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    welcome to the clarks
    hi im rachel clark and my family is the clarks we not like other people we naver leave our house i mean naver well i do i leave all the time like they dont no but i do why is becouse i have this boy i like his name is joey hes about 16 now im 15 but it doesnt matter how old i am to him just as long as im there for him when her needs me my mother karen clark named me after her mothers mother but i wanted my name to be star owell nothing i can do about it well back to homework and talking to my self well if 56+11=67 well i think thats what it is well im done with my homework enywas im off to go see joey my mom dad bye bye honey come home befor 12;00 well done mom ill be home at 12;00

    well i was walking to his house i was killed my him on the grownd i lad brokein in shoke and deid at the same time thinking back form when i was first boren i was so cute i was 12 ponds i think and when i turned 2 i lurnd how to walk and then when i was 5 i stared school it was cool there i had alots and lots of friend but that was the past now all i am is a gost are a angle if u would as i came back when i tolled god i need to finsh what i stared so i did but i naver found him agein he is probile deid to bye now so i when backto heven i loved it there it was so pecful and u dont even have to sleep but what i went to hell im lucky i dint

    the end
    tell next time