• "W-What?!" Suki thought, standing up fast. When she stood up
    she noticed that the desk in front of her was empty. "This desk
    is empty?" Suki asked. "No, Kiyo Nakamura sits there. He's
    really popular with the girls in other schools. Even the guys
    here think he's cool, so he's also popular with the guys." Yume
    replied. "Hey, Nukemori, could you do our homework tonight?
    The guys ad I are going to play basketball." one of the guys
    asked another guy. "B-But I have to do mine-" "What have I told
    you before! Do it or I'll-" Suki walked between the two and said,
    "You'll do what?" "None of your business. You're just a weak girl
    that came to an all-boys school." said the guy. She looked very
    angry and said, "Weak? I'll show you weak!" Suki puched him in
    the face and put him into a headlock. "Am I weak now?! Don't ever
    call Suki Ryuuzaki weak!" she exclaimed, letting go of him. "Your
    last name really fits! I thought you were like an innocent little
    bunny, but you're evil!" the guy yelled, running out of the classroom.
    "How dare he!" she said holding her fist up. "Are you ok?" she
    asked nicely. "Yes, I'm fine. Thank you Ryuuzaki-san." "Call me
    Suki, ok? What's your name?" "I'm Kazuki........Kazuki Nukemori."
    He replied. "Ok! Then, Kazuki-kun!" He blushes a bit while Suki
    goes back to her seat. "Wow, Suki." Yume said. "Sorry, I just
    suddenly left you." "It's alright. Do you wanna know something?"
    "Sure." Suki replied. "I really like Kazuki. Ever since I've seen him."
    Yume said feeling a little embarassed. "How come you never told
    him?" Suki asked. "No way! Well.....Maybe I will one day." Suddenly,
    the door opened and a guy with black hair and blue eyes came in.
    Yume and Suki didn't really pay attention though and kept talking.
    "So Suki, when is your birthday?" "Ah, it's June 19th. What about
    yours?" "November 22nd. Can you tell me everything about you?
    I'm kinda curious." "I'll try. Let's see......" While Suki was thinking,
    the guy that came in sat in front of her and started listening to
    their conversation. "Well, I don't like to really talk about it much,
    but my mother died when she saved me from a fire. In the process,
    she got killed instead of me. Sometimes I wish it would've been me.
    Ever since, my dad had a hard time raising me. So when he got
    offered a higher paying job, he took it. Since this school is expensive
    to get in to, I took the exam to get in. Since we didn't have enough
    money at the time." Suki said. "Wait, isn't that exam really hard?"
    "Not really. I think it was really easy." "Are you some kind of genius
    or what?!" Yume exclaimed. "....Pfft" the guy in front of Suki laughed.
    "What's so funny Kiyo?" Yume asked. "Nothing..." Kiyo replied. Suki
    looked at him and started blushing. "Y-Yume, what about you? Tell
    me." "Oh, right. Well, my parents divorced and I'm living with my
    mom. I hated my dad so I'm happy they got divorced. My mom's a
    lawyer so we are pretty wealthy." Yume said. After class started,
    Suki stared at Kiyo the whole time. Before she knew it, school was
    over. While Suki was putting her stuff in her bag, Kazuki came up
    to her. "H-Hey Suki." he said. "Well...um...would you go with me
    to the library and help me find a book?" "Sure!" she replied. "oh,
    Kazuki-kun. Remember we have cleaning duty today." Yume explained.
    "Sorry, Yume-san. But I really want Suki to come with me to the
    library, so can you do it by yourself today?" "O-Ok..." Yume said
    sadly. "Sorry about this. I'll make it up to you sometime." he said,
    leaving with Suki. When they left, Yume was just standing there
    looking extremely sad. Then, Kiyo came in. "Hey, I'll help you." he
    said. "No, I can do it myself!" Yume snarled. "Wasn't that nerd
    supposed to help you?" "Yeah, but he asked Suki to go to the library
    with him." she replied. "What an idiot. He should of-" "He is not an
    idiot! He's really kind. Plus, he said that he would make it up to me."
    she said interrupting him. "Oh I get it. You lie him" he said. "N-No
    I don't." she said trying to fight back. "Good..." "Good?" Yume thought
    wondering what he meant by it being a good thing. Kiyo walks back
    out of the classroom. Meanwhile at the library, Suki and Kazuki were
    searching for the book he wanted. "By the way, Suki. Thanks again
    for earlier." "No problem. When my cousin and I were little, he
    always used to get into some fight and I protected him." Suki replied.
    Kazuki stared at Suki while she was looking for the book, but Kazuki
    lied about the book just to be alone with her. After some time, they
    quit searching. "It's too bad we couldn't fine the book." Suki said.
    "That's ok it's not like I can't live without it." Kazuki replied. "I'll
    walk you home." he said. Kazuki walks her home. They see Suki's
    father standing outside. "Oh Suki, you're back. Who's this?" Is he
    your boyfriend?" her father asked. Kazuki stood there blushing.
    "No! No! He's just my friend." she exclaimed. "Besides, I already
    like someone." she said looking down and blushing. Kazuki stood
    there with a shocked look on his face. "Hm? What's wrong Kazuki?"
    she asked puzzled. "I-I gotta go." he said and then running away
    "Sorry, Suki. I meant to tell you that the school you go to used to
    be an all-boys school, but you ran out this morning so I couldn't."
    her father explained. "That's alright." she replied. "There's a girl
    in my class. Her name is Yume and you know, the boy you just saw
    is the person she liked." "Oh ok. So who's the guy you like?" he

    -To Be Continued