• Hey, my name is Mai Bridges. 13 years old. My best friends are Christie and Jamie. We've all been best friends since kindergarten. This is my summer story: I woke up in the morning noticing something...It's the FIRST day of summer! I screamed so loud that it woke everybody up. I'm lucky I don't have a dad. (Though i want one.) Mom was still mad at me though. Right after mom went back to bed, I opened my laptop. I noticed Christie sent me an email. The email said, ''Hey Mai. Meet me and Jamie at the mall at 12:50. Don't be late.'' I shut down my laptop and got ready. Then at 11:59, I was out the door. Running down the streets in my high tops, makes me feel so tired. Finally I made it to the city. The mall was only on the left corner so I walked. Then I saw Christie and Jamie outside the mall. ''Mai, what are you doing out here so early? I said 12:50.'' Christie tries to explain something they were planning about whats shops to go to first and what shops to go to last. I pretended I was listening. But we didn't really need to plan it, so we just walked in the mall. First we went to Ruby's Rack the shop for cute, outfits.
    We went to millions of others stores too. We went to the food court when we were finally done.
    We all had pizza. ''I'm so tired!'' I blurt out. ''Me to'' Christie answers yawning. After we were done, we all headed off home. ''See ya guys.'' I wave goodbye. They wave back. I carry my bags as i walk up the street to my house. Today was quite exciting. When i got home, i just slept for the rest of the day.
    Author's comments:
    I WILL work on my grammar, okay? Don't comment about it please.