• Gunners #7 Gunners Impact

    a few hours later at the Gunners Dimensional Universe the counci lstarted to talk

    Gods: Hakuru Sakura was the key all along?

    2nd Gods: yes... it appears so

    3rd Gods: Aja was right after all....

    Gods: hm...

    2nd Gods: although we have her friends captive she will eventually come here

    Gods: yes i know...

    2nd Gods: what now?

    3rd Gods: we'll need to defend our ground for now, althoguh since our power cannot match Hakuru Sakura.... we are afraid that she will eventually over come us...

    4th gods: do not be a fool, we are gods... we are immortals...

    Gods: yes but even so, an immortal can't really live for ever you know...?


    Hakuru: *cough*cough*

    V: Hakuru are you sure you know what your doing?!

    Hakuru: hey come on! we always do this alot! but for some reason Hinkyo's stuffed... so thats why i have to activate the portal myself

    V: jeez what did they learn you at Gunners Academy?

    Hakuru: jsut boring stuff

    V: can';t you just use Yukina's book?

    Hakuru: yeah but usually alchemy is really hard to use when activatin the portal.... GAH! I CAN'T STAND IT I WANT TO SAVE THEM!

    suddenly the portal activated when her anger raged

    Hakuru: oh?

    V: well since we're prepared shall we go?

    Hiyane: HERE WE GO!

    Hakuru: hey wait a sec Hiyane!

    Hiyane went through with her skateboard as Asuka jumped through

    Hakuru: ehh....

    V: don't worry we'll eventually catch up, lets go Hakuru

    she jumped through

    Hakuru: yeah... man am i gonna miss this place? well anyways.... hang on tight for me guys....

    she walked through as the portal vanished

    meanwhile where the rest are held captive

    Yamota: man am i hungry!

    Sukya: ahh... its been two days! my make up is already ruin.. aww...

    Yukina: damn it this sealed all of our powers!

    Kanome: not to mention witches too....

    Fuka: ahh....

    Yamota: damn it...

    suddenly the door opened as Saya got in

    Saya: ah...

    Yamota: Saya...?

    Saya: ....

    Yamota: WHY YOU!

    she grabbed her shirt as she raged anger

    Yamota: damn it all! you betrayed us! why Saya?!

    Saya: it was the only way... to make me human...

    Yamota: human...?

    Saya: Hakuru is the key to bring me that one wish i always dream't about.... forgive me...


    Yamota: GAH!

    Saya: .....

    Kanome: Yamota...? Yamota? YAMOTA!

    Hakuru: ah....

    V: whats wrong?

    Hakuru: i feel her..

    V: feel who?

    Hakuru: Yamota... no...

    she ran as they followed her

    Hakuru: please don't be dead! don't be dead!

    Yamota: gah....

    Saya: forgive me...

    Kanome: Saya! why?!

    Saya: ....

    Yamota: ahh... so you turned your back against us... *cough* damn it....

    Sukya: ahh... hang on!

    Yamota: ahh... s**t... my body is all numb... what kind of damn bullets you got yourself their?

    Saya: just special ones that you don't really have to know

    Yamota: ahh....

    meanwhile as Hakuru kept running

    V: wait up Hakuru!

    Hakuru: theirs no time! i can feel Yamota's life spain dying already! we gotta hurry! i can feel her life fading already

    unfortunately two rainfall Gunners blocked the way

    Rain: remember us?!

    Hakuru: s**t! get out of our way or i'll have to kick your a** again!

    Downfall: or else what?

    Hakuru: or else i will not hesitate to kill you!




    Hakuru: grah..... REFLECTOR RAGE!

    Rain: REFLECT!


    Rain: what?!


    Hakuru: one down... one to go... your next...

    Downfall: don't underestimate me!

    Hakuru: how about you don't underestimate me

    Double Flash...

    Downfall: WHAT?!


    Downfall: GAH!

    Hakuru: sorry that i had to do that.... don't worry your not dead....

    she kneels down and grabs her cup back on and walks off with her hands in her pockets

    Hakuru: damn.... this is going to take a long awhile for us to get to the prison cells... hang in their.. everybody...

    few hours later at the prison cell

    Yamota: ahh...

    Yukina: hold still!

    Yamota: GAH!

    Yukina: that should do it....

    Yamota: ahh... that hurts like hell....

    Yukina: don't worry you won't die, i managed to block the wound from bleeding

    Yamota: ah... its cold... my body feels numb.... i don't think i can move...

    Sukya: just hang in their Yamota... Hakuru will come just hold tight!

    Yamota: ahh.... damn it.... hope so because.. augh!!!

    Kanome: hang in there Yamota!

    Yamota: ahh...

    Yukina: damn it! its bleeding again!

    Fuka: what are we suppose to do?!

    Yukina: give me some of your clothing Fuka!

    Fuka: here!

    she rips some off

    Yukina: *damn it! please Hakuru.... you gotta hurry...*

    Bang bam bang!

    Hakuru: get out of my way!

    V: *bang*bang* theirs too many of em!

    Hiyane: this is harder without a gun!

    V: Hiyane catch!

    Hiyane: right!

    she grabs an SMG

    Hiyane: what?! i can't control these things!

    V: good luck!

    Hiyane: what?!

    suddenly a few Gunners started rushing in

    Hiyane: WAH!


    Asuka: .....



    Hakuru: CROSS GUN!

    her guns started to evolve and started flashing out bullets then they turned back again

    Hakuru: path is clear! keep running! no matter what it takes!

    meanwhile a girl with sharp teeth wildly named Viper

    Viper: TIME TO DIE!

    Asuka: !

    she held her chainsaw as it hitted her teeth but it stopped moving

    Viper: you'll have to do better than that!!!!

    Hakuru: Ah! who are you?!

    Viper: i am Viper! Corporal of the Falcon of Reach! leader named Aja!

    Hakuru: so your one of Aja's pupils huh?

    Viper: correct... and your about to die!

    Hakuru: damn! if only Kurai didn't exited this clone project wouldn't of existed in the first place! damn it all!

    Viper: in the war we never knew who was our real image! we thought were freaks! but we are not! we are the instrument of GOD!

    Hakuru: your wrong... all of us are freaks.... even so i wanted to be human that wish can never be true! everything is all freaking the same!

    Viper: heh....

    Asuka: Hakuru...

    Hakuru: huh?

    Asuka: go.... let me handle this...

    Hakuru: but-

    Asuka: you have a friend to save.... go....

    Hakuru: ... right... just don't die got it?!

    Asuka: understood...


    Viper: heh what a soul you have their! no zombie has a soul!

    Asuka: but no person would have a hatred soul...

    Viper: HEH!


    Asuka blocked with her left arm but then it was all shredded with scars

    Viper: my metal fangs also have a deep affect! i would gladly feast onto your body!

    Asuka: ....

    Viper: so what now little girl...?

    Asuka: Dead Grave....

    Spikes came up from the ground as Viper flipped back and dodged all of them

    but then Asuka jumped up and swinged her chainsaw at her but Viper cracked the chainsaw with her bear teeth and smashed her to the ground

    Viper: FOOL!

    Asuka: *i didn't... work..?*

    Viper: you pathetic ignorant piece of s**t b***h! your tricks won't work on me!

    Asuka: ahh.....

    flash back

    Hakuru: yo! Asuka!

    Asuka: ?

    Hakuru: come sit with me

    Asuka: ....

    Hakuru: see that?

    Asuka: ..?

    Hakuru: that sun over their, whenever i feel like this, it shines always, I'm sometimes happy but i can't be happy always, besides i tried smiling a bit and it did work actually..... but... when I'm depressed or sad it starts to rain or pretty much covers the clouds

    Asuka: sad....?

    Hakuru: oh yeah.... well.... i don't know when I'm always sad, but it happens eventually....

    Asuka: i envy you.... Hakuru....

    Hakuru: huh?

    Asuka: those feelings in your heart and mind.... i envy you... i evny you all....

    Hakuru: what do you mean? you have a soul don't you?

    Asuka: what...?

    Hakuru: i didn't had feelings when i was a clone Asuka, clones don't have feelings... because we develope them on our own.... humans have feelings because they were born just like that.... we develope our emotions..... its the same as Saya and me... and the rest of us....

    Asuka: Hakuru... am i.... human?

    Hakuru: i don't know.... but what thing i do know that, your a friend, a friend that has a power to protect anything!

    Asuka: to protect anything is that right....?

    Hakuru: yo Asuka, don't worry about anything what happens to me, i alwaysh ave to worry about you guys so i'll always protect everyone, and even so our friends! besides we always guard each others backs no matter what, Asuka please, promise me, that you won't die.... because if anyone dies.... who would i cherish for the most?

    end of flash back

    Asuka: i won't...

    Viper: hm?

    Asuka: break....


    Viper: WHAT THE?!

    Asuka: AHHH!!!!!!!

    she gripped onto her chainsaw and sliced through her teeth and sliced through her head and chopped her in half

    Asuka: DOUBLE SLICE!!!!!!

    Viper: AHHH!!!!!!!

    her flesh falled onto the ground as her blood started gashing all over the floor

    Asuka: i will keep that promise no matter what.... i won't die...

    she looks up

    Asuka: i should catch up any time soon.....

    she starts to run as Vipers body starts to heal back

    meanwhile as the three kept on running

    Hakuru: hurry!

    V: right!

    Hiyane: hey Hakuru is Asuka going to be alright?!

    Hakuru: don't worry about her! shes tough! no one can kill her! besides shes a friend! she'll eventually catch up besides thi was her dicision!

    Hiyane: oh okay!


    Hakuru: oh no! SNIPER 12 O'CLOCK!

    V: ah!

    Hakuru: "oof!"

    Hiyane: ?

    she got shot at her left lung

    Hiyane: ah....

    Lilly: forgive me....

    Hakuru: that voice.... LILLY?!!!!! IS THAT YOU?!

    Lilly: ....

    V: shes at a far range, if we keep this up we're dead for sure, snipers can be a pain in the a** to kill

    Hakuru: no.... don't kill her, what matters now is to get to the prison, Hiyane hop on

    Hiyane: no... actually... I'm going to do what Asuka did..... you guys go on! i'll handle this! by myself!

    Hakuru: don't be a fool Hiyane-

    Hiyane: NO! STAY BACK!

    she held her SMG up at Hakuru

    Hiyane: please... this is my dicision.... i don't want to be a coward anymore... i want to do what i can to get you to your friends! now go! this is going to be my fight! no matter what....

    Hakuru: Hiyane...

    V: Hakuru her eyes... its burning with courage.... shes right we should go

    Hakuru: s**t! don't die okay?!

    Hiyane: heh.... right!

    Lilly: what...? just a little girl...?

    Hiyane: besides after all....

    i am... the bloody skateboarder after all.... isn't that right....? Hiyane...?

    her eyes were burning as she started to go after Lilly

    To be continued

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