• Tyler looked up at his ceiling wondering to himself, Is he a monster?. He shook the thought out of his head, just because he killed one person couldn't make him a crazed vampire on the search for blood.
    Tyler shut his eyes trying to get some sleep, if he could. After a few minutes, he fell into a deep sleep. Then a dream appeared into his head.
    He was sitting in a chair in a castle, the chair had cravings of vines and roses dying. The castles hallway was lighted by the warm glow of lit candles. In front of him, was a vampire dressed in armor. He was pale with bright red eyes.
    "Are you mean hungry?" Tyler asked the two vampires in the room.
    They nodded, and with the wave of his hand, three more humans were sent in. Tyler recognized their faces it was, Charlie, Vanessa, and Nicky
    Tyler stood up from his throne and went toward Nicky.
    "You men can have the other two"
    The other two vampires took them both and started devouring their blood. Screams went throughout hall.
    "And you're mine, Nicky".
    His fangs slipped into view and he bit through her skin, drinking her blood. He gulped every drop of her blood until heart stopped beating.
    Her body dropped to the ground, lifeless drained with blood.
    With a snap of his fingers, two guards took away the three dead bodies of Tyler's once friends.