• Emily-emily, that name rang through her head. She would toss and turn on the empty mattress in a wood shed. Visions of blood splashed across her rapid vision on this name on a flowery door... Suddenly. Elizabeth woke in a paniced sweat. She barried her face in the pillow remembering her dream too clearly, as if it had happened yesturday and not six months ago. Tears flurished from her eyes, as she kept mumbling the name "Emily" , and sadly the face of a little girl with rosey cheeks and golden hair with bonny blue eyes, flashed in her mental vision. The girls face distorted with fear, and drenched with tears. It was to clear to be forgotten. Elizabeth rolled over and over, trying to brake free of the images, but yet that night was like no other night. It ws night she chose between herself and her soul. It was the night, she lost the one that held her close, it was the night, she said good bye to what inocense she really had.

    Elizabeth reached over to a bottle of rum, and downed a shot like it was sweet tea. This was normal every night. She would wake to the sad forboding dreams of her guilt, and she would try to drink them away.

    It wasn't the just hte images that tore at her inner core. But, that she could still hear the family screaming in the background as the shots were fired. But, that wasn't what bothered her. It wasn't till Elizabeth and her lover Marcus came to a door of white with pink flowers and a sign on the center of the door that said "Emily". Elizabeth paced back and forth fighting the memories inside her head, but no. Tonight wasn't like any other, they were strong tonight. They refused to be ignored on this night. It was now that she saw Marcus's face flash across her mind, and she flung the bottle across the room and simoltaniously collapsed onto the ground. There she sat and she wept only mumbling unknown things to the human ear. Again the images would go through her mind of that horrific night. Elizabeth and Marcus entered the room, to an empty bed unmade. Marcus pointed to the closet, were they found the little girl. She was curled up in the corner of her closet trying to hide with little success. Elizabeth remembered the fight she had with her lover,

    "No" Elizabeth shouted out as she broke through her trance of her mind.
    " I fought to keep her alive, it wasn't my fault!" Elizabeth only shouted to air, as she thrashed at the open room. Again falling back in to her dangerous thoughts.

    The fight went on between Marcus and her, and then she was thrown onto the bed as she watched three other men Anthony, Gabreal, and Abra come charging in and snatching the girl from her hiding place. The little girl Emily was still wrapped in the fetal position, she only looked to be maybe nine or ten. If that. It was their were she was made to watch.

    It was first Anthony, the others held the girl down... And as if it were happening that moment, it felt as if Marcus was holding Elizabeth in place at that same moment. The screams of the little girl "No, no, no" And suddenly Elizabeth broke free of her trance.

    She whispered in a low voice " Thats the past, its not my bussiness anymore." She fetched the bottle from the corner, and looked outside, only a drizzle. She didn't care, she took a long walk.