• Everyday, I go out for a walk. I see him at the park. His hazel colored-eyes. Each time I gaze into his eyes, they entrap me. One day he noticed me, for the first time.
    "Hey, what's up?" he said casually.
    I tore my eyes away from him, my cheeks turning a bright red.
    "Umm... Hi." I replied shyly.
    Without thinking, I turned around and ran off stupidly.
    Oh my god, oh my god, he talked to me, I thought.
    I clicked off my Ipod, and tied my hoodie around my waist. It was getting ridiculously hot.
    The next day, I went to the park again, but now I was appropiately dressed. I spotted him on a bench, with a beautiful girl.
    She had jet black hair, blood red lips, and skin pale as the moon. Her eyes seemed to glitter red, but they were a dark brown.
    For the first time I was jealous of somebody. For their looks. Not their smarts or skill, but looks. She wore a short and ruffled dress, made from a special brocade. In highheel sandals, she looked even more gorgeous than a supermodel.
    No. That girl...
    She was my best friend.
    It was Yuna. With my crush.
    I resisted the urge to call out to her, and scream.
    I blinked back tears, and started to walk away.
    Forget him. Forget I ever saw him, ever met him. I regret my actions.
    I reached my house and ran up the stairs, fell onto my bed and screamed in fury.
    "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" I screamed. This is it. No more seeing him, whoever he is. I loved that boy, but now I hate him. I hate him and his super model girlfriend, Yuna.
    How could she do this? Go and date my crush when she knows who I liked, who I truly loved.
    Now I will begin anew, start again fresh.
    I'll forget I ever saw Yuna with him.
    I closed my eyes and fell peace come over me.
    Goodbye, I thought to myself.
    I didn't change my clothes. I didn't do my homework. I didn't brush my teeth or even take a shower.