space pirates allot of trouble, not to menson they downed allot of cybermen in the process. But I have a question sir.

    Dr. Wily= Im listening.

    Tom= Can we really trust the cybermen? Arent their factions similar to the Daleks? They want to capture and convert humans into theirs.

    Dr. Wily= The cybermen were salvaged by the space pirates, the cybermen are THEIR responsibility. If something happens, the space pirates will just have to report it to me. So far, the cybermen are cooperating so there's no worries. When were done with them, we can just use them as food for the Model W's we salvage. The space pirates get full share and their own empire becomes one with ours.

    Tom= And this...Omega Zero? What about him?

    Dr. Wily= Forget about that dead beat. He's gone. John and Phil did away with him and I sent Dr. Weil in the void as his punnishment for betraying us.

    Dalton= We need to start getting busy collecting those Model W's too. That Master Albert has gotten a head start of us. And the best one we got is being used for the space pirates new bioweapon "Dark Thardus", a creature they created some years ago on a plannet called Tallon 4 was called Thardus, a entity made of phazonite rocks and were animated into a human shaped form. This rebirth of the Thardus has Model W fragments instead, making it more powerful and resistant to most manmade firepower. We did this by researching the force metal we subjugated from the reploids of giga city. If we start production of these things, we can take the fight to both the MDF people and those repulsive megamen. Not to menson that more models of the space pirate biometals are being developed and experimented as we speak.

    Dr. Wily= Very good Dalton my boy. At last, some good news. When do you think the'll be ready?

    Dalton= I dunno, 4, maybe 5 weeks tops?

    Dr. Wily= WHAT!? After that, the model W's could all be taken! Tell the space pirates to accelerate that time! Get the slaves, get the cybermen, I don't care! I want those weapons developed!

    Dalton= I don't know how there gonna take it, but I will inform them immediately.

    *Dalton leaves the conference room*

    Dr Wily= Very well, Tom. The plan is approved. Split up and search good. If one of you spot John, allert the others. Do not engage him allone. The more the merrier.

    Tom= It will be done sir. We will not fail like last time.

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    *Meanwhile......back in hunters camp, Ashe and Grey were in the bar having a few drinks of soda.*

    Ashe= John.....im beggining to worry about him.

    Grey= Me too Ashe. After hearing that he almost got captured by those fiends. How could they?

    Ashe= Grey, some people are really bad, like that Tom and Albert.

    Grey= I wonder what that Kay woman is going to do with John?

    Ashe= Who knows?

    *Suddenly, Kaolla, Shinobu, and Nyamo enter the bar.*

    Kaolla= Halooooo!

    Ashe= Oh, you must be Kaolla. Kay told me about you.

    Grey= Kaolla?.... are you a megaman too?

    Kaolla= Sure am! Im the chosen one of Model Pr.

    Model Pr= Pleasure to meet you 2.

    Ashe= A biometal, nice model. Looks and sounds quite manly. You sure you can handle it?

    Model Pr= She can handle me just fine, just like John can handle that Model S.

    Model S= Kay also sent me to look after you guys too!

    Kaolla= I also have something to show you. Follow me.

    *Everyone went outside and to a dead end corner where a big blue box was.*

    Shinobu= Were here.

    Kaolla= Welcome to the base of our opperations. Step inside ok?

    Grey= Huh? What's a Police Public Call Box?

    Nyamo= I know, it's really a disguse. It's been this way ever since Kaolla found it.

    Ashe= Are you sure we all can fit in here?

    Kaolla= Absolutely! I can fit the whole crew if the Pillar in here too.

    *Everybody stepped in the Tardis, and Ashe and Grey's jaws dropped that the box was bigger on the inside and it was like stepping into a whole new world.*

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    Ashe= What is this!?

    Grey= It cant be bigger on the inside? That's just impossible.

    Kaolla= Follow me, im going to show you my latest invention!

    *Kaolla shows Ashe and Grey a divice that was once part (or parts) from a trading machine from the Pokemon dimenson now remodeled and reassembled for biometal use.*

    Nyamo= Great Kaolla....w...what is it?

    Kaolla= It's my Biometal datafeeder. Any biometal containing information like D.N.A., sub weapon information, logbooks, and even blueprints and immage data, get's traded with another biometal and vice versa.

    Grey= So our biometal can share data?

    Kaolla= Right. Let me explain. You know you, Ashe, Me, and John have Model A's right? We can use this to copy and upload and download any kind of data to another Model A using this device. Like for example. What if you 2 go solo and defeat a different psuderoid. Ashe defeats Buckfire, and Grey defeats Rospark, while I tale out Chronoforce. Just plug the Model A's into this and we all get the same DNA from each psuderoid.

    Ashe= Wow, Kaolla, that's amazing!

    Kaolla= And what if John takes out another psuderoid? He would have to hook up his Model A in this device. You can also use it with other MEGA system biometal too. You can hook up a Model A to for an example, Model Ph. Model A having Siarnaq's data, and with the moves he has, and hook it up to a Model Pr, the Model Pr would have more available attacks while Model Pr,s power for the overide ability. Something I been studying since I became a megaman.

    Grey= Incredable! Let's try it out now.

    Kaolla= Sure thing.

    Ashe= Wait....how much power does it take?

    Kaolla= No worries, all my inventions take power from the Tardis. And the Tardis takes power by sitting in the sun for solar energy and wind for energy as well. We can even drain electricity from power plants and drain from an enemey ship so energy feeds are no problem for us.

    Grey= Speaking of John, will he be ok?

    Ashe= I know your worried about him Grey, but I seen what John can do now. Im sure he's not new to all of this.

    Kaolla= John has been through allot and sometimes I feel like it's my fault for who he is now. You see.... I sort'a dragged him into this.

    Shinobu= That's no true Kaolla. Dont blame yourself. It all happened by accident.

    Nyamo= I know we been through allot and we made mistakes, but we pulled through no matter what.

    Kaolla= As John for the way he is now,..... he can never go back to his world.

    Ashe= Kaolla, im sure there will be time to explain this to us, but we got Albert and his minions to deal with now. And im sure John has things to deal with on his own and so do that Phil and Kay people.

    Grey= I wonder what was that suprise you made for John?

    Kaolla= The supprise, I was working on when I was on board the Pillar of Autumn. John found a capsule containing a lost reploid. Me and Kos-Mos revived her. Her name is Cinimon, a lost model reploid with force metal built in her.

    Shinobu= Kay told us she also helped with her, and she downloaded all of John's medical records into her.

    Nyamo= Im sure John will be fine. He's got Model K to keep him company now.

    Model S= I know I keep trailing after John, but I think it's time for Model K to take over for awhile, after all, my biometal class are indeed regestered to him.

    Ashe= You mean, John is chosen by ALL biometal your same class?

    Model S= Im afraid so. Im not of the M.E.G.A. system like Model A and Model X and the others you seen. Im a C.H.O.B.I.T.S. system biometal. A system far different from your MEGA system biometals. Look at Phil, he's regestered to T.R.A.N.'s system biometals.

    Grey= So not all biometal in the world are MEGA system?

    Ashe= It seems that way. But we got work to do. So Kaolla, what's the plan? Are we gonna split up?

    Kaolla= Indeed, we can cover more ground and get the job done quicker. We better stock up on items and equipment first. It's gonna be hard going solo, so I know how that's like.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Meanwhile,........John used that transport device given by Kay earlier and accessed an annoyamous transporter, which lead him to a place where he may have been to before.*

    John= Hmmmm... I dont know where this is.

    Cinimon= Better be careful.

    *John looked outside the chamber and he seen buildings he regconised instantly. John was back at the trinity owned facility where he was reunited with Phil, dragged by the Bonnes and was attacked by Omega Zero.*

    John= Were in the secret facility. I been here before, but ..... were in another section where I havent before.

    Cinimon= You mean were in enemey terrotory?

    Model K= It appears that way. We better be careful, Albert may be using this as a hideout.

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    *John and Cinimon ventured oustide the transporter room and snook past some security mechanloids and entered some rooms containing machines used to generate energy. Later John and Cinimon took another set of doors which could only be accessed by advanced key cards, but the key card Kay gave John was a gold keycard which could access all doors, he easally slipped through all of the high level security doors. Later he found some computers containing data which could be downloaded for furture analysys.*

    John= More log enteries. Let's check them out.

    *Model K switched to her scan visor and downloaded a Sage Trinity lore.......

    Sage Trinity log 1200xxxx.......Sibblings.......

    I, Master Albert have the sibblings Prometheus and Pandora under my control, after I gave them new bodies, I created binding chains to have them to return to my facility for maintanance. The program is set to a certain time and must return for maitanance to their bodies or they will die if they dont. I made this procedure because they made contact with a stranger I might have met durring the elf wars. I knew they would betray me someday so I made sure prometheus and Pandora will stay at my side, even if it was against their will. Prometheus and Pandora can not get their old bodies back, and cannot change their destiny. So I also assighned them an important task to help me gather othe rmegamen and force them to fight each other. I call this the Game of Destiny, a name that's fit for my little plan. The plan I will one day reveal to my future sucsessor.

    Cinimon= Prometheus and Pandora......

    John= That sick b*****d! Albert actually did this to Prometheus and Pandora?

    Model K= That is so heartless. No wonder there so violent and cold hearted.

    John= Im gonna check for more. Im sure more data will help us out.

    Model K= Im with you John, im sure we can find out more of Prometheus and Pandora if we keep searching.

    *John finds another lore..... but this time from Prometheus himself.....*

    Prometheus log........53&&&&.......Albert's insane plan.........

    This plan of Albert is all a farce. How long can me and my sister keep up this rediculous game of destiny? Ever since we started this crap, we were sent to another continent to watch over Serpant of Slither Inc. and force Serpant to fight for us. Of course his reputation for being a hero would be jepardised, but Serpant was despencable. All we needed was him to activate Model W, aka, a piece of Rangarock of Dr. Weil, our sentiel. Dr. Weil, although not our true creator, he has helped me and Pandora search for a cure for our symptoms and he even did maintananence on our bodies. He took us with him when we first used experimental time machines salvaged by the Daleks. I had no idea such extra terrestrials left behind such valualbe content. What is te purpose of Daleks? We may never know, but one thing,s for certain, Albert plans to make himself Megaman king, and rule this world. What a rediculous concept. HIM!? Megaman King!? We'll play with his part of the game just a bit longer before we take our revenge. Once we do, we will make a deal with Omega Zero and plan to return Dr. Weil to this world once more. Then we can take over the sage trinity and overthrow that repulsive Master Thomas. I will dance on their graves when the time comes, especally John's grave.

    John= Oh my...... So Dr. Weil didnt create prometheus and Pandora?

    Cinimon= And they had Dalek technology even before they met Dr. Weil?

    John= That's scarry to even think about.

    Ciniomn= Look. There's another computer with data on it. Try that one.

    *John goes to the computer Cinimon points too and lownloads the data from it.*

    Pandora log........X12#$........About John.......

    John......where is he from? He sure not comes from this world. He seems to know allot about us. Perhaps he knows more than Master Albert. No human can see the things we have and live to tell about it. Me and Prometheus believe he's a traveler. A traveler like the MDF group. How can he be chosen by a bunch of feminine looking biometals, especcaly that Model C that gave our master Weil trouble back in Abagale. The Model FA that wrapped me in tenticle like cords extracting data from me. Model S who can use powers from Psuderoids and double megamerge with MEGA system biometals. Model K that can use cyber elves and warp into cyberspace. John is indeed dangerous, but he provides us with more questions than answers. What's mre tha that.... he can use a power called "Magic" a power which humans in anchient times could use. We reploids cannot ever harness this power and yet were superior to humans. John is a strage creature and yet unlike most megamen we encountered, John has megamerged with so many biometal, perhaps more than we can keep up with. I John destined to become the Megaman King? Is he already the megaman king and he dosent know it? Like us, John now has a Model W inside of him. His turned out to be different from ours though he can megamerge with his and we cant. If John survives Omega Zero's revenge and he becomes the megaman king, what will he do to us? He dosent seem to want to destroy us. Perhaps he would want us to become like him. Maybe he might change our destiny if we cannot. For some reason, I do not hate him..... but I dare not share with prometheus that I been having strange feelings for him. One of my feelings is that he may be the closest thing we have of a friend. It's embarasing to even think about.

    John= What!? Prometheus and Pandora have Model W's inside them!? Pandora's really odd but after what I just heard.....this is crazy. Me.....megaman king? I know more than Master Albert? Now that's just silly.

    Cinimon= It looks like this is it for now..... wait. There's one more terminal.

    John= But the data on that is...... looks like someone was trying to get rid of it. I bet Kaolla can decypher it. I better download it just incase.

    *After John collected all the computer data, John and Cinimon continued to venture through the facility and entered a secret area and came out from another room and found a chamber with 2 large identicle capsules. One read DAN 001, Prometheus. The other read DAN 002, Pandora. And each one had a counter for maitanance.*

    Cinimon= This is Prometheus and Pandora's capsules.

    John= That's what that data was refering too. Albert..... using them as slaves like this. This is sick. Cinimon..... I want to help Prometheus and Pandora. I know they only see me as an enemey, but I still want to help them.

    Cinimon= John..... look, there's information here that's shedualed to be deleted. Wanna take that data too?

    John= We better. It may come in handy.

    Model K= I detect D.N.A. of Prometheus and Pandora. Let's take it all. We might be able to use this for something. Something good.

    *John downloaded Prometheus and Pandora's DNA and took off to the next room and through more corridors and chambers untill they came across a high level security chamber.*

    Model A= This place looks like it's high level security. I wonder what's in here?

    Cinimon= Im detecting a Psuderoid nearby.

    John= You stay here Cinimon, this could get rough.

    Cinimon= No no no. I promiced Miss Kay to stay with you no matter what.

    John= Well.... ok. I hope you can fight.

    *When John and Cinimon entered the room, there were metal gears with water pipes like a flooding system and a small Psuderoid appeared.*

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    *The Psuderoid only stood 3 feet tall and looked like a yellow hedgehog, and with electric plugs for hands, it was none other than Hedgeshock.*

    User Image

    Hedgeshock= Hey, hey, that's as far as you go! Nobody gets past this point! I'm just following Mr. Albert's orders.

    John= So Albert is protecting something here eh?

    Hedgeshock= Arent you Megaman Plum!? Why do you have a different biometal? Where's the loudmouth lavendar one you have?

    Model K= Are you refering to my counterpart, Model S?

    Cinimon= Were trying to help this world but Albert is doing something terribly wrong. We need to get to the next room. Please step asside.

    Hedgeshock= Hey, hey! Do you think you can just ignore me, Hedgeshock!? You've got to face the penalty! A shocking penalty! Mr. Albert's orders are absolute!

    John= There's no avoiding this. We got to fight this wuzzle to get across.

    Hedgeshock= Who do you think your calling a wuzzle!? Im gonna shock you up really good!

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    *Hedgeshock began to curl up and hit the tunnels to avoid assault and began to summon robotic rats and began to flood the chamber with water. John Used some bee shaped cyber elves to attack the rats and wack them with the K staff, with the powers of Model K. Cinimon used her attack, the angel hand to punch and karatte chop the rats and when hedgeshock appeared, she let loose a wave of electrick energy and shocked John and Cinimon.*

    John= Guahhhh!!

    Cinimon= Ekkkkkk!!

    John= You little!

    *John casted (Haste) on Cinimon and Cinimon began to heal herself and John with her healing beam, but when Hedgeshock appeared again trying to attack Cinimon first, John casted (Slow) on her. Then Cinimon gave Hegeshock a few licks of her punches and chops, then John Megamerged with Model A and morphen into Chronoforce and when Cinimon gave Hedgeshock a dose of her siesmic toss attack, John fired a few ice spears on Hedgeshock and then she fell incased in a block of ice, and she buseted out and entered the pipe again. John remorphed back to normal and stook close to Cinimon. When Hedgeshock appeared again, John casted (ice 2) thus dispatching her.*

    (Music stops)

    Hedgeshock= Hey, hey! That kind of strength... is... cheating! It's just like... Mr. Albert's strength! WAAAAH!

    *Hedgeshock explodes and a flying ball of data flies out from the carnage and goes into Model A*

    Model A= I got Hedgeshock's data. With this, we can now morph into her and use that rolling ability. It may come in handy. We need to share this with Ashe and Grey.

    John= This may come in handy.

    Cinimon= Let's go to the next room.

    *John and Cinimon enter the last room with a single capsule tagged DAN 000.*

    John= A capsule.... like Pro and Pan, but DAN 000? I wonder who's this belong too?

    Cinimon= How am I supposed to know?

    John= Look, a disk. It's still in the drive of this capsule. Let's take it.

    *John took out the data disc.*

    Cinimon= There's a transporter chamber at the end here. Let's use it to go back ok?

    John= Sure thing.

    *John and Cinimon used the transporter in the next room and John activated the specal transport device and warped to Legion HQ.*

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    User Image

    Thomas= So you returned John.

    John= Hi Tomas,

    Cinimon= Hello Master Thomas.

    Mikhial= Oh, John. So you got the present Kay gave you.

    John= Sure did. This transport divice and gold key card work like wonders.

    Mikhial= Only the best of the best gets a key card like that one.

    Thomas= zoh, John. Phil is here now. He wishes to see you. Come this way.

    *After a few trips through the building....*

    Phil= John! How are you mate?

    John= Been better.

    Phil= I was worried after I heard you took off with Kay and ventured on your own for awhile. But I want to let you know on something. Dont you ever pull a stunt like that again! My brother is my buisiness. Even if he tries to abduct you, stay out of it ok?

    John= Ok, Phil. Im sorry.

    Phil= It's ok. For now on, just avoid him when the time comes.

    Cinimon= Excuse me, you must be Phillip. Im Cinimon. Nice to meet you.

    Phil= Nice to meet you too love.

    John= Oh....Oh!.....

    Mikhial= John! What is it young man!? Are you alright?

    John= I found something when I went back to that facility.

    Thomas= Wait. Let me see this. This data.....where did you get it?

    John= That facility you own.

    Thomas= That would be Albert's facility. I will analize this data right away.

    Phil= So you went back to that old rig again huh?

    John= Looking for more answers. I managed to find more about Albert, Prometheus, and Pandora and I found their logbook data. You got to check it out.

    Cinimon= But Pandora said something about John being the Megaman king. What's a "Megaman King"?

    Mikhial= If someone was to become the Megaman King, then that megaman would control all of the megamen in the world. But that was a legend. But Kay has told me about a legendary megaman called "The Megaman God", a legend that's even bigger than the megaman king. If someone were to become that, imagine all the power that person allone could obtain.

    John= Megaman King and Megaman God, ...... I never heard of that before, but now sounds like a good start.

    Phil= Megaman god or "Megaman Gaea" what someone would call it, would grant one person awsome power. And his allies would gain a share of that power. To stop Albert, Dr. Wily, and Omega Zero, we need that power.

    Mihkial= And you two would be the only ones worthy of that power. Please dont menson this arround Thomas ok, he get's a bit jumpy sometimes like Albert. Shhh...Thomas is back.

    Thomas= I succeeded in analyzing a file in the data you found. This is an initialization key for a special transerver. It contains transport coordinate data of some kind. We were able to completely recover it using the data that you found. If you ever find a transporter that matches that key, use it.

    John= Thanks Thomas, I owe you one.

    Phil= We better be off. Back to the Pillar.

    John= Wait.... what happened to the Pillar?

    Phil= I almost forgot, you have that specal transporter device. We can teleport to the Pillar with the transporter here.

    Cinimon= Let's go.

    Thomas= Good luck people.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *John, Phil, and Cinimon walk in the teleporter and John activates the specal transport device and warps to the pillar*

    Phil= Looks like everyone is gone out.

    John= Probably looking for more Model W's.

    Cinimon= Maybe there helping Kay.

    Model SH= Probably looking for the other 3 specal biometal.

    Model G= Perhaps, since Kay already has a copy of the data we have.

    Model MA= Im sure Kay can handle it, but let's catch up with Kay to lend a hand just incase.

    John= Is that ok Phil?

    Phil= Sounds good to me. I need to kill some maverics anyway. Let's do it Johnny!

    John= Let's check out there location first.

    *John and Phil check out the computer.....*

    Phil= Looks like were hidden, somewhere in the area of Giga city. Kay and Halkel and their party has the snow land covered while Jack and his party has the desert explored. We'll take the industrial zone. Let's use your transporter John, we can get there quicker that way.

    John= Sounds good to me. Ready Cinimon?

    Cinimon= Im always ready.

    John= By the way, can you use biometal?

    Cinimon= I sure can.

    John= Ok, Model SH, Model G, Model MA, how about it? Wanna trust Phil and Cinimon? Wanna megamerge with them when the time comes?

    Model SH, MA, and G in unison= Sounds good to me!

    Model K= And I stay with John. Im regestered to him afterall.

    *John, Phil, and Cinimon use the transporter again and warp to the factory.*

    (Music playing - Energy of the unknown/ Megaman X command mission)Download

    John= It's been awhile since I came back to this area. Back when I was with the Bonnes.

    Phil= Well your not with them anymore.

    Model SH= Im picking up a biometal signature here. It's definently one of the secret biometals.

    Model K= I cant pick it up. I guess im not desighned for it.

    John= Dont let it get you down ok? Model SA, MA, and G can. There the specal biometals for this job. And that's a big responsibility right everyone?

    Model G= It sure is.

    Phil= John, can I try Model SH out?

    John= Sure, if it's ok with Model SH. Besides, I need to use Model K some more. I havent megamerged with her in a good while. Cinimon can megamerge with either Model G or MA.

    Cinimon= Ill choose..... Model MA.

    Model G= I can wait untill it's my turn then. Ill be waiting untill then.

    *John remains megamerged with Model K while Phil tries out Model SH, and Cinimon megamerges with Model MA. They head out of the transport room and venture into the facility. The maitanance robots took sight of them and began to attack them. John used Model K's cyber elf attacks while Phil used his sword attacks, Model SH had began to use the focus sword ability like he did for John back in the wooded island. Cinimon took interest in Model MA's grapple fighting abilities. They all took on a bunch of attacking enemies together. Then they moved through the cargo holds and looted the security with ease. Then they continued to move through the area and continued untill they reached the factory area. Later they came across a computer room filled with terminals and data.*

    John= This looks interesting. Ill take a look at this.

    *John began to analize the computer with Model K's scan visor.*

    *Reasearch facility of Giga city........ log.....456&&&.......Chameleon ability....

    Chameleon ability "AKA A-trans" has unique abilities. Being able to transform ones body into a verson of an opponent it has taken on and defeated. There was 2 reploids who were created with this ability 200 years ago. Redips and Axl. Both deceased, but in there lifetime, they had abilities in common, which is rare to most reploids, though if they are desighned to handle the technology, not many can. Axl helped X and Zero fight off the rebelion lead by Epselon and one of the mavericks used this very facility long ago. Redips used the form of a bounty hunter named "Spider" to spy on the maverick hunters. Redip's spy, Shadow, took them on at another location and then batted a psuderoid that gave him cover to escape. Redips had the supra force metal to try to become the megaman king, but he failed due to his greed of power. Nobody knows what happened to the Maverick hunters or Redips. We may never know.

    Phil= That was inreresting.

    Cinimon= ..... I know that timeline....I was here long ago. Axl....Zero....X....the others...

    John= It's ok honey. Your with us now, and im sure they took good care of you.

    Model K= We better move on now. Were getting closer to the next biometal.

    John= Ok. Im hoping Kaolla and the rest can take care of things on there own.

    *Later on, they reached the centeral area of the facility and they seen space pirates working on the machines with Dr. Wily's thugs.*

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    User Image
    User Image

    John= Space pirates!

    *Then, the space pirates looked up in the catwalks and spotted the group and began to snarl and arm themselves and race up to the upper location where they were.*

    Phil= Here they come, get ready!

    Cinimon= What are these things!?

    John= Space Pirates. They scavange technology for their supremecy and there working with Dr. Wily. Get ready to fight, they mean buisiness!

    *The space pirates jumped and leaped to the location of John, Phil, and Cinimon and tried to attack them. Phil jumped down and gave them a dose of the homing attack and spindash attacks while John switched biometals from Model K, to Model A and used his double gun attack and then morphed into Hedgeshock and performed a rolling attack and spark attack on more pirates. Cinimon used a siesmic toss suplex attack on an incoming space pirate trying to get her from an angle. John morhed back to normal and casted (Haste) on Cinimon and on Phil. They began to move faster and were able to take on space pirates more efficently. Then the space pirates called for reinforcements. There were 2 X pirates and 2 Z pirates.*

    Phil= OH s**t!! Just like before. JOHN! Get ready mate, there bringing in the big troops! It's those space pirates in those crude prototype biometals.

    John= Space pirates in biometal!? Oh god. Cinimon, we got trouble!

    Cinimon= There armor looks like X and Zero!

    John= Remember to stick close to me. Take them out!

    *The X pirates began to fire at Phil but Phil was in Model SH, then he switched to Model OP and took out his saber and slashed at the X pirates as they fought back with specal weapons like bubble lead and magnet missles. The Z pirates went for John and Cinimon. John used A trans and morphed into Buckfire and fired flaming arrows at the Z pirates but they dodged the attacks and one of them did a backslice on John. Cinimon gave a suplex attack and siesmic toss on the pirate that attacked him, but another Z pirate knocked her back and did a multiple attack on John. John morphed into Atlas and did a megaton buster knuckle attack on the Z pirate, knocking him back a few feet. Then John lunged for the other Z pirate that attacked Cinimon. John threw him across the area and casted (Prisim Sword) on the Z pirates at the same time thus dispatching them both. Phil already took out the X pirates.*

    Phil= John.....are you alright mate?

    Cinimon= John's been hurt.

    John= Arghhhh....ohhhhhh.

    *The space pirtates that whitnessed the fall of the X and Z pirates called for more reinforcements.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    Space Pirate 1= They killed the megamen pirates! Bring on the new Elete Pirates!

    Space Pirate 2= Send out the new elete pirates!

    John= Elete pirates? But they were fused with Phazon, but Phaze was destroyed so there is no more of it.

    Phil= Bloddy hell!

    John= That's not good. C'mon Cinimon. Let's help Phil.

    (Music playing - Samus vs Chozo ghosts/ Metroid Prime)Download

    *John looked of shock to see Elete pirates reborn and infused with Model W in substitute of Phazonite which origionally started them bak on Tallon 4 but they were a bit different this time. They had Model W's stuck in their bodies like surgical implants from a horrific sci fi movie, and looked a bit gross. There grenade attacks and ground strike attacks were the same but they also have new arsonels, Model W infused blasters and darkness based sonic boom attacks.*

    Phil= Look out John!

    Cinimon= John, look out.!

    *One elete pirate grabbed John from behing and tried to bear hug him but Phil slashed him from behind and Cinimon gave him a good dose of a suplex throw and the pirate mutant slammed on the ground. But more elete pirates began to use their bomb attacks. John casted (Photon) on the elete pirates, and was super effecive.*

    John= There weak against Light based attacks! Use light based attacks!

    *John casted (Light saber) on Cinimon and Phil and casted (Shell) on them for added defense. John then used the Model W inside of himself and megamerged with his Model W, and used the W buster on the elete pirates which also did efective damage on them.*

    Phil= Be careful using that Model W John!!

    John= Im more worried about you 2!

    Cinimon= Im gonna switch to Model G.

    *Cinimon switched Biometal from Model MA to Model G and used ryu coin attack on the pirate and did a few attacks on them. Phil used Model OP's blasters and sword attacks. But the elete pirates just kept comming. Then John charged up the W buster and John's body glowed and released a homing shot negative energy attacks which killed the elete pirates.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *The space pirates that were left retreated and ran away.*

    John= Good, it worked.

    *John deactivated Model W and remegamerged with Model K.*

    Phil= What the bloody hell was that!? Are you trying to get yourself killed!? You dont know what that Model W can do to you.

    John= I was watching the Model W Phil.

    Cinimon= It appears that John did manage to use the Model W in a short time.

    Phil= Well.....ok, but. Remember to use it sparangly and whenever it's really nessasary.

    (Music playing - Talking funk/ Megaman X command mission)

    *John, Cinimon, and Phil began to search the area and began to look for clues to the next specal biometal. They took a look arround the factory terminals and descovered some new lore.*

    John= Look at this.

    Phil= Ok, looks like new space pirate lore.

    Space Pirate log 55680............Launching Dark Thardus........

    We managed to sucsessfully crete Dark Thardus and now we began it's development and we will use them to aid us in taking out opposers and intruders. Now we been developing and recontinuing old projects from Talon 4, the elete pirates that we used to develop from space pirate embryos and durring our old prototype development, there were many failures and mistakes. Today, we are doing the same again except were using the power of Model W. The elete pirates are inferior compaired to Dark Thardus but it is nessasary because developing dark thardus's consume far more rescorces than on the elete pirates. The X and Z pirates are also performing quite well. They already dispatched many of our enemies in a matter of minnutes. Thanks to our human ally, Dalton, we are now in development of an Omega Pirate which we once created. The advantages and disadvantages are the same but we are currently working on ways to improve. With this new Model W pirate army, we will soon have the Legion and MDF at their knees.

    John= You got to be kidding me! More of these things!?

    Phil= Not to menson their recontinuing their old space pirate clones. Let's look at another lore. Im sure we can find something.

    Space Pirate log 55681...........Wretched MDF........

    Durring our raids of this world, we have came across a new power scorce that equals to the power of Phazon that was lost by the accursed hunter, the Model W. We do not know it's full story or history just yet, but the development of prototype weapons and troops had been very useful. However, we have a new set of enemies to deal with who may know more about Model W more than we do. The MDF, a group of aliens made mainly of humans and reploids. These extremists oppose our conquests and wish to stop us at any costs. These new foes, like the accursed hunter, Samus, have almost the same abilities and just as much as a nusence as her. But there are several MDF members who are new to us. Kay, Duke, Jack, Rad, and Truok. They seem to be experianced and close to the accused elete MDF members John and Phillip. John and Phillip are the ones who foiled our plans back at the other continent once dominated by a reploid named Serpant. Even one of our members were captured by Slither Inc, a company ran by Serpant. He was as much as our enemey as any of the MDF. We now here that he was under Model W's control once and now he had been freed by John. Now we has joined MDF. Prometheus and Pandora were also our enemies which were a group who betrayed our great human allies, Dr. Wily and Dalton. We also have a new human ally, Queen Zeal who helped us attack Area C long ago. We will find a way to defeat the MDF once and for all some day.

    John= There getting more familiar with us now Phil. We better watch our backs.

    Phil= Let's keep looking for the biometal. There's a tunnel that these pirates been digging. Let's check it out.

    (Music changes to - Cresent Grizzly/ Megaman X 5 )Download

    *John and Phil enter a cavern where Space Pirates had been digging from the control station to the plant, and had been looking for materials. Then suddenly, Model SH detected the biometal signature getting stronger.*

    Cinimon= Model G tells me that the biometal were looking for is getting stronger.

    Phil= Model SH is reading the same.

    John= We dont have anymore time to waste. Let's go get it.

    *They ventured deep in the mines and took out some mechanloids and creatures used by space pirates to patrol areas with. Then they came across a baracaded area where the path was too treacherous to travel.*

    Phil= They sealed this area off to their miners.

    John= And for a reason, this place looks dangerous. Cinimon, you be careful too. Were gonna have to do lots of wall kick climbing from here on. Space Pirates can wwall kick climb and scale wals, but there not as good as megamen. We can make it.

    *So all 3 scalled the steep and tricky areas from spike pits to dangerous grounds and across the pits, they found a Dr. Light capsule just like John used to look for on Abagale and back at the other locations John been when he found Model SH, G, and MA. The capsule activated once John came close.*

    (Music changes to -Dr. Light/ Megaman X 5 )Download

    Dr. Light= John, you did very well on collecting the first 3 custom biometals that I made for you long ago. But those 3 were from the DNA of the beings that you came across durring your past travels. These 3 new ones are native to Giga city. Take this biometal, she is a specal biometal and a skilled thief and tresure hunter. She once served my son. She can now serve you too. Her name is Model MR, her life as a reploid has passed, now she lives on as this biometal. John you will be the first to megamerge with this biometal. Take good care of her. Share her power with your friends as you like. 2 more now await to be found. Good luck.

    *Then the biometal appeared before John and the capsule deactivated once the biometal moved away from it.*

    Model MR= So you are John. Im Model MR, pleased to meet you.

    Cinimon= You...... you look familiar.

    Model MR= Hey.... I remember you. You were in my past life werent you? Cinimon.

    Cinimon= ........,

    John= It's alright honey. Were in this together now.

    Model MR= John, now let's make this offical and megamerge with me.

    John= Ok. Here goes.

    (Music changes to - Pleasent thief Marino/ Megaman X command mission)Download

    *The gloing light covered John once he began to megamerge with the biometal, then a large surge of athletic energy shot through John as if he was as fast as a ninja, then he was envoked with neon pink and red armor with green biometal hair peeking fronm the helmet like a ponytail and it had a fancy que curl at the end. John was megamerged with Model MR.*

    Model MR= There's a safer path through this mess. John, guide everyone and get them to follow you. My HUD will guide you.

    *John called Cinimon and Phil anf guided them through the safer areas of the dig tunnels which Model MR could only see. They made it out safely and carefully and had no trouble with getting out.*

    Phil= Amazing!

    Cinimon= We did it.

    Model G= Not bad. Infact that was quite fun.

    Model MA= That was awsome, we should do that again.

    Model SH= That was cool. Too bad our HUD dont pick up stuff like that.

    Model A= How about that.

    Model MR= Hey, I remember you. You were in my past life too.

    Model A= Sorry, I dont remember you. I dont think.....

    John= Look, we got company. Lets mow them down and get back to the pillar.

    *So John found the 4th specal biometal and helped Phil take down space pirates, but what else will be waiting for John? What about his friends Kay, Jack, and Kaolla allon with Ashe and Grey?*

    To be continued......