• The Dark Place

    I came home from school one day, and i had completely had it. I went to my room to cry out my useless emotions, and fall asleep. when i had woken up, it was 2 in the morning. Thanks for waking me for dinner, mom. I went to my kitchen and started to browse through the fridge. i looked up disappointed by what i could find. Nothing. i looked over on the counter and saw the knife.
    I picked it up and rested the edge on my throat. i had felt no fear. so i moved the blade an inch. I felt the warmth of blood flow down my neck, but still no pain or fear. I pressed hard and pulled. the next thing i know, im on the floor. everything was black, but i could feel the warmth of my blood leave me cold on the inside, on my skin.
    I opened my eyes to darkness. total darkness. I lifted my hands to see them. I could! i saw the corners of the enormous dark room. I could see the corners, but there was no light source at all. I started to walk forward, and shoved my hands in my pockets. it was seconds when i found a piece of chalk in my hand. wahmbulance
    I took the chalk, and walked towards the nearest walk. My instinct came to me. I started to draw onto the walls. i drew a door for some reason. i dont know why, but i just did. It had a beautifully drawn arch, smooth texture, etc. I looked at it for a while, then i heard a small squeak behind me. " Hi, can i help you?" i said as i turned around. I saw her face and my heart soared. She was a petite red-head with freckles.
    I had introduced my self, then she jolted towards me, and our lips met. I really dont know how long we where there, but as soon as i realized, ididnt even know who she was."Who are you, first?" i gave of a small laugh pulling her off me." Im...." question a weird noise came out of her mouth that i didn't understand, or some weird language.
    " Welcome to Heaven/..HELL!!!!" she gliched and her expression changed as she said hell. I started to back toward the wall, the as i leaned against the drawing i made, as if i came to life, opened, and i feel back into complete and total oblivion, where i couldn't see my hands. i jolted up in bed , feeling my neck. not cut or scar.
    I went to school that day, and as if nothing happened, i went about the same way i did. The final bell had rung and i raced to the pick-up area. i'd set my stuff down, and waited for my ride.
    " i WILL bring you back! You will be mine! what do you see in these mortals?! " the demonic voice boomed from behind me. i jolted foward, then turned to face it. I knew, my life was going to be in constant danger till its She was gone before i could get a look.
    I decided not to stay in one place, and i picked up my stuff. I went home, fell asleep and woke up agian early morning. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the knife.

    I hadn't even touched it, i puked on to the floor in straight fear."Ill never be gone...." her voice faded. I would fear it for the rest of my life...

    Three years later...
    I had moved to a new state, started a new school, a new life, but everything stayed the same. She had never left.....(to be continued in pt.2, depending on ratings)