• Act III: Vendetta

    While standing victorious a load screeching sound takes hold of the beautiful young women the sound even cracks the glass still intact on some buildings. As she looks up while simultaneously holding her ears the street lights blow out as ruble falls from desolate buildings."Damn now here they come" says Faith in a truely annoyed mood even with all the battles being raged a magnificent voice overshadows all."Heaven does not exist we are humanities last hope we are the angels of truth the next evolution join us or perish" says the prideful yet fierce voice roaring in the distance.Six fiends were slaughtering survivors a Fiend grabbed a women ripping her to pieces as blood and guts splatter.The humans don't stand a chance against the assault their weapon fire only further enrages the beast's.

    A blast from a powerful weapon sends one of the six Fiends stumbling back turning back the mighty monster shows its mangled face torn fallen tissue litters the ground as its eye socket detach's as blood falls with it."Got ya b***h" says the survivor totting a shotgun around, "run away now" he shouts as the only four people alive attempt to follow que.Everyone stops as they look up seeing Avian the general of the A.O.T regime.He flies before them with light blue long hair that shines a ice like glow ,his wings are none other than twisted flapping bones with some skin to make gliding and flapping possible.He wears no shirt which shows off his muscles his peaceful expression turns to anger with one swipe of his hands.

    Winds erupt that later turn into a blizzard freezing and capturing everyones terrified expressions for all eternity with one snap of his finger the ice encased enemies shatter to a thousand pieces "humans and demons which do i hate more?" says Avian flying in the other direction."Now wheres the energy i sensed earlier some demons are just cowards" he says in disgust."But it seems my comrades have located that energy" he immediately speeds up two angels of truth search for the energy they once sensed."Look a fiend corpse" says the women.They begin to lower to further inspect the scene they stumbled upon suddenly the wall of a building is launched forward hitting the male A.O.T as Faith leaps tackling the female into a building wall.As they land in the office Faith gauges both of the female a.o.t's eyes out blood gushes into her face and mouth.

    Ava says Relrin as he flies towards the blood soaked murder with a busted lip as he closes in she gives a devils grin she kicks up Ava's body grabbing her by the neck and leg what surprises him is how she jumps forward causing him to have to chop through his comrades body to get to her.Blood gushes everywhere as he cuts his dead comrade in half ,"great shield your comrade made huh?",He blocks as she punches him to the ground with the fiends gauntlet.Relrin coughs up blood as he rolls over to retrieve his sword,"Die you god damn p***k" she says slitting his throat with his broken sword tip blood squirts everywhere his last moments are looking into his dismembered friends eyes he smiles fore he knows his fate and whats looming for his murder also.

    "The gull of lowly demons how dare you kill my brother and sister" says an enraged and tearful Avian."It was actually pretty easy so you wanna be next or something" says a cocky Faith before she could draw a smirk she falls to the ground as she hits the concrete blood flows out of her wounds.Avian walks over to his fallen comrades bodies,"This b***h will pay for your wrongful deaths we are like a family i shall avenge both of you with my own two hands i swear Ava and Relrin".As faith launches herself forward with her summoned scythe,"die" is the only word he utters as he turns around shooting her with a ball of his friends spiritual energy the energy destroys buildings and the very ground with this attack myself and my friends defeat you all together.

    Avian turns away from a huge sink hole he turns around as she punches him in the face and chest with the gauntlets he summons a sword she dodges as he swings then she spins impeling him with her scythe he throws him ripping through muscle tissue in his shoulder he hits a wall.Her eyes turn red as she rushes towards him Avian hits the wall launching metal debry and concrete balls toward her."Magic huh really?" as she stomps spears fly out of the ground going towards Avian let along destroying the projectiles.Avian jumps into the air as Faith looks up he reappears slashing down she blocks using her scythe.

    As they are locked in a battle of wills flames explode out of the ground destroying more buildings and consuming more and more ground the general of the angels of truth takes flight.Sprouting blood wings she chases after him they both swing and their weapons clash sparking in the night,"Give me your name killer" he says,"My name is Faith and i'm your executioner" with a burst of speed she flies forward cutting his chest."And i am Avian a proud leader and avenger" he spins kicking her in the side.As Avian swings his sword ice is launched toward faith she attempts to dodge and her legs and arms are hit the force of the ice knocks her onto a building roof."Ahhh!" she screams she pulls the spears out of her arm and then legs.

    "My power is beyond yours girl see" he moves the sword up and a cut appears on Faiths beautiful face as she looks shocked he begins to explain."My ability is ice and sweat can be frozen basically your body has sealed your doom a thousand slashes is your punishment".He swings down one final time what fate waits Faith is her journey coming to an end?