• Its been two months sence my sister made my life a nightmare. She hasn't lighten up on the beating and she's started to cut me. And it dosent help exams are on their way. Great, more stress. I've been trying to protect Hana from her and as far as I know I've done a good job. We finally got out of school but I wasn't ready to go home,so I walked with Naoki to his house to work on homework.
    At this point he was my securty blanket. I didn't want to tell him about Ayame, for Hanas sake. 'What did you get for number 5 Ka?' he asked confused about his math...again. '12..Honestly Nao you need to work on your math.' I said teasingly. 'Yeah yeah yeah. Hey you know you can take off your jacket. I don't know how your not dieing of heat stroke.' 'I-I'm good.' 'Your face is turning red. Common can't have you passing out on me before we finish homework.' he tried to laugh. 'Oh nice, so I'm just your home work monkey?' I tried to give off a passable laugh. But his look told me he wasn't buying it. 'Kami,' he only used my full name when he was angry or suspicious ', you haven't taken any jacket or long sleeved shirt off in two months. What's going on?' the tone he was using was more demanding then asking. 'Nothing, it's winter maby I'm cold.' knowing he wouldn't buy it. 'Kami, why won't you spill? We've been friends forever we tell each other everhything. Why can't you tell me whats going on?' there was a tone betrayel in his voice. I sighed and went over to close and lock the door. 'You have to swear not to tell ANYONE. i'm serious. If you do I will never trust you again or possibally ever talk to you.' He could see the fear in my eyes. 'I swear.' I walked over and sat next to him on the edge of the bed. 'Now keep this in mind that I didn't do it.' His face changed from confusion to shock as i took off my jacket and he laied eyes on my wrists and arms. He took one of my arms and scaned over every cut and bruse on me.
    'W-who did th-' 'Who do you think?' I said cutting him off. I felt the tears come to my eyes and he pulled me into a hug. We just sat in that hug for what felt like forever. 'I should get home..dinner will be done soon.' I said standing putting my jacket on and gathering my homework. 'Kami please don't go back there.' '...I'm sorry' And with that I ran downstairs.
    I ran into Naoki's mom and dad. 'Kami-chan you are more then welcome to stay for dinner if you want.' 'No thank you my mother and father will be looking for me in a little bit so I should be getting home.' 'Well it's getting dark-' his mother started. 'I'll walk home with her, I wanted to get my lunch for tomorrow early anyways'. It was Naoki comming down the stairs. With his word he grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. It was a long akward walk home. Luckally he didnt ask questions.
    We saw the flasing lights of ambulences, cops, and fire trucks..infront of my house, In a panic we ran to the curb infront of my house only to be stopped by Mamia's dad who was also the cheif of police.
    'Kami come with me, we need to discuss a few things.' He led me and Naoki to the back of the car and as we about to drive away I saw three bodies loaded into the back of an ambulance.