• "....So what's for dinner!" she said walking into the house. "I'll let
    her off for now." he thought to himself. The next day, Suki got
    ready for school and when she was all done, she ran out the door.
    On the way, she saw Kazuki walking. "Hey, Kazuki!" she yelled.
    Kazuki just ignored her and kept walking. "Hey! I said hey!" she
    went up to him and tapped his shoulder. He just shoved her hand
    off. "Hey, what's wrong with you?" she asked. "...Nothing!" he said
    running ahead to school. "I wonder what's up with him..." she said
    to herself. When she finally got to school, she saw Yume sitting at
    her desk. She looked very narcoleptic, due to the fact of Kazuki
    and Suki being together. "Waaah! Yume you look horrible. Didn't
    you get any sleep last night?" she asked. Yume just looked at her
    and fell back asleep. "....Guess not." she said. Kiyo comes in and
    sees Yume and Suki. He goes over and sits at his desk. Suddenly,
    Suki's cellphone starts ringing. "Hello?" Ah, Mariko!" "So how's
    your new school?" Mariko asked. "Actually, my dad forgot to tell
    me that it used to be an all-boys school. But there is another
    girl in my class." Suki replied. Yume was listening so she got up.
    "Oh I gotta go Mariko. See ya." Suki said hanging up. "Where
    did you live before this?" Yume asked. "Oh, you woke up." she
    said a bit startled. "I used to live in New York, but I'm from Japan
    originally. There was a Japanese girl in my class. That's who I
    was just talking to. Her name is Mariko." "I see...." Yume said.
    "What's wrong?" Suki asked. "N-Nothing is wrong. What makes
    you think something is wrong!?" she said starting to cry. "Aw,
    Yume don't cry." Suki replied. Yume took out a piece of paper and
    wrote something on it. Then she folded it and gave it to Suki.
    She unfolded it and read to herself. "Sorry I didn't want to say it
    in front of Kiyo because he's really nosey. Yesterday when you
    went to the library with Kazuki, I felt really sad. And I think that
    he likes you because he hardly asks anybody to help him, let alone
    talk to them. So it's just that I was jealous....." Suki wrote down
    her reply and gave it to Yume. The note read, "Oh, I'm sorry
    Yume. I didn't realize. But don't worry, I like that nosey guy.
    Yume looked at Suki and smiled. Kiyo sat there completely lost.
    After class, everyone had a free period. Yume and Suki went
    outside. They sat on a bench that was right under a tree.
    "You know Yume, that I've never liked anyone until now." Suki
    said. "Really? How come though?" I mean, Kiyo gets into fights
    a lot and he's always late for school." Suki thought about it for
    a second and then said, "Well....I don't know myself. There's
    just something about him that I like." "I can tell you're not like
    the other girls who hang around him." Yume said. Both of them
    got back to the classroom, Kiyo notices the two and goes up to
    them. "Yume, I need to talk to you." "Uh, ok. I'll be right back ok,
    Suki." "Ah, alright." Suki replied. They go into the hallway where
    nobody was. "So, what did you want to talk about?" "I know you
    probably will refuse because you don't like me much, but....
    I like you Yume." Kiyo said. "....It's not that I don't like you...
    I'm sorry I already have someone I like..." she replied. "I knew
    it. Well, c'ya." Kiyo went back to the classroom with no reaction.
    "Well, that was a waste." he thought. Meanwhile Yume went
    to find Suki since she wasn't in the classroom where she was
    supposed to be. Eventually, she found her in the hallway walking
    around. "Ah, sorry I felt like walking." "Well, that's ok. I have
    to tell you something." "Hm?" "Kiyo......told me that he liked me,
    but i refused." "I see......so Kiyo likes you." "Don't take it
    the wrong way. I'll never ever like him." "I know. And that's
    why I'm not gonna give up." Suki said walking away. She went
    to the rooftop and called Mariko. "Hey, Mariko?" Do you know-"
    "You're that new transfer student." a guy said interrupting
    her call. "The other guys have been talking about you. So,
    I followed you here." "What the hell!? So basically...you're a
    stalker!" she yelled. "Who's a stalker? Hey, Suki!" Mariko
    said. "Some random g-" He knocked her phone over the railing.
    "Hey! That was my phone! What if it's broken....dad will kill
    me!" Suki exclaimed. "Don't worry I'll get you a new one." he
    slowly moved closer. Suki thought to herself, "Someone....
    help." All of a sudden, someone tackled the guy to the floor.
    "Are you ok?"

    -To Be Continued