• The Black page. A chat site that is renound around the web; it is true that who ever logs into this chat room, is gone. Gone forever. This had led to sometimes peaking the curoisty of afew, leading them to make a account, but it lead to a unfortunate death. Some people are too scared to even make a account...but why is it so popular you ask? why is there so many grieving widows logging in daily? or sucidal maniacs. It allows you to talk to the dead..but Akira didn't know what would happen if she did.

    Five years ago.
    Naomi wheeled herself in her wheel chair after Akira, in pursuit threw the halls of the hospital, laughing. Having fun. ''Akira!! Here I come!!'' She said, wheeling a little faster. Akira laughed, running head. ''You can try it Nao!!'' Akira called behind herself, running past a corner. Naomi hurried up, but she didn't know what would be round the corner. Akira suddenly halted. 'Naomi! You have to-'' it was too late. Naomi came around the corner, and straight towards a flight of stairs. Naomi and Asuka screamed in Unison. Naomi hurtled down the stairs, and her face collided with the ground, her wheel chair landing on top of her. Blood emerged from her head. Grown ups rushed towards Naomi, and starred up at Asuka. ''She-She's dead..that demon! that filthy demon girl!'' A woman yelled. ''Yes...This child...shes...idiot!'' A doctor yelled. Her mother seized her arm dragging her away...

    Now nineteen, Akira was starring at the luminous glow of the comptuer monitor. Akira clicked on the newly installed program; The Black Page chat site. Akira wanted to commincate...to apologize. To undo the wrong she did to Naomi. A small box opened up on the page, saying 'Would you like to enter?' Akira clicked yes. She heard a deafening scream as she fell to the ground, looking up to see a familiar face...holding a teddy bear. Akira fell uncionus.