• Rose and Joy were to out of control teens who loved to party, skip school and lie about stuff. They both dropped out of school in the seventh grade and haven’t been back since. That was the start of their wild lifestyle. Next was partying and drugs which caused them to lie about everything. Rose was more out of control than Joy.
    One day, the sisters’ parents found out that they were lying and grounded them. The two girls snuck out of their rooms to meet friends. While running Rose and Joy were approached by a middle aged woman. The woman said very cryptic things that did not mean anything to the girls. Finally the woman warned them if they don’t stop lying she would turn them into “sky bears”
    Rose laughs while her sister makes wise cracks. The woman tells them to be very careful and that she does not like lies. Not caring about the warning the two sisters carried on with their wild lifestyle.
    Pretty soon, Joy decided to take the warning seriously and asks for help to straighten her life out. Rose was not so wise in her decisions. Rose did not help herself and got pregnant. Joy knowing this was worried that her sister would lie about this. Joy started to tell the truth while Rose hid her pregnancy.
    Rose began to disappear and turned into a dozen orbs. The orb then flew out of the window. The next night Joy notices two new constellations: the big mother bear and the little bear cub. Joy whispered “Ursa Major and Ursa Minor” to herself.
    Realizing the importance of telling the truth Joy told her parents what happened to Rose. She showed them the two new constellations. Her parents were dumbfounded in what she was showing them. Her dad said that it was the Big Dipper and little dipper. Big deal!
    Her mom said that there were more stars in the Big Dipper than the Little Dipper. She said that there were more stars that formed the rest of the bears.
    The middle aged woman recognizes Joy and approached her. The woman asked if Joy learned the importance of telling the truth.
    Joy looked up at the Big Dipper and says “yes.” Still looking at the constellation she said “yes” to herself knowing that she can live her life without lying. This would be a truly good life for Joy.