hazlehart- gray she cat with green eyes
    firerflame- ginger shect with fier orange eyes
    mermerstar- black tom with blue eyes
    servle star- a servle lokking cat with untrustwothy blue eyes
    grasekit- apprentice of hazlehart
    hazlehart left the camp to tech her new runt apprentice. the clan saw him that way not her the gras was cose and the treese held the sent of sun. only paches came frome the sun. Hazlehart was taking this young kit to a place familar the river of rush it was a place that devided the two clans winterclan and springclan. the river ernd its name by doing as sed rushing down like a mad pak of hungry dogs. hazlehart was travaling with fierflame her best friend. she had recently been given her warrior name. a snap was herd in bothof the shecats ears. they rose to see "outch!!" grasekit got himself stuk in some holly and bramble. "are you ok?" hazehart looked at grasekit as athin line of blood trikled down his snout."yah dont,ugh! outch! dont tuch it!" he meoud "sorry justtriying to help." she sed back "hold still" she sed and promtly grabed the bramble in her teeth ouh- wow! thats it?" he asked.
    Hazle hart had the branch in her mouth. dont go in thoes bushes you wont come out without beeing injerd" hazlehart warned. and stay away fome the bushes with sweet smelling barries there good to heal but not to eat."
    "Hazlehart?" he asked are you going to have kits? hazlehart tund in alarm "what brang this up?" " i herd some of the other shecats tlking about having kits and i never herd you" he explaind "maby someday" she replyed. this kits sweet nature faded "wats yure secret?" he asked.
    a growl formed in hazleharts throught "what dou--" a stik crked "feirflame?!!!!!" she yeld into emty air. i know you were born blind and only fierflme knows till now i know" he replyed "TRIKTSER!!!" she growld a shado formed she loked up as a sun pach was coverd when she loked back dow the kit was gone. "mermerstar?" she asked "yes its me." he replyed. he replayced gracekits place. a sun ray hit his jet black fur making it bright gray blue.
    "what do you want?" she was in a no win defence mode. "somthing only you can give me and if you dont in the next 4 moons he will tell youre secret" he sed his eyes were bright red "what wait you dont do this youre kind!" she yeld
    "whatever it is that you want you will have to get thorugh me to get it" she contioued to stand her ground." I think ill take you up on that offer." he replyed slayly . on that note a cat poped next to him "servlestar youre in this too!!" she yeld un ammoused hazle hart was easaly outnumberd in power these cats were leaders and they still had all nine lives.
    "Get her!" servle star growld. a flash of black flased ubove her. with a fire blaze the kit was unconshious. "he cant tell if he sudently died" fierflame yould. " you see its not that easy we know its acrime to kill one of youre own" servlestar came closer to her. "fierflame no!" hazlehart wisperd. servlestar you see was vearry cunning and he know excatly what he was meowing about.
    anothe flashof orange flame and firerflame was down "get off of me you creep!" she scrame as he got a hold of her. "now!" hazlehart herd servlestar yeld. mermerstar had hazlehart had by the scruff of the nek. then she felt the ground dissapeer forme her paws the saw a flash of sky and then a blur her hed hurt she stuk a rock.
    "Dont kill her we need her!! we needher alive!" servle star yeld mermerstr bent down to rechive his victome he grabed and flung her flank hit a tree. she stumbled up "ouch!" she posed to fight. he ramd her inot a bramble bush. she clawd the mossy ground then her paws gave out she stumbled and lay there bleeding fome evry inch of her body. then the ground gave away she sruggled for the last time.
    a spary of water hit her shortly be for hiting the grayish rock she saw her life flas be for her eyes for the last time she wached her last friend then she blaked out.