• The Koi pond
    By Adam Zelisnky

    Once upon a star lit night a man was sitting on a bridge over a koi pond. Every night he would come out and wish to the stars for his true love. One night a large koi got stuck on his fishing rod. The man hoisted the koi up. The fish begged him not to eat him. The man considered and said for one wish he would let him go. The fish said yes and frantically jumped back into the water. The next night a young beautiful girl was playing in the water bellow the bridge so the man called her up. When he looked into her eyes and saw something he liked. He fell in love with her right away. Two years later he caught the same fish and again the fish begged him not to eat him or his wife would die. The man decided he had to eat him or go hungry so he took the fish home and cooked him. The next morning the wife had a horrid fever and passed away. The man screamed and cried by the river asking why she had to die. As he did this an old man wandered by and with the same voice as the fish he ate and who gave him his love said, “you never know what you have till it’s gone.”