• I stood in front of my father's study. Kenta, my wolf and partner, sat at my side, looking at me with encouragement. I took a deep breath and opened the door. My father sat at his desk. He looked older then he really was, because of my brothers dissaperance. He looked up as I walked in. I took another deep breath.
    " Father. I want to go search for Josh." I ssid, trying to sound Brave.
    " No Ever. Your still too young. Your only 15 still." He said, looking at me with sad eyes.
    " I'm not too younge. Besides I'll have Kenta with me." I said, glancing at Kenta, who was sitting at me side. My father looked at him too. Then he shook his head.
    " No. And that's final." He said, looking back down at the papers.
    " But-" I started, but he cut me off.
    " No. Now go up to your room." He said in a stearn voice. I sighed and walked out of my room.
    In my room, I laied on my bed, staring at the celing. Kenta whined and I looked down at him.
    " What?" I asked. He just stared up at me and then walked out my door. A second later, he stuck his head back in.
    " You want me to follow you?" I asked. He gave me one of his weird nods, and walked out into the hall. I sighed and got up. I followed him down the stairs. He stopped in front of the door.
    " What are-" Then there was a knock on the door, cutting me off. I went to the door and opened in. There in the doorway, stood two men. After a few seconds, I relized, those were the men that went out looking for my brother. I stepped aside and let them in. My father came out of his room and saw who was here. He stopped in his tracks when he saw them.
    " Did you find him?" My father asked franticly. One man shook his head.
    "There were too many people surounding him. We couldn't even get close." Said the other man.
    "Are you sure Zero?" My father asked. The man who had spoken was aperently Zero.
    " Yes. I'm sorry, Palen. We really tried." Zero said. I saw my fathers face fall. He sighed.
    " Alright. We'll try again I guess." My father said. Then the men seemed to relize I was standing in the room.
    "Is this his sister? Ever?" He asked my father, glancing at me.
    "Yes." My father said, not looking at me.
    "Her brother has talked about her. He says she's god at fighting." Said the man named Zero.
    "She is not going to go look for him. I'm not going to lose another one of my childern." Said my father, anger blazing in his eyes.
    "Alright Palen. We were just asking." They said.
    After a while Zero and the other man left. My father went back to his study and I went back to my room. I felt a new drive to find my brother. I dug through my closet until I found my backpack. I stuffed some clothes in there. ' My father said I can't go. But that doesn't mean I won't.' I kept thinking to myself. Kenta trotted into my room and saw my backpack. His tail started wagging like he knew exactly what I was planning. I opened up my window and Kenta jumped out. I jumped out after him. Landing easily on the ground. I looked up one last time at my house. I saw the light in my father's study still on. Then I turned around and jogged into the darkness.
    ~end of part 1~