• Chapter 1.
    It was 1991, I was sitting on the rocks in front of a beautiful beach: Waves splashing, children laughing all the air to myself. I wish it would never end. Clouds started forming soon it was drizzling, raindrops were falling on my eyelashes. 5 minutes have past, it started to poor. My golden hair was getting drenched, my hair slowly turned brown. Families started rushing to their cars. I was still sitting there. Suddenly a shadow formed. It was ghost like...I turned my head slowly. I almost screamed the man was in all black from head to toe! I stood up.
    "Wh...who...who are you? What...what do you want?" I asked quietly but still loud enough to hear. In his right hand he had a large bag and in his left he had some rope. I felt it coming, I had to let it out "YOU MONSTER!" I screamed. Come on wake up! Its all just a dream Amber! I thought to myself while pinching my arm. The mysterious man moved closer, rolling his eyes. I noticed a shiny object in his pocket but before I could say anything he pushed me down.
    The sharp rocks cut my arms and legs.
    ``Hold still little girl.`` He said in this deep voice. He laughed then unwrapped the rope. I backed up but got trapped by 3 large rocks. Nice going Amber! Just stay calm and figure a way out like you always do! A little voice said in my head. It was either go with the man or turn my back a run! The answer was obvious! I looked around for a rock of some sort, I found a rock only 2 meters away. I slowly moved over to the rock. Every step I made he made a step closer so I knew I had to take larger steps then the tiny, slow steps I was taking. I leaned down and picked up the rock. With all my strength I threw the rock at his head.
    ``OUCH!`` he screamed then threw the bag at me, I quickly dodged it. I started to scream and run trying to get someone to help me but their was no one around. I had no clue where I was running but as long as I was away from him I was happy.