• Persephone woke up in a tangle on black silk sheets and slightly over-fluffed pillows. Where am.....oh, I fainted. I have GOT to stop doing that, and I fainted in front of Hades too! I must've looked like an idiot... She blushed, finding herself wearing a silken white frilly nightgown embroidered with faux black roses at the hem and collar. Panic must've dressed me.....I must thank her later. She tried to release herself from the silk sheet prison but only succeeded in tumbling to the floor with a soft thump, taking most of the sheets with her. "Hades and I didn't even get a chance to finish our date...." She mumbled to herself as she prevailed from disentangling herself from the black silk.

    "Oh good, you're up, dear." A baritone voice resounded and hit Persephone's ears as several chills ran laps up and down her cinnamon-chocolate back. She turned to see Hades, a ghastly pale hand covering his reddish maroon eyes; it was improper for a man to see a woman in her nightclothes unless the man is her husband. "H-H-Hello, Hades. What happened while I was out?" Seph inquired curiously. Can't just ignore the fact that you're in pajamas...and, in the underworld, no less! "Oh, that's simple; Panic, Pain, and I carried you back and Panic dressed you, of course. Do you....like it here s-so far?" Hades asked, his hand still blocking his view. "I'll just.....be outside..." Hades said nervously as he shut the door. I sounded soooooo stupid! Why can I not be like Apollo, whose words flow from his mouth like rivers of music? Why me, of all people??

    It's a good thing Hades is a gentleman.....now I have two people to thank...... Four rounds of knocks sounded, then stopped as an odd-looking shadow crept in from underneath the door. Seph said cautiously, "Who's the--" She was cut off by what might've been the shadow's hand on her mouth. Who in the worlds is this??? Persephone wildly attempted to thrash free, but failed due to the shadow being a bit stronger than her. "Don't be scared, miss. I'm here to protect you from the Pale King. Has he hurt you?" The shadow crooned in Persephone's ear as she screamed, "Hey! Help! Let me go or I'll knock out your teeth!" Seeing as no-one came busting through the door immediately after, she took matters in her own hands by flipping it over her shoulder and twisting an arm as well as both of the shadow's legs. Shadow revealed itself to be male by the tone of his voice. "Owwww!! What're you, wench, the daughter of Heracles?" "And who are you to come in my room and have the audacity to see me in my current state??!!" She retotrted with a question of her own. The door came crashing down along with a booming voice. "THANATOS!!!" Hades hollered, standing on top of what used to be a bedroom door. "Why, hello, Milord~..." The one called Thanatos smiled coyly at the Pale King, who stood fuming on a pile of what used to be a door at Thanatos.