• The rabbit panted and whiped the sweat from his forehead, hair sticking to his skin, his ears drooped in exhaustion. He felt like taking a break, but he knew if he did it would only getting harder to keep on going next time he felt like this. So he kept moving, picking up bowls and plate, carrying them into the kitchen and setting them on the table, but first throwing the bones away, of course. The rabbit took in a deep breath. 'How could anyone live like this?' He thinks.
    The wolf was watching him with a dark content and gleam in his eyes. 'He's suffering.' The wolf thinks. 'Good. That's what he gets for tricking me out of a meal.'
    Your now asking yourself 'How did the little rabbit trick the big bad wolf out of meal?' Well, the wolf was only sulking at the moment, blamming the rabbit for his weakness. No one knows why the wolf didn't eat the little rabbit, besides the fact that the wolf was confused and fed up with it, so he let him go. It was believable, completely believable, actually.
    The rabbits stomach growled, making the rabbit stop cleaning for a second, he looked at the floor and kept on moving. Ignoring his hunger, if he finished soon he would also be able to eat soon. This he knew, so he moved quicker.
    The wolf had heard the growl and grined even darker. "Something wrong?" He said, only trying to make it worse for the rabbit.
    The rabbit shook his head. "No. I'm fine." The bunny said taking a couple of plates into the kitchen again.
    The wolves own stomach growled. His ears propped against his head and his tail hanging in frustration.
    The rabbit walked past the wolf who was standing in the door way to the living room, his scent flowing up the wolves nose. The wolf swallowed, feeling his mouth start to water. 'Maybe I'll have just one of his fingers. He won't be missing out in much if it's just one, right? So, why not?' He thinks stalking behind the rabbit, so quietly that the noise sensitive rabbit didn't even hear him. The wolf licked his lips and bent over, almost touching the rabbits neck.
    'I have to finish quickly, that way I can eat, be brought back home and the wolf can be impressed.' The bunny thought smirking.
    The wolf grabbed the rabbits arms to hold him still while he bit him.
    The rabbit gasped and dropped the plate on the floor, breaking it and sending the bones all around his feet.
    The wolf bit into his neck hard and closed his eyes, like he always did when biting into his prey, while most wolves kept their eyes open, he was the only one that closed them. He didn't know why, it was just a habbit. And that's the reason he lost his battle against the alpha, he had closed his eyes when making his killing strike so the alpha had the oportunity to move out of the way.
    The rabbit thought about fighting, but the thoughts of 'He was more hungry then me' and such filled his head, causing him to just stand there with a blank look on his face.
    The wolf was confused again by the rabbits reaction, but his hunger kept him from thinking about it for too long. He put his hand on the rabbits chin, forcing the animal to look up so he could get a better go at his neck.
    The rabbit didn't deny him the right to do so, he looked up and closed his eyes. "Please. Hurry." He said softly.
    "No." The wolf let go of his neck and licked over the bloody teeth marks.
    The rabbit shivered, gripping onto the wolves kimono sleeve.
    The wolf sniffed the rabbits blood and his mouth began watering.
    The rabbit saw the angery face of his mother, the lonely picture of his father, the glare of his siblings, the way the towns people all seemed to hate him equally. The rabbit didn't to go home and he didn't care if he was eaten, he just didn't want to go back to all those horrible memories. He would rather stay here forever thean go back. The rabbit's eyes filled with tears and he let his arms drop to his sides slowly.
    The wolf was confused even more. 'Why isn't he pulling on my arm anymore? Does he want me to eat him? Is he giving up again?'
    Tears started raining down his cheeks, colliding with the wolves hand on his cheek.
    The wolf pulled away from his neck and looked down at the rabbit. "Hey..."
    The rabbit didn't say anything, he was too caught up in his painful memories.
    "You worthless peice of s***!" Said the the rabbits mother as she slapped him across the face.
    The rabbit fell to the floor, holding his cheek, staring up at the person he thought loved him in complete fear. "Mama..."
    The woman growled at him. "Don't call me that! You don't deserve to have me as a mother!" She shouted.
    The rabbit sobbed.
    The wolf narrowed his eyes. "Hey!"
    The rabbit jumped and looked at the beast.
    The wolf growled. "What's your problem? Why aren't you trying to get away?" The wolf cocked an eyebrow. "Are you suicidal? Is that why you were in the forest, because you knew you would be killed?"
    The rabbit shook his head, tears falling down his neck, his eyes looking at the floor. "No. I just didn't to be around the people in my village anymore, so I ran away... I don't care about telling you this stuff, I'm going to get eaten anyway, right?"
    The wolf was stunned and confused. "Uh..." The wolf wasn't very smart, but he knew when he was being tricked. Though, the wolf couldn't tell whether the rabbit was tricking him or not.
    The rabbit looked at him. "Right?"
    The wolf nodded slowly, not really sure he was going to eat the rabbit anymore.
    The rabbit smirked and closed his eyes. "Then go ahead." He said envitingly. The rabbits heart was racing, but over all he was calm.
    The wolf hesitated before saying, "What's your name?"
    "Usagi." He said softly.
    The wolf cocked an eyebrow at him again. "That means rabbit..."
    Usagi nodded. "Yes."
    "And you're a rabbit..." He said sounding more of a dunce.
    Usagi smiled. "Yes."
    "So... you were named Usagi because you are rabbit?" He asks blinking.
    Usagi nodded, his sad mood going away. "Yes."
    'Wait... Why am I treating him nicely? I always treat my prey like crap so they leave this world easier.' The wolf thinks getting on track. He tilted the rabbits head up again and licked up the blood that had drained from his bleeding neck.
    The rabbit winced.
    "Would you like to know my name before I eat you up?" The wolf said in his ear.
    Usagi nodded.
    The wolf grined. "Okami."
    Usagi smirked. 'So his name is wolf?' He asks. {Okami means wolf in Japanese.} 'Interesting. That's probably why he was so interested in my name.'
    Okami sniffed his neck. "You smell so sweet."
    {I have to go, but I'll be back on soon. I promise.}