• 11:50 P.M. Furture Day
    June Ninetenth, 2011.
    Thirteenth Day of The Killings
    The S.W.A.T. team closed in on the door, praying that the killer had not already killed anyone for that night. Since they had firgured out where he, or she, was, they were hoping that he, or she had not firgured out to move to another safehouse. Not only that, but the q,uestion was: Had he killed someone already? It wasn't Midnight yet, so they all knew he, or she, wasn't a person to go breaking a habbit now, no matter how close it was to the end, for either side. The team then moved in, busting down the door, only to see a shock, that none of them saw coming. They were unable to move, not knowing if they should shoot or not