• The Next Day…

    Jane smiled at herself in the mirror. Time to introduce ourselves to our roommates. She walked out of the girls restroom and walked towards her dorm, number 309 in a long hallway. Slowly, she opened the heavy oak door and found Jethro there, laying on his bed and looking up at the cealing. He was under the white sheet covers, and there was someone laid next to him.

    “Uh, Jethro, who is laying next to you?” The red head asked nervously.

    “Nobody,” he said slowly, a sheepish smile overruling his calm nature.

    Jane shrugged and towards his bed, which was by the dark red wall. “I came here to officially introduce myself.” She brushed a lock of wavy hair and stuck out her hand in front of herself. “I am Jane Turnkey, nice to meet you.”

    The blond sat up straight and shook her hand. “ I am Jethro Smith nice to meet you. “

    “And I am Jess Andree, nice to meet you.” A body next to Jethro sat up without a shirt. “Thanks for calling me nothing, Jet,” he muttered accusingly towards him.

    “Oh, and, Jethro,” piped up Jane, “I meant to ask this earlier, but why are there hickeys on your neck?”

    Jethro glared at Jess before glancing back at Jane. “I don’t go that way,” he said simply. “I am as straight as a pencil.”

    “Yeah, one of those bendy ones!”

    Jane looked away slowly. “O-okay…” She smiled oddly at them before turning around. “Well, I’m off to meet the others,” she called out before leaving.

    Jethro turned to Jess, “Why did you tell her that? You know I am straight.”

    Jess began stretching his arms, still on Jethro’s bed. “Consider it a simple payback, honey.”


    Jane shook her head, trying to clear away images of what they had been doing. She looked up and grinned. It was a good thing that this was a private school, there were less people here.Time for my next victim- err, I mean roommate. Jane walked towards the shy boy, who’s name she has yet to hear. She began the same routine as before. Sticking out her hand, she introduced herself.

    “I am Drake Gard, nice to meet you,” he replied while shaking her hand, never once the blush leaving his lightly tanned face.

    Jane nodded. “Have you seen Gunther around here, somewhere?”

    Rake pointed towards the end of the hall where Gunther was kissing a blonde girl next to the water fountain. Must I go say hi to him? Jane asked herself as she began walking towards them.