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    Chapter 1

    How could one go about describing its caliber? A being that can permanently connect the human world with the spirit world, rupturing another separate supernatural plane of a mysterious essence. A place, a being, a figure that Koenma knew little of.

    The stressed Koenma leaned back in his chair, eyes closed, head resting on the peak of his seat. Yusuke crossed his arms and faced Kuwabara. He felt the pain of giving Koenma useless information. An eerie silence still rested upon them.

    "Urameshi, I guess we shall call this a day," Koenma stood, though his head was still bowed. A decision hard to make. How could he just leave this important case unsolved?

    Botan urgently rushed in, a young maiden followed behind her. She moved with elegance and grace as Botan hastily moved about.

    "Lord Koenma, there is urgent news!" Botan exclaimed as if her uneasy demeanor wasn't enough. "In the Niwaharu realm - "

    "Lord Koenma," the maiden interrupted slightly bowing. "My kingdom has been infiltrated by lesser beings."

    "Lesser beings…" Yusuke murmured glancing at Kuwabara, but the carrot top was much too subdued in the girl's beauty.

    "My father is missing, and I no longer rule my kingdom as safe," she continued. "I do not trust any of my servants at the time. I need a safe haven for the time being, either until my father is found, the culprits captured, or until my marriage for my kingdom can fulfilled."

    Kuwabara finally made sense of the words the maiden was speaking. "Marriage? Kingdom?" he exclaimed "You're royalty!"

    "This is Princess Kamiya," Koenma explained. "Forgive me for my rudeness." Yusuke and Kuwabara bowed, acknowledging Kamiya's presence. Kamiya slightly bowed at the two, then returned her gaze to Koenma.

    "Now, what do I do?" she asked. Koenma took a pause to think then looked over at the spirit detective and his comrade.

    "I give you, Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara" he began nodding in the two boys' direction. Kamiya gave an odd look at the humans, then at Koenma. "Yes," Koenma nodded, "they are humans. But I trust them with your life; they have other comrades – demon comrades. Until I can figure out what is going on with your kingdom. Your life is of most importance right now that is why I cannot leave you in the demon plane."

    "Very well," Kamiya nodded towards Koenma then focused her attention to Yusuke and Kuwabara.

    A small yawn escaped the princess as she followed behind Yusuke and Kuwabara, who seemed to be aimlessly wandering around town. Make a right, then a left, another right, a sudden turn down an alley; such was annoying to Kamiya. Kuwabara looked back at the now highly irritated princess.

    "Where are you idiots taking me?" she snapped. "We've been walking for about twenty minutes!"

    "To Kurama's house," Yusuke hissed back, on the border line of snapping on the princess. "We just can't prance around town with a girl in a kimono, so kiss off!" Kamiya frowned at the tone Yusuke struck.

    "Incompetent humans," she muttered crossing her arms. "I could kill you if I really wanted to." – sound familiar?

    "She seemed so much nicer when with Koenma," Kuwabara thought "Why the change?"

    "We're here Snips," Yusuke submitted pushing Kamiya in front of the door. "Meet your new home." Kamiya pulled away from Yusuke's touch as the door opened. Awe struck her face as a red head assembled in the doorway.

    "Yusuke?" the confused Kurama puzzled over words.

    "I'll explain." Yusuke pushed Kamiya and himself in. Though this time Kamiya was too subdued into that red head to complain to Yusuke. Kurama smiled as he met the wide eyes of Kamiya, she looked away as her faced burned red. That red hair, that gaze, that tempting smile, all characteristics her missing father shared.

    "Your name?" Kurama asked as he greeted her, Yusuke, and Kuwabara in to his home.

    "Kamiya," she spoke looking away. Staying straight at him was as if staring into the face of her father. Kurama moved a single strand of Kamiya's jet black hair, gently cradling her chin, bringing her face to look at him. Kamiya's eyes began to swell with tears.

    "I – I need to rest!" she stamped out, moments from crying.

    Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and now Hiei sat assembled in the living room. A long silence sat with them, though it was rather obvious what they all were thinking about – the princess.

    "She had some serious mood swings," Yusuke stated denting the silence.

    "Must be PMSing," Kuwabara teased.

    Yusuke laughed, while Kuwabara snorted attempting to hold back his laughter. Hiei berated himself glancing over at Yusuke and Kuwabara – why was he stuck with such dumb comrades – while Kurama made his way to the kitchen, beginning to make a pot of tea.

    "Not so loud!" Kurama hushed. "You'll wake her up." A second's time of silence passed between the boys, but moments trailed on with Kuwabara and Yusuke's stupidity lingering in the air.

    "I'll kill myself if this continues," Hiei snapped. "I'll wake her up myself!" Just as Hiei stood to his feet, they all heard footsteps in the hall.

    "Ah, she's awake!" Kurama exclaimed. The boys' eyes stared glued at the dark hall, as they watched the small figure of the princess maker her way to the living room. It was only their second time laying eyes on her, and in Hiei's case, his first.

    Her small body was well hidden, wrapped in a black and creamed colored kimono. Her silky black hair trailed down her back, beautifully complimenting her hazel eyes. Kamiya squinted her eyes, as the living room light made them uneasy. Yusuke and Kuwabara felt their hearts throb as Kamiya moved a strand of her dark hair, revealing more of her delicate porcelain skin. A faint smile formed on Kurama's lips, as he noticed Hiei suddenly look away.

    "Well good evening, Kamiya," Kurama spoke holding a cup of tea to his lips.

    "Good evening," she replied with little hesitation trying to remember the red head's name. She remained silent as her mind trailed on, she then looked away to play off her absentmindedness.

    The ever so gorgeous red head remained with a smile in his face, motioning for the maiden to make her way to him. Kamiya took his offer and joined him over a cup of tea; compared to the rest of her newly appointed body guards, he was the only sane looking one.

    "You're a very pretty man," Kamiya spoke aloud, thought the comment was something that she meant to keep to herself. A sheepish smile followed the comment, trying to pay off her rude remark. A small snort came from Hiei as he overheard the girl and noticed a blush adorn Kurama's cheeks.

    "Flirting and they just met…" Hiei looked elsewhere. Perhaps jealous was the key behind Hiei's cold behavior towards the princess and Kurama. Yusuke and Kuwabara trotted over to the kitchen to delve, once again, in the princess's unnatural beauty.

    "I'm Kuwabara," the carrot top exclaimed holding out his hand.

    "I just met you about 3 hours ago," Kamiya spoke only glancing at the boy. "Are you that stupid to believe that I can forget such a tall dumb founded boy?" Kamiya looked away after her comment, now ignoring the presence of both Kuwabara and Yusuke. A puzzled look loomed their faces. Her remark even caught the attention of the aloof Hiei, he sneered; she was just as cold hearted as he.

    "Cute but…" Yusuke stopped. There was no word that would come to mind to embody the rudeness of the maiden. Kamiya stood to her feet, removing herself from the room.

    "Kamiya?" Kurama called for her to return.

    "I'd rather risk my life in the demon plane, trying to figure out what happened to my father and kingdom that sit here with a bunch of lesser creatures!" she barked marching out of the house. Yusuke and Kuwabara both jolted from their seats, ready to retrieve Kamiya, and bring her back to the house before she wandered too far.

    "No wait!" Kurama objected. "Leave her be. She needs time to pull herself together."

    "She just can't talk trash then leave!" Yusuke bellowed. "Princess or not she's a pain in the a**!"

    "And she just can't wander in the city," Kuwabara added, "She'll catch the attention of some serious punks." Kurama placed down his cup of tea, and sighed heavily.

    "With that attitude she deserves to be lost," Hiei muttered amongst himself. Though the words were only contradicting his own behavior; Hiei muttered about one's attitude being too cocky; irony in itself. He jumped into a tree and sat along a branch looking over the landscape of the park. He wasn't really looking for the princess, babysitting was not in his job criteria. Kurama approached the tree that held Hiei.

    "Hiei-san, any luck?" he questioned leaning against the bark. Hiei glanced down at the red head then stood up on the branch.

    "Despite the distance cries of a helpless girl, I know nothing."

    "Hiei?" Kurama looked up at Hiei to see if he was being sarcastic and teasing him about Kamiya's whereabouts. "H-Hiei?" he called out once again. Kurama paused for a second. Hiei was no longer in the tree, but instead standing next to him. "Where is she?" Kurama sighed. Hiei pointed to the sand surrounded jungle gym.

    "Kamiya!" Kurama call as he jogged towards the children's playground, Hiei followed sluggishly behind. "Kamiya?" Kurama's soft tone lulled Kamiya into more tears. The red head peered into one of the many holes that covered the spherical dome. He tried to squeeze himself into the vacant space provided within the play gym but stopped, he was little too big, which made him wonder how Kamiya even got inside.



    "But Hiei…" a much softer tone addressed him this time.

    "I am not going in there," Hiei stated backing away from the child's play item. "Just wait for Urameshi to show up."

    "Even if he did, it wouldn't matter," Kurama objected. "You're the smallest." Hiei continued to object. Crawl into a child's play toy and yet calm down a wailing girl; that too was not in his job criteria.

    "No objections!" Kurama demanded "You are going inside!"

    Shortly after Kurama and Hiei's brief struggle, Yusuke and Kuwabara too wandered upon Kamiya's where-abouts. Kurama leaned his head into a small hole provided by the jungle gym.

    "How's it going Hiei?" he questioned, that tone clearly showing that superiority he had over Hiei. Hiei sneered back.

    "She won't shut up." An almost defeated tone lingered within the words.

    "You have to comfort her, y'know," Yusuke added. Hiei hesitated for a moment, unsure of the whole concept of comfort. He looked up at the staring eyes of his peers that honestly seemed to be seeking joy out of his situation. Another moment of hesitation crossed Hiei before he scooted closer to the princess. He looked back at Kurama for guidance. The red head motioned for him to move closer, demonstrating on the now weirded out Yusuke, he suggested Hiei to stroke her hair. Hiei looked confused, but carried out Kurama's wishes.

    "Quit crying," Hiei submitted, though his voice carried a rash tone, contradicting his gentle touch. Kamiya lowered the sleeves of her kimono that hid her crying face. A moment enveloped them both; Hiei stared bewildered as the cold, wet gentle eyes of the princess captivated him. Tears continued to pour from her hazel orbs, but her sobs subsided into nothing but mere sniffles. 'Is this weakness?' Hiei questioned himself. He felt a strong force from the lonely look reflected within Kamiya's eyes drawing him near. 'Why does my heart yearn for her?' Hiei looked back at his staring comrades. Yusuke and Kuwabara, specifically, appeared astonished at what appeared as Hiei's "sweet side." Hiei berated their looks and that weakness inside him.

    "Come on," he hissed. "Let's get out of this piece of junk." Kamiya followed behind Hiei.

    "Gomen nasai!" the princess wailed as Yusuke assisted her out of the hole. "I'm very sorry! I didn't mean anything, my words were all lies." Kurama knelt in front of Kamiya, caressing her porcelain skin.

    "I know," he stated planting a kiss on her forehead, "Let's get you back to the house."

    END: Chapter 1/