• "Uh... Ed, I think I hear another train."
    Ed listened closely.
    "That isn't a train, Aaron."
    The growling noise grew louder and louder, until I had to turn around out of curiousity. And, believe me, I was not happy when I did.
    Two glowing yellow-ish eyes were staring back at me. They were round, and had no pupils, not to mention each one was about as big as me. A strange sound, almost like a moan was coming from them.
    Ed didn't look surprised. He muttered,
    "Aaron, on the count of 3, I need you to run as far away from here as possible."

    I ran faster, and faster but the tunnel only got darker and darker.
    And then I stopped.
    The same eyes were looking straight at me.

    I wanted to get as far away as possible, but i couldn't leave Ed with that Lethos. Or, I think that's what it's called. I dashed in the direction i though Ed was. Suddenly, a hand grabbed my shoulder and pulled me behind a pretty much invisible corner.
    "What the heck do you think you're doing?!" Ed asked. "You could've ended up dead!"
    "You said to run didn't you?"
    "Yeah, but not straight toward that thing!"
    "I wasn't about to leave you behind!"
    "Listen, that thing is one VERY dangerous Lethos. It's called a Cave-Dweller, due to the fact that it lives in dark areas such as caves. Every time it roars it saps more of your senses, like sight, touch, hearing, tasting, smelling, until you're so useless it gives one final roar, and rips your body apart with it. Along with your soul, which they find tastes rather good. It's made of stone, looks like a giant statue, and comes from underneath the sands of Egypt in a tomb."
    "Wow, that must've been a mouthful."
    "Anyway, stay here. I'm going to kill that thing."

    Oh, crap. How could things get any worse?