• The stars sparkled overhead as Raven flew through the night sky. His midnight-black wings pushed up and down steadily.The wind ruffled his long, midnight colored hair in the cool night breeze as he dived towards a clearing in a forest. He tucked his wings into the curve of his back as he stepped gently onto the ground.
    His child, Snow, had to be here somewhere on the Solid-ground, where humans lived.He looked around in the darkness, searching for her Glow.
    His green eyes searched the clearing, then he heard a soft breath behind him. He looked over his shoulder to see Snow crouched in a tree.Her pure white wings and white-blond hair seemed to Glow against the darkness of the tree.
    As soon as he saw her she pouted, "Dad, i want to stay here on the Solid-ground and live with the humans! They have lives with more adventure than we do!!"
    Raven shook his head, "The humans are more dangerous than they look, Snow, we need to hide from them. Even if they were gentle, do you know how worried Calico would be? Speaking of Calico, we must go home."
    Without another word, he took off into the air, his wings pushing against the wind.
    Snow took one last glimpse at the Solid-ground world of Earth, then followed Raven into the cool night air.
    The two Angels disappeared into the night as they flew up into the sky, joining the stars.