I could feel fear. My heart pounded. My mind was blank. I was sitting in my room. I couldn't see the figure in front of me. Usualy this wouldn't have bothred me, but now it upset me. He spoke, and his voice sent tingles down my skin. He said my anem and my heart skipped a beat.

    He had to be my Angel. Noone else could be this close to me without me freaking out. But where was his wings? I saw no light or halo. He was only a shadow to me, why?

    I looked around me. Everything was filmy and gray, like everything was shot in an old black and white movie. Everything looked like a single touch would break it. I tried to bring my hands up to touch my eyes.

    "Wait." His voice froze me. I turned my head back to him. "Let me." A slow shadow like hand moved slowly towards me. My heart sped up. He was going to touch me. His hands were inches from my face.

    I woke up. I didn't open my eyes, but I was aware that I was awake. A wave of depressing disapointment over took me, and I tried not to cry. I opened my eyes and was rather shocked to find I couldn't see. My dream temporarily forgotten, I quikly moved my hands up to my face.

    A bandage was there, it felt like gauze to me. Why would they put that over my eyes? Then it hit me, my hallucinations. I gritted my teeth. They waited three years to figure that one up?

    I skimmed my fingers around the edge of the bandage to find out that it went all the way around my head. I sighed, no sense in trying to take it off, atleast they were trying to help me. Though I wondered how I was supposed to write in my journal now?

    I stood up slowly my eyes looking into the blackness. The dark reminded me of my dream. The shadowy figure showed up in my mind again, and I quikly shoved him away. The last thing I needed was a false hope to look forward to.

    Slowly I sat up, I pushed my thin covers away, and moved my legs to hang over the side of the bed. A breif flash of the first days I was here racked my head causing it to throb. Those days sitting up took to much efort, motivation I just didn't have. For some reason now it was easier.

    I stood up my bare feet tingling on the the cold tile floor. Usualy I would have put my slipers on, but I thought with me being semi blind, this would be a good idea. I moved slowly my arms out to my side. I thought I had memoriezed my room, after all I had lived there about three years. But this was proving to be rather difficult. I couldn't judge the distance between things now, and my room isn't that big. I stubed my toe on my desk and cursed softly. Guess I found my desk.

    I tried tp picture my room like it was when I could actualy see it. If I wasn't wrong then my table should be a few paces to the left of me. I turned puting my hands out in front of me. Despite that I still managed to run into the table.

    "Oh for the love of-" I growled. I was starting to hate these bandages despite their atempt to help me. I may not like siing evil monsters, but I did enjoy seeing everything else.

    I could feel my eyes began to water. I blinked a few times trying to keep from crying. What was wrong with me? I was acting so emotional. Sense when had I cared about anything other than trying to stay sane? My mind fliped back to my dream. What was it aout that dream? I forced myself to try and forget.

    It was like I said earlier, why cling to something hopefull when in the end it would just hurt. My head throbbed again and I winced. This was unusual, I hadn't had a headache in a while. Maybe it was because I was strainng my eyes to see something that wasn't there.

    I made my way back to bed and layed down. I pressed the palm of my hand to my head. It sucked being blind.