• Dr. Doc's Journal Entry #11
    March 5th, 2010

    tab There was a scream, and then, before I knew it, Jenna was charging from behind me towards Tyler. I, though, could not move, as I stood there, dumbfounded.
    tab Tyler...is dead. I had to tell myself over and over again to convince myself it was true. Even then, it was extremely hard to believe.
    tab Tyler...is dead. Mr. Powers was staring at both of us, surprisingly not reacting to us as he put the gun back into his pocket and began to walk away. Then, softly, he said,
    tab "Jenna...I'm sorry. For everything." Jenna had thrown herself over the body, whimpering and sniffling, a wet splotch staining Tyler's shirt.
    tab "I..." Jenna could hardly form a sentence, she was so traumatized by what had happened. Then she wobbled her way up to her feet, and proclaimed loudly,
    tab "I hate you!" Mr. Powers looked down, and whispered,
    tab "I know."
    tab "Mr. Powers!" I shouted. He turned his head, and followed up,
    tab "Yes?" I stood there, as I went on stiffly,
    tab "Why don't you just end it now?" He raised his head to the sky, and shook his head.
    tab "I've...already got enough blood on my hands."
    tab "So, if you're not going to get rid of us," I began to piece together, "what's stopping me from killing you?" A small silence, and then,
    tab "Nothing." With that, I began to rush over to him, ready to dig my fist into his skull. As I raised it, though, it immediately dropped. Somehow, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Somehow, but I didn't know why.
    tab "Nothing but yourself," Mr. Powers finished, as he continued to walk away. Mr. Powers had every reason to die. Yet I couldn't kill him. Why? Was it just that I couldn't do it, period? Like it was programmed into me?
    tab "This...This happened because of me." I looked over at Jenna, who was was kneeling beside the lifeless body of Tyler.
    tab "You could've prevented this from happening. But I stopped you. You wanna know why I did that?" I continued to stare at her, but didn't answer. She took a deep breath, swallowed, and said,
    tab "Because...I was afraid. You were my...brother, once."

    tab "Brother?" The words hit me like a bullet to the head. A lot of things she said to me were doing that lately.
    tab "More or less. Your human version, that is. That was my brother. But you...
    tab "When I look at you, I can't help but think of him. I can't help but think, maybe you're really him. Maybe you're the real deal."
    tab "But, I'm not. I'm a..."
    tab "I know!" she cut in crossly. "But I couldn't let you go in there, and risk your life, or your battery, or your power, or whatever the hell they call that!"
    tab "You're brother was going to die," I countered. "You're...other brother. And I could've saved him."
    tab "And now...now he is dead," she said simply. She sniffed, and then told me something that I would never forget.
    tab "Justin...You can only tell you've made a mistake after you've made one. And when we do, we just have to live with the consequences. Or...die with them." To that, I said nothing, and just stared at both of them on the ground.
    tab Tyler was dead. Just in those few moments, Jenna had lost all she had left. And me...What about me? Why did I keep going?
    tab Why do I keep going, right now, as we speak? It could all be answered with one simple word:
    tab Revenge.