• No one moved as Eya held the boy’s body. She was weeping, her small hands trembling around his shoulder. Her tears fell onto his cheeks to make him appear crying. Even as Eya called out for help, the others wouldn’t do anything; all because he was a sky being.
    “Get a doctor, please!” Eya begs. Her eyes pleaded towards Kiern, the chief who always did the right thing, and her older brother Dash. Both of them looked away with strained faces. It was obvious to Eya that she was on her own.
    Just then, the islanders started to talk. They were being shoved aside by Rose who was still carrying some lost kids. She was huffing, her eyebrows furrowed. Once she broke out of the crowed and into the circle, she shouted, “Eya! What are you doing—” she noticed the dying body in her arms, “My god, he’s bleeding” –she turns toward Kiern—“aren’t you suppose to help him? He’s going to die! Are you or aren’t you the chief?”
    Kiern cringed away from her and wouldn’t say anything.
    Rose shakes her head disapprovingly. “I’ll never acknowledge someone like you” she set the kids she held down and ran to help Eya.
    Eya could feel the weight of the boy lifting as her mother picked him up. The islanders made way as the two of them walk through. Dash was one of the people that backed up. He didn’t even follow Eya and Rose as they headed for Home.
    The air was still hot from the fire. It was painful to walk on the burnt ground, especially for Eya because she had run through the fire itself to see the sky being. Animals were nowhere to be found. The sun was almost to the horizon, its head slightly brushing against the ocean. Trees arched towards them as they past. Nothing was spoken—till they left the forest and into a clearing.
    Murmurs spread across the islanders that chose to stay away from the forest of flames. All of them stared wide eyed at the bleeding boy. “Who’s he?” “He’s bleeding” “Where had he come from?” “Not from around here” they would whisper to each other, but none dared to confront Rose as she opened the door to Home and went in, along with Eya.
    “Not a word” Rose interrupted Eya. She placed the boy on Eya’s bed and made Eya fetch the healing kit in the kitchen.
    Eya left without a seconds thought. When she came back, Rose immediately began to bandage the boy. First she took off his shirt and started cleaning up the extra blood. Then she put some herbs on the wound and took some animal hide to wrap up his body. After that, she got up and left. The door slammed shut.
    Left in silence, Eya began to cry. She’s been doing that a lot lately. Many things were going through her mind. First was the fact that the sky being saved her life in the fire with his blue magic shield, then the chief and Dash who wouldn’t help the boy as he was near death. Last was her mother. Rose was the only one who helped even though he was a sky being. Although she helped, she wouldn’t speak to Eya. Now it seems like everyone is abandoning her.
    She knelt beside the boy. He was shivering. Eya put some of the purple leaves onto his body to make him warmer, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. He was shirtless, so it would make sense that he was cold. Rose took it to wash off all the blood.
    Eya lay next to him. She patted his head and held his hand in hers. “Thank you” she says with a smile. “Thank you for saving me”