• Chapter 5
    The Gathering

    All four of the wishers were not at their houses. They each ran to a secret spot they felt comfortable at. In a single breath, all four wishers vanished and were sitting side by side in an interrogation room. A man with a fedora hat and a black tuxedo was sitting across from them. "Welcome. I know it might be disgusting for you guys to look at each other right now but it'll have to do. We just want to ask you some questions. And Lauren...your powers don't work in here."
    "Powers?" the wishers said in unison.
    "Yes, powers. Now lets get onto the questions. Did a man named Zeyken give you anything?"
    "I don't know anyone named Zeyken," Jenna said in her 25 year old voice. "A guy named Marcos gave me a Rice Crispy Treat, but that's it."
    "Yeah, me too." Marissa said. "Except it was hot chocolate."
    "A guy named Marcos gave me some 5 gum," Nate said in his sister's new body.
    "And Marcos gave me a new pencil to write with," Lauren said.
    "I see...well this Marcos guy is actually Zeyken. He is a 'magician', if you want to call him that. He can travel between both worlds without hurting himself."
    "What worlds?'' Nate asked.
    "There are two parallel universes on the planet Earth. He can travel between both without a machine to help him or getting himself hurt. Now another question." the man said.
    "No more questions, only answers." Marissa said.
    "I'm sorry but I ask the questions here!" The man was mad. He was caught off guard when Marisssa punched him in the face with her new bodybuilder body and took his key card. The man fell back in his chair and Marissa ran for the door.
    "Come on you guys!" Marissa exclaimed. She opened the door and the 3 other wishers ran out. Lauren imagined that they vanished and traveled to the top of the school's building. In an instant they were all on the roof of their school.
    "Ouch," Lauren said and rubbed her head. "I think I can only do that once in awhile."
    "Yeah," Jenna said.
    "I just want to go back in my own body!" Nate said. He was scared and really wanted to be in his own body right then. The he changed. He was in his own body now.
    "Whoa! I think you're like a weird kind of shape shifter!" Jenna said. "I'm just like a 25 year old hot woman in a 7 year old's body. Marissa is a bodybuilder, which is kind of weird."
    "I think I look like a badass! It's cool." She flexed her muscles and her breast muscles. She could move them up and down now.
    "And Lauren is a person who can imagine something and make it happen. That's really cool." Jenna said.
    "So what do we do now?" Lauren asked. For once she didn't have an answer.
    "We find Zeyken," Nate said.