• It is 2000988674893654739 X.C.D and earth is full of many horrible things like zombies and Nazis and other things. This is where the Sexy Girl Power Squad comes in also know as Spec-Sexy they are three curvaceous, busty and beautiful women, whose mission is to save the world and s**t.

    Noon on the Spec-Sexy battle armada.

    Ted: sexy girls report for battle protocol and redistribution of wealth

    The sexy girls appear before him there is Rin the dark skin beauty,Mizku the short hair pale skin women of leisure and Jen the leader and fiery redhead.

    all three in unison: yes on dark lord of announcements.

    Just as Ted was about to give them their orders the great worm of china murder him and begins to address the Sexy girl squad.

    Great worm: would you girls like some chocolate and cigars

    Rin: ******** yeah we do

    The great worm vomits out millions of cigars and chocolate for the young girls, the girls cry out in joy.

    Great worm: good-bye

    He then explodes leavening his children orphans and making this the story emotional low point. Then the girls see something out the window

    Mizku: hey, it is the RZA, what do you have to say about this whole situation Mr. Rza.

    RZA: The greatest B-Boy of all time started from small crimes
    While others had big tops I was slingin' small dimes
    Tryin' to make the come up, the blow used to numb up
    A few G's a week my clique used to sum up
    Till my brother got locked up, my girl got knocked up
    My closest homies each got popped up and shot up
    And cops flood the block, no way to eat
    So I dropped a half a G on a rented SP1200 Sampler
    And a Yamaha Four-Track
    The bass from the lab used to blow the ********' door back
    While Ghost was doin' stick-ups tryin' to make a vick up
    Waitin' outside for the Brinks truck to pick up
    Nothing would work so we're back to choppin' nicks up
    Givin' grown a** women two vials for a d**k suck
    When I was stressed I would head to the rest
    Then the pads on the SP-12 got pressed
    Makin' beats for the streets so the family could eat
    In '93 Wu-Tang Clan dropped their first LP
    We went platinum, Yeah we flatten 'em
    Pockets got fat and um, went and got Capp and 'em
    Staten's on the map and um, Brooklyn Zu is bombin' 'em
    All around the world, Killa Beez start swarmin' 'em
    You can't stop us, you can't block us
    Rock us or mock us knock us or top us
    Better sit back and watch us

    Jen: Cool

    Invigorated by those words of wisdom the undress themselves and touch/massage there breast.

    Rin: Our breasts are so large think of all the milk in them, MILLIONS OF GALLONS OF MILK ENOUGH TO KILL ALL THE SEAHORSES.

    Mizku hear this deep philosophy and leaves the sexy circle of sex. The others follow her worried for her.

    Jen: why are you sad baby?

    Mizku: Man this worlds all ******** up and s**t, all full of like ******** demon and Nazis and s**t. and all we do is ******** touch are awesome tits and ********, smoke and eat chocolate that come out of worms man. Dude I want ******** kill then ******** Nazi ******** dude for realz.

    Rin and Jen all nod in agreement and of the go to Nazi land to ******** s**t up yo.


    Later in the Nazi, king place before a defeated Nazi king.

    Jen: Die Nazi

    Nazi King: wait were not even Nazis, hell I am Jewish, we just what to destroy Denmark. Old Nazi uniforms were all we could afford.

    Hearing this they team up with the Non-Nazis and destroy Denmark because nothing good has come out of Denmark ever seriously ******** you Denmark.