• Cynthia crouched low in the bramble bushes inside her yard, waiting and watching for the one monster that interested her above the others. The particular monster was sleek and white, with the same graceful crescent moon in black on its front as she had on her face. The delicate she-cat had tried to get to it, but each night the twolegs it carried locked it inside their nest, and each night she heard a voice calling softly to her. As the monster pettered past slowly, she rose up upon slender legs. The delicate crystal rose hanging from her collar tinkled softly as it bumped against the platinum collar as she strode silently away from the wall, from her nofur's mansion.

    Cynthia slipped along the wall, following the monster's distinctive scent until it led her to the twoleg building. THey were just going in, and she quickly slipped inside and hid behid some scraps of metal. The monster discharged the nofurs, and the nofurs went through a door to get into their nest. Slowly; mistrustfully, Cynthia padded out from behind the canisters and up to the monster. She walked slowly around it, sniffing each part, but couldn't hear the voice. She jumped up onto a thin ledge of metal on its front, which she assumed was the mouth, then onto its face until she could see its blank, clear eyes which showed where the Nofur's sat. She blinked quietly, lost in thought, before she knew what she had to do. In one swift motion, she touched her crescent to the monster's, and drifted instantly into a dream.

    She stood in a forest, watching as a she-cat ran. This cat had shimmering green eyes, a black pelt, and unusually long, sharp claws. The cat was heavy with kits, but she still ran with determination. She faded from this place, and found herself in another. THe she-cat, with three kits surrounding her, wearing a collar of teeth, and looking down at Cynthia as she dipped her head and bowed low. It faded again, now giving her an image of the warehouse from the outside. I recognize that place! She thought, and, distantly, she recognized that cat as being her kin. Cynthia knew what she had to do. She rose from the monster's face. "Thank you," She purred quietly to it, before turning and hiding behind the metal scraps until the next morning.

    Cynthia woke to the monster's snarls, and quickly dashed out of the nest. She heard twolegs shouting behind her, and she fled quickly, the rose on her collar still tinkling loudly.

    She padded through the city, oblivious to the twolegs around her, and them oblivious to the delicate white she-cat. THe dream had shown her this old warehouse, she was certain it was the same one. She slipped under the fence and walked across the yard. Halfway to the gap in the side, which held the unknown, a black cat came out. The new cat had eyes that were the deepest green Cynthia had ever seen, and smooth, glossy black fur. The collar around her neck could not have been more frightning, it was made up entirely of teeth. The cat saw Cynthia, and came walking over. As she drew near, cynthia could see the massive length of the she-cats claws, and, even though they were clearly sheathed, quite a bit stuck out.