• Dr. Doc's Journal Entry #3

    February 20, 2010

    tab Lucy wasn't smiling. There was nothing that could possibly have resembled a shred of happiness on her face. Then again, were robots really supposed to smile?
    tab There was, though, a small flicker of joy in her face when I told her our new names.
    tab "They're nice names," was all she said with that quick glimmer of happiness in her face. But it was very short lived, and in mere moments, she was back to her down, sulky mood, leaving an unsatisfying atmosphere wherever she went. I didn't know what made her act like that, but I didn't dare ask. Whatever it was that she was hiding, I could tell it was nothing I needed to know.

    tab Steven didn't come to the Discussion Room as planned the next day. My master didn't seem surprised, and said with a shaking head,
    tab "#2 is very...special, you see." He said the word "special" in a different way he had said it to me. He said in a way that made him look lower than us. He was the exception in a bad way, unlike me, apparantly.
    tab Amidst that, though, I couldn't help but stare at Lucy and admire how perfectly made her body was...
    tab "You look very pretty," I said once again.
    tab "Thank you, #..." My master, however, interrupted us, cutting in with bite,
    tab "This is the same conversation you two had yesterday. Say something new." Lucy and I...We stared at eachother, wondering what exactly we could converse about after only being together for a day.
    tab "What do you plan on doing today?" I asked slowly, awkwardly making up the sentence as I said it. This got Lucy quiet.
    tab "Oh, I, uh..." She stared at the master, a questioning look planted on her face. He wildly shook his head, and the Lucy looked back at me and said,
    tab "Nothing."
    tab "No more personal questions," my master warned. "I want more general questions." My master seemed frightened as he said that, as if he were scared that I might figure out something if I pressed further on the matter.
    tab "Master," I told him, "I have nothing more to add. And I...I have a question to ask you." He looked up at me, and asked,
    tab "What is it?"
    tab "Why are we..." I didn't know if I wanted to finish the question or not. Reluctantly, though, I decided I would,
    tab "Why are we here, sitting at this table, talking about...nothing?"
    tab "It is not nothing," he countered. "The fact that you are talking in the first place, is, in itself, something.
    tab "You may find it normal," he went on, "but the rest of the world...They have no idea any of your kind exist."
    tab "My kind...You mean robots." That's right. According to the world, we didn't even exist. There were only four people who knew of my existance. My master, Lucy, Steven, and myself.
    tab "Yes," my master answered with a nod. "And that's why I want you to talk. To wonder, to marvel at you. To smile at myself with dignity, knowing that I was the first to know of a robot's existance."
    tab "I...I see." I grimanced a bit, trying to wrap my head around the whole deal.
    tab "So that's what Ste--#2 was talking about yesterday." My master shrugged.
    tab "I suppose so, yes." He smiled at me, then, and encouraged,
    tab "But you're not like him, #1. You're my elite. You're...special." There that was again. Special.
    tab I was beginning to question what he really meant by that.