• 1. A warrior is in no way to bring shame to their family or self as it reflects upon not only themselves but those whom they are related to.

    2. When engaging in battle three things must be present. The opponent must be at full strength, they must not have their back turned at the moment of the kill, and they must be of equal or greater in strength.

    3. A warrior is in no way to run from, nor look away from an ensuing battle unless one's own life is threatened and is about to be dealt, in this manner, it should be promised for a rematch and a definate call for end would have to be made until that time.

    4. A Saiyan must always tell the truth to those that ask a question, unless they be of an enemy race upon which they may withhold information from the person.

    5. Backstabbing is not to be practiced. If as a warrior you are going to kill a person, tell them flat out you are and then uphold your word, it is the one thing that binds you stronger than any physical bindings.

    6. A vow is the strongest promise a warrior makes. If you vow to repay a debt, give a marriage vow, you are to uphold that vow to the best of your ability even unto death. If you can't uphold it, don't make it.

    7. When asked to do something as a final request, and if it brings the warrior no shame, they should carry out that wish to the best of their ability. A deathbed vow is the greatest vow you can ever give as it binds you to that until your own demise.

    8. When making a challenge, it is the same as making a vow, you should make sure that you carry out the challenge. However if your challenge is declined by the challenged, then it is to be backed off of and not attempted until the next meeting. If you are the one being challenged then it falls back to whether it would be honorable or not. It must include all three requirements before you can accept it. Should you accept it, you are to only take on the challenger and not include any others to it.

    These set rules were often followed and upheld so that each Saiyan would have means of an honorable life, always to set example and in this way grow in strength and numbers. This Code was followed even by Prince Vegeta upon Earth, always in contradiction with Kakarrot's (Goku's) wishes for him to try new things.

    Contradictions to this Code was never greeted with open arms, but always challenged and brought forth with such a temper as to hopefully make the other back down so they would not have to intrude upon their moral values.