• "So Tai how long have you been here?" Tai and me surprisingly had become quite good friend over the past couple of days. Mira had bee showing Romeo how to use his healing powers more effectively, so he could even use them a a farther range if he had to.

    "You really want to know that?" he looked perplexed at the question, and I pushed him a bit to tell. " Well I've actually been here longer than Mark has bee alive," he grinned like an idiot knowing I'd be confused. "You see we have a choice if we want to age or not. I've chosen not to age like the few who do," We were fixing a machine of his that wasn't working, after he said that I accidently loosened something that wasn't suppose to be . "No not that one!" Tai couldn't finish his as the machine had exploded.

    Hmmmmm...................... I wonder what will happen when I have to learn hacking from him, I thought. We were both coughing from the smoke that filled his work space.
    "I think we should take a break," I opened a door to air the place out.

    "I agree you can leave for today now, go work on your spell casting for a while or something," He waved his hand signaling for me to leave.

    "Thanks Tai, bye!" I yelled waving and jumping on my motor bike that I've learned to materialize, using the powers I learned. Revving the engine for fun, I took off making it back to the castle in no time. Mira was waiting for me outside.

    "Ready for spells?" She questioned wiggling her fingers like it was suppose to mystify me.

    "Yeah I guess, but I just came from Tai's. Can I have a break? I've been training hard to become the Oneiropolos," I flopped on the ground, and started kicking my legs. I was having a tantrum. Mira crossed her arms, and I swear her eyes got even more red when she was getting angry.

    "Better get up, or I'll double the time you have to stay and work!" Mira threatened now I saw what she got from her dad, the threatening. Getting up as quick as possible, I ran down the corridors to the spell room. I didn't want Mira doing the same thing she did back when I refused last.

    Unknown Character's POV.

    What Tera didn't know during her training sessions, was that she was being watched.

    "She's improving," Came a females voice.

    "Yes we are sure she'll be able to take over one day. But are you sure she's ready for this? She's still a child," Mark's voice came, while he watched Tera's spell casting from above in the balcony, with the Oneiropolos, the ruler of the Dream Realm.

    "We are running out of time Markus. If what your wife, Rachel has told me was true about Tera's glimpses into the Nightshade's plans, she'll have to be my apprentice, and ruler someday. Once I'm too weak to rule, and hold Nightshade back," The Oneiropolos said discretely.

    "I understand, but she'll have to know soon, as the time grows closer, so do Nightshade troops," Mark stared contemplating the matter within his head. Mark sat down on a stone bench, while the Oneiropolos followed. He wouldn't look up, thinking putting Tera into this sort of danger was wrong. She became like a daughter to him.

    "Mark look at me," He lifted his head. "I think it's hard for Tera to be learning this too, but she's one of the most gifted children I haven't see in a long time. I had to go through the same things she has. Just trust in me for now that she'll be able to make it, please," Mark now could see the reasoning in the Oneiropolos's decisions. Her having gone through the training, the same as Tera, was grueling task from working physically to having to control her mind in the most complex ways.

    "Alright then Solara, I'll see to it she goes through with her trainings. I just hope your mind is in the right place," he said the last part , while turning the corner. Mark walked down the stairs to go pick up Tera. It was his turn to show her how to become stronger.

    Tera's POV.

    Whipping off sweat from my forehead, Mira commanded me to another flame spell, but before I could, we heard footsteps. We stopped the spell for safety reasons of others.

    "I've come to get Tera," Mark's voice came as he rounded the corner.

    "But she still has half an hour left!" Mira blurted taking up a defensive position. Mark starred his sister down for longer than I've seem.
    What was he doing, I thought.

    Mark's POV.

    "Mira there's something I need to show Tera and spells right now are was less important. Do I make myself clear?" I told my sister through my mind so Tera wouldn't hear.

    "Fine but how important is it for her to leave, really?" Mira contemplated back in her head.

    "She's been having spell training and yet no physical training she's coming with me," I said back to her with the strangest voice I had. Mira put up her hand as if she was giving up.

    "Fine take her and go lift weights, whatever," She turned around walking away to only yell back. "And tell Sage to get her butt down here, she needs to practice on her powers!" That was all Tera had heard of our little conversation.

    "Who's Sage?" Tera asked.

    "She's my niece," I told her leading her down the hallway.

    "You don't look like you have a niece!" Tera exclaimed in a surprised tone. "Mira doesn't even look like she's had a teenage kid even," I let her ramble on for a while until I gave her the information about her thoughts.

    "Well Sage is actually a very fast grower, from her fathers genes, and Mira took advantage of the none aging thing here let's say," I explained before she could ask questions I told her something. "Tera I have a bit of a surprise for you," I went to open the doors to the training room.

    Tera's POV.

    The doors had opened to reveal one giant gym. I was kind of awe struck at it's size. I walked further into the room to only find a floor to ceiling window stretching down the length of the room, that made it half gym, and half pool side for swimming.
    "Okay so I'm guessing you're here to physically train me right?" I asked looking back at him.

    "Almost," Mark replied. "Now for the surprise. You might want to sit," I did as he told me, and sat down confused as to what could be so surprising. "Ryan come out," I reminisced at my fathers name even though I knew it wasn't going to be him.

    "Tera?" I looked up towards a man. He was so familiar looking, where'd I see him before? "You probably don't remember," He paused biting his lip, he looked like he was contemplating over saying something. Mark walked over to him, and put a hand on his shoulder.

    "Go on tell her," Mark said to Ryan. It then clicks in my head. Why he looked so familiar, had the same eyes as me.

    "Dad?" A giant smile grew on his face to which it began to show a little wrinkles in his skin. I stood, and just starred at him. Thirteen years, I've been waiting to see him again, and it's in one of the most unexpected places. He ran over to me , wrapping his arms tightly around me in a tight embrace

    "You've grown so much," I could hear him sniffling from the joyful tears. He pulled away, his hands still on my shoulders. My dad began to take in my appearance. "You've also become so beautiful. I'm so proud," he put me in another embrace.

    "Dad?" I questioned.

    "Yes sweetie?" He asked back. I looked up at him my eyes brimming with tears.

    "Why'd you leave mom and I, without telling us where you were going, or anything? We've missed you," I finished. He looked disappointed in himself, and sighed.

    "I fell through a portal, to here and haven't been able to get home. I'm sorry that I've been gone," he said looking straight in my eyes. "It's killed me not being able to watch you grow into a beautiful girl," I gave a wistful smile. Still hugging we heard some one clear their throat.

    "Sorry to break up your family reunion," Mark said smiling, "but we also have training to do. Do we not?" Mark questioned, still holding the smile.