• As Danae walked home in the dead of night it was silent. No one there besides her and her shadow. As Danae kept walking down the sidewalk she thinks."man mom is gonna kill me if im late". Step by step Danae got closer to her house. Then in the distence Danae saw her dear brother Austyn. Waiting for her as always. Just then something grabbed Danae and pulled her into the darkness.
    "HEY WHAT THE HELL?" Danae yelled as she tried to stuggle away from this man. Austyn started running as fast as he could. But he was too late. Danae was taken by a mysterious stranger and taken away to a unknown place. Austyn fell to ground thinkng "why did this happen to her why!?".
    Danae was thrown into the back of a strangers car, and from the back of the car she heard her brother cry her name. Danae screamed his name back hoping this person would stop and let her go.
    A few minutes went bye and the car came to a complete stop. The back door opened and she saw a tall man with dark hair.
    "come on kid your mine" The man said, then pulled her out of the car. The man dragged her into an abandoned building. The man then threw her to the ground and left. Danae looked around then got up. She went all around trying to find an exit. Then Danae came across a door. She tried to open it with all her might but it wouldn't budge. Danae banged on the door yelling.
    Just then the man came out with ropes and chains. Also with a bat. Danae turned around to see the bat come to her face. The man struck her and Danae fell to the ground and blacked out.
    Back at her house austyn called 911 and told them what happened. The operater told him that he has to wait 24 hours before he can file a report. Austyn slamed the telephone and went outside. As he stared at the ground he relized that there were tire tracks. Austyn grabbed his phone from his pocket and called his friend Kenny. After several minutes(about 20 minutes) Kenny arived and they headed off in the directions that the tires were in.
    Danae awoke to find that see was naked and tied up. With the man staring right at her. Danae struggles to free herself but it was no use. She was tied up. The man got up from his seat and came towards her.
    "DON'T NEAR ME YOU SON OF A b***h!!" Danae yelled. The man kept coming closer then put a gag on her mouth. Then with his hand he grabbed her breast. With his other hand her reached down and started to finger her. Danae started to weep and she twisted and turned. "no no no not there let me go" she thought.
    "there is no use kid your not going anywhere." the man said. He took his hand off her breast and put it under with his other hand.
    "My my your soaked, does that mean your enjoying it?" Danae violetly stuggled.
    Austyn and Kenny followed the tracks and were led to an aboandoned building. There Austyn saw the car that his sibling was in. Austyn and Kenny rushed at the door.
    The man heard a loud bang at the door. He grabbed his bat and went to the door. He opened the door and Austyn rushed in. Followed by Kenny. Kenny took the man to the ground and paraded him with a barage of fists. Austyn saw Danae and untied her. He noticed that there was a clear liquid on the ground. "What a sicko to do this to a girl or even any person" Austyn thought. Kenny rushed over to help Austyn with his sister.
    "Are you ok Danae." Kenny asked. Austyn removed the gag.
    "he didnt do anything that bad." Danae answered.
    "Did he penatrate you?" Austyn asked.
    "No but he was going to until you came" Danae replied to Austyn. Austyn gave her his shirt and Kenny gave his jacket to Danae. Danae huddled in a corner with the articles of clothing while They called the police. In the end Danae, Austyn, And Kenny went back to their house. The man was later convicted of rape and sentenced to 20 years in prison.
    THE END.