• you may seem this is like a normal life but its not -_-.im not gonna tell u anymore but this is how the story begins.....
    well im walking home from the worst day at school.i see my friend himeka.''hey himeka'' i say waving.''oh! hey ran''himeka answered.''himeka! you said that u were gonna stop calling me ran''i said.''ah..im sorry ran but i have to go'' said himeka.''Byeee''i said waving as himeka left.I went in a train and waited for the train to go to a peacefull park.
    later the train stopped.I stepped out the train and walked on the dirt trail leading out of the park.i stopped and saw endei.my mind: oh ehm gee!! Endei ;333.
    but suddenly i noticed endei had ears and a tail like a Cat.he was holding a peirced heart also.endei glanced my way and walked up to me.''h-hey endei''i said to him shyly.he didn't say anything he just put the fading heart into me.i felt dizzy but
    i regained conciseness**.i looked around and he was not there.''what happened ''i said to myself.i touched my head and i had ears i even saw a tail behind me.i was surprised.
    i looked around but by the time i reached the town my ears and tails were gone.
    i was relifed.i walked into my town and past many stores.i stopped by at a flower shop.''eh..so many pretty flowers'' i said taking out my wallet.''welcome ren..what would you like?'' asked the florist.'' umm can i have 5 roses and 5 bluebonnets'' i said smiling.''as you wish ''said the florist as his shiny blue eyes shined.he handed me all five flowers.''how much''i asked taking out money from my wallet.''5 dollars''he said.''umm ok'' i said handing the money.''thank you''the florist said.i continued to walk.i kept wondering about what happened.while i was day dreaming i bumped into somebody. ''oww..'' i said .''h-huh'' i said as the the man with offered his hand.the man had dark brown hair that looked like black hair.he had eyes that looked like the color of the sky.he wore a blue and green striped sweater and black skinny jeans.i kept looking into his eyes.they looked sad.''are u ganna get up or not''he said annoyed.''uh sorry''i said getting up myself.the man left. ''what nerve''i said to myself angrily.i walked one more block and was at my house.i opened the gate and stepped in.while i closed the gate and a note flew into my face.i read the note.''noooo''i said crumbling the note.''why did u have to have a business trip now!!'' i said angrily.i opened the door to my house with a key.i took of my shoes and crept through the hallways.it was very silent.i walked up the stairs into my room..And there layed a dark green dragon.it had spikes going down his spine.it had a horn on its nose.''whats happening!!!''i said to myself.the dragon opened one eye and burped out a fire.i trembled.i stepped near my bed where the mysterious dragon layed.the door shut by its self. i screamed so loud a vase in my room broke.the dragon disappeared into a tiny floating person.then i found out that the mysterious dragon was a boy dragon.the little floating person had green hair and sad lite green eyes.it was wearing a hoodie and some dark blue skinny jeans.it floated up to my face.''ya you must be suprised but i was awakened from your heart..so ya name me..i want my name to start with a R'' he said laying in the air.''you got some nerve'' i said making a fist.''but fine ill name you..hmm..how bout Rydon?'' i said puting my school bag down.''ehh..thats a cool name''said Rydon putting thumbs up.''but how come your a tiny person and before you were a dragon.''oh i was a dragon cause i was just awakened..and im a tiny person because it my second form.'' rydon said.''i see but do u have a third form..?'' i said sitting in a bean bag.''ya but its kinda embarrassing to show u''rydon said turning away.'' come on aint i your owner'' i said.''fine..'' Rydon said poofing. there sitting on the bed was a teenage boy with dark hair and shiny blue eyes.he had a black sweater on and a white t.he has dark skinny jeans on. ''R-Rydon..?'' i said falling off the chair surprised.''ya..?'' rydon said just staring at me.i just looked at him.in 5 minutes he was near my face giving me a hairdo.he moved my bangs to the side.he also got out scissors and cut my hair short.he was looking through my closet 3 mins later and found skinny jeans, converse, and blue shirt with a neon colored rainbow on it.''put it on''rydon said leaving the room.20 mins later he came back in.''wow...''he said with his mouth wide.i kept looking at myself in the mirror.''well you need education so your moving into the same school with me...so your name for school will be....Ryan?''i said turning around.''wow here comes another awesome name'' he said laughing.''come on'' i said opening the door.we both walked down the stairs.we walked out the house and walked on the side walk.''dont you have a car'' ryan said.''no..plus i cant drive''i said annoyed.''then wait here''Ryan said about to poof.''mkay''i said as he poofed.3 minutes later ryan came with a car.''wow..''I said opening the door.i stepped in and we drove off. we stopped at my school and he parked the car.I saw teens walking into the school.''oh ya the play...'' i said tired.i had a bad feeling about this.while we were walking my friend himeka came.''RAN!!!! who is this..your boyfriend?!?!'' said himeka.''HUH!!!..wut are you talking about ryan---ya im her boyfriend'' said Ryan cutting in.