I look out of the safe house and shoot a long necked whore.
    Then i kick open the safe house door.
    A boomer pukes on me and it summons the horde.
    I take out my Ak and say "oh lord"
    I look to my right and see Rochelle.
    She got grabbed by a Smoker because she cant shoot well
    I see Nick,who pissed in his pants.
    Then he shoots me a terrified glance.
    We didn't notice Coach was nowhere to be found.
    Until his body fell to the ground.
    It fell on nick and broke his back.
    Then it was just me...and that humper on crack.
    It tries to get on my head,with a leap.
    But falls to the ground in a little heap.
    I didn't shoot it....but who?I didn't know what to do.
    Someone walked toward me,and to my belief....
    Standing right there was my buddy Keith.